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    How do i get internet without my pc knowing that i have a ethernet cable plugged in.

    Okay so here comes a story with alot of problems but i´ll mention them at the end, im gonna try to explain it as clearly as possible. So Last night i went on my pc and reinstalled windows 7 (cracked) and don´t forget that i had my usb stick and my ethernet cable/wifi adapter plugged in, so...
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    Partition a Samsung 850 Pro 512

    Should I partition a 512 gig drive for better performance?. Maybe put OS on half and files on other. What is your take on this,would it even be a good idea to do this or just it the way it is. I have not got any files on it yet so now would be best time to decide.
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    Planning to buy a CPU. How do i know if it will be compatible with my Motherboard?

    I currently have "Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-3220 CPU" And planning to buy i5, For example " Intel Core i5-2500 " How do i know if it will be compatible with my motherboard? My motheboard model - H61M-e
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    new SSD installed

    I can't get my new SSD to initialize. I received no prompt to initialize. It is a Crucial SSD, 250GB's. I can't format the SSD until it is initialized. Thanks for any help! I've tried to get it to initialize with the Disk Management but, there is no option to do so.
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    SLI or Wait?

    Instead of piling a long and sad story about having very little to no income ill just give the TLDR version. I cant afford a new high end video card (im talking about a 1070) which is still pushing $400+ But i am currently using a 780TI that is performing quite great. But i am running into some...
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    Installed New CPU worked once, Now computer won't start - only beeps

    Hello, I decided to upgrade from an i3-6100 to an i5-6700k, I also got an aftermarket cooler which I also installed. I first updated my motherboard (H110-A/M.2) to the latest BIOS so I could run the i5-7600k, after that my upgrade went smoothly as planned. I turned the computer on while the...
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    What cpu cooler is best to overclock an i5 7600K?

    Which of these countries cooler are best for this cpu. Or recommend other's CRYORIG - H7 Noctua- NH-D15 Cooler Master - Hyper 212 evo
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    Cpu overheating why ? I rebuilded My pc and My cpu keeps overheating i Didnt have termal paste before and it was fine but now idk, im thinking of replacing the fan and puttIng the thermal paste in. Or could it be the chips foult? Im running i5-3470.
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    usb over ethernet adapter

    my usb to ethernet adapter does not work even though it's recognized. it appears limited even though there's an internet connection
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    How to know if the HDMI cable is 1.3 or 1.4

    How do you know it? I went on an online website and bought a 1m hdmi cable, but it doesn't specify if it's 1.3. or 1.4 because it came in a plastic wrap. i think 1 m is perfect and if longer than that it can't fit my desk. How to I know? Is there a program where I can check? I dont want to get...
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    I need Help..Please

    I have Msi MS 7366 motherboard and a Nvidia GT 220, Q8300 2,5 Ghz, 4 Gb of DDR2 Ram...I want to upgrade my Gpu...I dont know can my motherboard support newer graphics cards like; GTX 560, GT 730. GTX 460 or like GTX 550 Ti
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    Does Throttlestop do unparking of the cores?

    Hi all, I use Throttlesop to overclock my i7-6700 HQ CPU , but I would like to know if it also does unparking of the CPU cores! p.s Please tell me if I can do anything other to optimize the CPU for gaming! Please help me! Thanks to all in advance! Best regards!
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    my cd rom not working

    My laptop cd rom is not working
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    Help with audio while live streaming! (Blue yeti & keyboard noise)

    Hey guys, sorry if this isn't the correct place to put this thread, I honestly have no idea where to post it. Anyways, I have started to live stream (using OBS Studio) and can stream console games just fine, my issue however is when I want to stream PC games I can't because my Blue Yeti...
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    Any Tweaks To This Build Here?

    Hello everyone, I'm building my first PC very soon and I'm trying to perfect it as much as possible, please keep in mind that I really dont want to go over 1600 USD, here is the link to the build. Thanks to your appreciated efforts.
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    PSU Seasonic S12G-550 @

    I'm looking for the PSU Seasonic S12G-550 in PC Power Supply Recommendations table @ The table entitled "Seasonic" contains many rows with model "S12 G Series", but I don't understand if the model "S12G-550" is included, since that the review links show other products. For...
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    Need help with choosing a CPU

    So I'm building my first PC and I'm having trouble with choosing a CPU. I narrowed down to the AMD Ryzen series but cannot choose which one. My first choice was the Ryzen 7 1700 model but then I though about getting the 1700x because of the higher out of the box clock speed. Then I started...
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    New graphics card lagging

    Hello, I have replaced my old R7 360 graphics card to a brand new Gigabyte 1050TI WindForce OC 4G. Sadly my old graphics card works better than my new one. My specs are: I5 4460 8 GB Ram Toshiba dt01aca050 (500 GB HDD) Gigabyte 1050TI WindForce OC 4G ASROCK H81M-DG4 BeQuite 350W PSU While I am...
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    My 1080 strix is really LOUD.

    My gtx 1080 strix is spinning at 100% in idle. Can i control the fans in any way? plz help
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    Randomly No Warning Reboot

    PSU: CPU:i5-4750 Motherboard:Ga-h77m-d3h Operating System:Windows 7 Ram: 1:4gb g.skill ram stick GPU:Currently Not Installed I have had a problem with my computer rebooting without warning and have ran memtests on my...