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  1. O

    I'm looking to build a pc a that can run emulators and older titles

    I want to run pcsx2 and dolphin at full 60 fps and also would like to run older titles such as world at War. I have a ps4 to run newer games but that would be a plus if I could run those too. I'm stuck between which processor to buy, a 7th gen pentium, i3 7100 or should I just go ahead and get a...
  2. H

    Is it worth buying an expensive HDMI cable??

    I've done research and yet still get Yes and No. I'm building a new PC and debating on spending $10 for an Amazon 18 gbps cable or $100 for the Monster 27 gbps cable... Any suggestions? I'm sure the monster is insulated way better, therefore should perform better, but inside they're all the same?
  3. H

    No Video Input

    A day ago my computer was just working fine. I came home later and turned it on and browsed through products and when I went to look for something and came back the computer froze and there were bunch of random colored lines and pixels and I couldn't move the mouse pointer, so I turned it off...
  4. R

    Looking for some help with buying a new gaming computer

    Hello, I've been looking to get a new computer for quite some time now, but I can't really figure it all out by myself ( there so many options!!!), so I was hoping to get some advice here. I would like to run new games on max settings for the foreseeable future, and I will be using a 1444p...
  5. S

    If i boot from my SSD my HD is not recognized

    So, i just bought a new SSD but the thing is when i boot from it, my HD isn't listed with device manager nor disk management. Right now i'm booting from my HD and i can see my SSD just fine. What can i do to solve this?
  6. Stealth3si

    Can I run Titanfall 2 at 60FPS on ultra at 1080p?

    If not, what do I need?
  7. E

    different gtx 680 cards sli

    I have one gtx 680 2gb and one gtx 680 4gb classified, but i can't get sli to work. i have a gigabyte x79 ud5 motherboard ( and an intel i7 3820 processor. Both cards are evga but i think the main problem is the size difference of...
  8. S

    6850K + 3 GPU System for OCTANE, 3D/2D Animation/Render/Compositing

    Hey, RATE this build please I am looking to upgrade my system. I am dealing with heavy 3D and 2D scenes in Cinema 4D and After Effects. I need a multiple GPU system with Octane Benchmark 300 or higher. CPU: Intel Core i7-6850K 3.6GHz 6-Core Processor...
  9. headshot123

    Will a GTX 950 and Core 2 Quad Q9300 work on 350W PSU ?

    he guys i have intel Core 2 Quad Q9300 and 8gb ram ddr3 GA-G41MT-S2P Motherboard and a fsp group inc 350W psu more info's about the psu: so i will buy a Nvidia GTX 950 Does this card will work on my system without problems? or i should...
  10. H

    i7 6700k, i7 6800k or wait for Kaby Lake?

    I have been considering upgrading my system for a while now, however unexpected costs stopped me from doing it in the past. However, I now have the means to do it and was wondering what is best and whether it is worth it. I have been using an i5-2500k for coming up to 5 years. It has been a...
  11. S

    ASUS Strix 980ti PSU

    Hi guys, I just got a strix 980ti from asus and was wondering what you guys think the best psu for it would be in terms of performance AND value. Thanks
  12. D

    Laptop CPU for roblox?

    Looking at getting my nephew a laptop for christmas. Trying to keep it in the 250 dollar range. He plays counter strike and roblox games. Would an a8-7410 be better for integrated graphic gaming than a i5-3320M?
  13. S

    Is my PC good for gaming ?

    Hello, i just buy a new PC. Here's the config. - Intel Xeon (Quad Core - 3.1GHz - E3-1220) - 16GB RAM - Twintech NVIDIA GeForce GT430 (2GB RAM DDR3) - Windows 7 Can you tell my if it can work for : - Rust - GTA V Thanks Edit: I don't have PC for now, but will get it in the week :)
  14. D

    Changing Cursor Apperance on Windows 10

    My computer recently updated Windows 10 and now I can't change how the cursor looks. I used to download cursor sprites off the internet and change it but now I can't find the setting. Is it still possible?
  15. T

    I'm confused on what I would need to get good mic quality

    Almost every gaming headset I've owned has had a hiss, and I expect them too. This type of audio quality was fine ,but now I would like something better. At the moment I have the Hyperx cloud revolver and one question I have is if I used an audio interface such as http:// or http:// how much...
  16. I

    msi z170a gaming pro & msi gtx 1070

    I was just wondering whether MSI Z170A GAMING PRO & MSI GTX 1070 are compatible together as I looked on the msi website and it didn't saying anything about a gtx 1070?
  17. J

    RX 480 or Zotac Amp Extreme GTX 970

    Which one should I get? In my country, the Zotac Amp Extreme GTX 970 is currently $40 USD cheaper than the reference RX 480. Should I get the GTX 970 instead then? Also, the aftermarket for RX 480 will be more expensive than the referenced cards right? Will there be a big jump in performance...
  18. B

    Which is Superior? ASUS Z170 Pro/ASUS Z170 S

    I am between which motherboard is better, I play games and do YouTube. I do lots of video editing and stuff with Photoshop as well. 1. 2. The comparison -...
  19. P

    Use 750 TI and 760 in one machine

    Hey, I have a Nvidia GTX 750 TI currently built in my PC and a second slot for the graphics card in my mainboard. I am getting a Nvidia GTX 760 OC from a friend and I wanted to know if there's any possibility to use them to get more performance in games? Best regards
  20. commissarmo

    RAID 10 Recovery Procedures | Questions

    I had 2 RAID 10s on hardware controllers (1 with the OS failed for unknown reason, and I broke the other by I believe pulling two of the drives, though its been a long time I've just had them sitting there and dont specifically remember the failure cause). Using RAID Recovery for Windows...
  21. A

    Will I have enough power and slots for this upgrade?

    As you can see looking at my build below, I want to add a second graphics card, a sound card, and some memory to my system. However, I am concerned that I will not have enough slots, space, or power for my build. As configured on PCPartPicker, I am at 744 of 750 total watts on my PSU. Is this...
  22. M

    i5 4690k Best CPU Cooler Liquid vs Air!

    Hello guys, First off I just want to thank you for stumbling across this forum post, I know this has been asked over and over again but all the forums I read only answered for air coolers it never considered water coolers also. So I am going to re-ask a question I am sure you have all seen...
  23. R

    Using HDD on another PC.

    If I install Steam games from my friends account onto my friends HDD using MY computer.. when I give him the HDD back will he be able to play those games on his account? Thanks.
  24. P

    Can i mix two rams?

    hey guys can I mix two different companies of rams like the corsair cmv4gx3m1a1333c9 (4gb ddr3) and Kingston hyper x fury ddr3 4gb? also will both it be compatible with my processor and mother board they are as follows - intel i3 2120 and intel dh61h0 thanks in advance
  25. N

    Overclocking R9 390

    I have an msi R9 390 bit i can find any benchmarks on how high i can overclock iy. Does someone knows what is the aberage oc core clock and memory clock is for the msi r9 390?
  26. G

    Dell Precision 5510 upgradibility

    Hi guys, quick questions regarding upgrades to the Precision 5510, as they are not available on the Dell website: * 2 sticks of 8GB SO-DIMM ECC memory? * A 1TB SSD as second drive? Is this possible if i buy these items by myself? Don't know how upgradable the Precision 5510 is or even if these...
  27. T

    Is this build compatible?

    I'm building a new pc but I don't know if all the parts are compatible, can someone check if these are all compatible? I couldn't find the case I already have but that is the case of a Medion, the model is: PC MT 7, the type is: Med mt 450g. If you open this link you will find the build I want...
  28. dfk

    Sapphire r9 280x Vapor X 3GB, power consumption?

    How is this card's idle power consumption? would it be a good choice if the PC is left on 16-24 hours a day? I'm also considering Gigabyte's GTX 950 N950WF2OC but it costs $200 where I live, which is the same price as the refurbished 280x (not many selling locally since it's being phased out...
  29. O

    How to DISABLE AMD Radeon Dual Graphics

    Pls help me guys so I can play my newly bought Watch Dogs Game, I cant run it. They say Disabling Double Graphics Feature will fix it
  30. A

    R9 Fury or 390x for 1440p?

    I mostly play black ops 3, fallout 4 and gta 5. Heres my specs
  31. M

    Installation of Windows 10 update fails

    Hi Folks, I am currently in Windows 10. The version available for update is Windows 10 Pro, version 1511, 10586. I am trying to update but it gets failed every time with no error code or message. Please let me know how to overcome this. Snapshot of the error
  32. A

    Heatsink Fan direction:Cooler Master T4 Hyper, Cooler Master K280, GA-990FXA-UD3, AMD FX-8320,

    So, I'm building my first computer and this is what I have: Case: Cooler Master K280 Motherboard: GA-990FXA-UD3 R5 CPU: AMD FX-8320 Heatsink: Cooler Master T4 Hyper Extra Fan: second fan at the back of the case for exaustion My problem is that the CPU fan has to face up or down. It is not...
  33. A

    Stuck for GPU choice

    So I've been looking up at what GPU's are capable at running the latest games at high settings, 1080p with a smooth FPS.. I see the R9 390 come up often, as well as he R9 380. Here's my problem.. I'll have £430 budget by Tuesday. My current system: A6-6400k APU RMX gold 80+ 650W PSU F2A68HM-HD...
  34. N

    How to free up memory and storage on an ill-fated late 2013 MacBookPro Retina display

    Hi all, new to this community, I have a moody 4th generation time capsule, a mid 2011iMac, and a hopefully still working since being dropped g force 1TB external storage, I'm looking for the optimal config to get my files off the MacBookPro and onto anyone or more of these in a manner thats...
  35. N

    Asrock z87 Extreme 4 with i5 4690k

    Hello I've recently got the Asrock z87 extreme 4 and I'm getting the CPU i5 4690k. I've found that the bios version must be p2.70 in order to work with the 4690k. Could you please explain to me how is that?
  36. D

    Possible PSU failure looking for a second opinion(long post)

    I've been experiencing random shut downs over the past month and they are happening more and more. My set up is built in the end of 2013 i7 4770k @ stock 3.5(was 4.3 but due to shut downs, I went back to stock) Corsair H100i for CPU cooling ASrock z87 OC 8GB of Crucial Ballistix tactical DDR3...
  37. H

    Overclocking the cpu with PnP ram

    Since I have never oveclocked a cpu, my question is the following: Is there any problem that the ram is PnP, rather than having XMP, and is it going to stay at 1600Mhz after the overclock (the ram is 1600MHz, and my MB supports 1600MHz without OC)? I know that I should turn off XMP while...
  38. D

    970A-G43 Motherboard performance?

    I recently heard that using this motherboard actually hinders the performance of my graphics card and processor. Is this true? If so, what recommendation would you suggest as a replacement mother board? Also, is the sound card of this motherboard ideal for Sennheiser HD 598 or will the sound...
  39. N7 Raza

    Fallout 4's Goodneighbor

    *minor spoilers* Holy crap this town is interesting. Fallout 4 is largely really boring, uneventful, and generic. It lacks character, but Goodneighbor really stands out. I'm not sure if it's because the rest of the wasteland is so uninteresting or if Goodneighbor's characters/events are well...
  40. W

    Computer Buzzing During Gameplay, Possible Graphics Card or Power

    I apologise if this is not the right section for this (System and this have similar questions). See List: I've noticed that when I'm playing games e.g. Witcher 3, Mirror's Edge - there is a noticeable buzzing noise coming from my...