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  1. T

    Pc suddenly freeze for no reason - no warning at all

    I was just watching youtube when the computer froze. But the keyboard and mouse is still working because i see their led light but everything just froze. What could be the problem here
  2. B

    Powered USB hub not getting enough resources (after installing SSD)

    This happened after I added an SSD to my PC. I installed a fresh copy of windows on the SSD but also kept my HDD (I'm booting from the SSD). I've reinstalled all my drivers, including the ones for my motherboard (GA-Z77X-UD3H by Gigabyte). My USB setup worked completely fine when I was using...
  3. C

    motherbored or not

    i have been haveing problems with connecting to my wifi im using a powerline network now i know it not the powerling network because i have tried it on my friends pc it works just fine so im thinking its my motherbored the problem is i get a yellow tringle at the bottem right and it keeps saying...
  4. T

    Need to upgrade to thunderbolt 3, I would very much like to reuse existing 1155 processors and DDR3 memory if it all possible

    Which 1155 motherboard is thunderbolt 3 compatible? Or perhaps is there a DDR3 motherboard that is thunderbolt 3 compatible? I have spent a small fortune on the hardware and would very much like to retain as much of that investment while gaining thunderbolt 3 capability. I have three very...
  5. D

    Looking for a gaming laptop

    Hello, I am looking to buy a high-performance laptop to play games on. I play mainly Minecraft but would like a laptop to be the best I can get with my budget(so i can play other, more recent higher end games). The absolute max I will spend is 600. I know I am not going to get a gaming beast...
  6. M

    Corsair vengeance pro 2400mhz (CMY16GX3M2A2400C11R) with i7-3770?

    I have an i7-3770 non K, and i just bought some corsair vengeance pro RAM for to use in that build, but im now not sure if i can use them together, because of ivy bridges volt recommendation. can i?
  7. E

    Quad Crossfire mining

    Hi. Is it safe to mine with 4x7970 without a rack/raisers, wouldn't the cards overheat when they are close together?
  8. Z

    Fx 8350 vs Fx 8370

    Which one will perform better at stock speed and overclocked .. will fx 8370 have higher fps than fx 8350 after overclocking on a gtx 1060 6gb or any higher card ?
  9. D

    Problem about my 2 HDD

    I am aware that HDDs fail after sometime but I am just wondering what's the culprit of that in my case. STORY: Recently I noticed that my pc became randomly slow until to the point that my computer is freezing (except for my mouse) and leaving me no choice but to restart it manually. I also...
  10. R

    my pc always rebooting, help me :(

    i have a problem with my pc, it cannot boot to windows now but yesterday it can boot to windows but it keeps rebooting itself even when i did not using it and it happened when i was playing GTA online and suddenly my pc rebooting and i didn't (and never) use any hacking tool ... i asked my...
  11. K

    Is my RAM faulty?

    Please keep in mind that I know close to nothing about computers. My PC had randomly crashed and then kept crashing every time I tried to start the PC (with a BSOD each time) so I completely reinstalled windows. Now I keep getting BSODs randomly, most often with the error message "memory...
  12. S

    Internet connection dropping during gaming.

    Hello, I've got a seemingly unique issue occurring with my internet connection. I've just recently changed from a Cox Communications dual modem/router piece to a personal Arris SURFBoard (SB6190) modem and Netgear AC1200 router. Ever since the switch I started noticing intermittent connections...
  13. K

    PC passes benchmarks, but drops frames during gaming sessions.

    Been having issues with my gaming PC if you could call it that. I have reinstalled windows, updated drivers, bios, windows*. My PC drop frames even with games playing on low setting. The two game I currently play the most are Friday the 13th: The Game, and League of Legends. During league...
  14. K

    New pc build

    Hello! I'm trying to build a pc and I was wondering if this is something that would work! So far i've been reading some guides and watched some vids but i feel like i still miss a few things. This is what I got so far: CPU: AMD - Ryzen 7 1700 3.0GHz 8-Core Processor CPU Cooler: NZXT -...
  15. T

    Can't find HDMI interface on monitor?

    I built my PC some time ago, and my monitor just arrived and it came with a VGA cable.The monitor is Dell Monitor S-series SE2416H, 23.8" IPS So plugged my HDMI cable into my monitor and into the pc when I turned it on it said "No VGA cable connected".I apparently connected the HDMI cable to...
  16. H

    WD Black 4TB vs WD Gold 2 TB

    Hey guys, I've been thinking about buying a high-end HDD for my main rig. The OS will be stored in my Samsung EVO 750 and the games, videos and recordings on the HDD. Right now I've got three options: Either a WD Black 4TB Two WB Gold 2TB in Raid 0...
  17. M

    What should I upgrade?

    Hello, the last months I noticed that my computer is a bit out-of-date. I used to be a very active gamer and still enjoy playing some video games in my spare time. However, the newer games obviously require more up to date hardware. My question is, what should I improve first to get more out...
  18. J

    Thoughts on this build, What to change, will it work well enough

    Building a PC since mines is getting a bit old now, i live in Australia so there aren't an abundance of PC part shops around but i was just wondering if this build is any good for the money, i usually play Dota, PubG, Squad and Arma 3 and ill occasionally play games like Witcher and and dark...
  19. Gracodana

    Moving data from one HDD to another

    So I want to move the contents of a 2TB hdd to anther one on my pc. The issue is that I will be removing the one I want to wipe but I want to still have all the games installed on it. If I needed to move something before I just set a link to a different places the files were but that link wont...
  20. C

    What is better? Or This?
  21. D

    Low FPS/Video stutter

    Specs: AMD FX (tm) 8350 eightcore 4ghz GTX 960 16g ram So im having this issue where my pc will all of the sudden start getting low fps in games, and stutters every 2 seconds on twitch on 920p and above steams. In WoW and im usually 75fps average with grapics set at 7/10 quality. It started...
  22. ginningfool97

    Logitech G920 Problems

    I recently just purchased a Logitech G920 racing wheel for my PC and XBONE, and the experience isn't what i thought it to be. For starters it would fit on my desk because it was too thick , by a few mm. So i used it for my Xbone and the tv and box are on a stand so i used a TV dinner table to...
  23. S

    How much of a bottleneck would an X3450 be with a GTX 1060 or 1070?

    Hi, Looking to upgrade an older PC for as cheap as possible. The motherboard is LGA1156 socket and I don't want to change it, so I am looking at putting an X3450 cpu in it as they are very cheap to get hold of. I'm just wondering how much of a bottleneck would the stock Xeon X3450 be with a...
  24. R

    New PC built says I can't find a valid IP configuration

    So I've just finished building my pc, installed windows and now it says 'Ethernet doesn't have a valid IP configuration'. Theres no problem with my internet, and i literally just used the ethernet cable to update my bios from the bios screen before windows was installed. Any ideas how to fix?
  25. K

    lost nokia phone

    my old nokia phone is lost. can i track down its location?
  26. H

    Corsair h100i v1 AIO loose backplate

    Hello, I just switched over to my first intel cpu, a i7 6700k. While installing the corsair h100i backplate onto my Asus Strix Z270F mobo I noticed that it was pretty dang loose, so i read up on adding washers to it, So I added some rubber washers ( the rubber washers from a NZXT HDD bracket)...
  27. V

    Pc won't boot

    Basically this all started when one day randomly my Pc just shut off completely (no windows shut down just briefly everything boom shut off) a couple months back. Very week it got worse... it started shutting off randomly more often and in a shorter amount of time. Eventually it started up for 5...
  28. A

    I need some help regarding AMD.

    I got Amd Radeon HD 6310 Graphics And in the Catalyst Control Center there is no graphics options anymore I'm running on windows 8 and im using HP laptop what shall i do to get the graphics option?
  29. R

    AMD V Intel

    Would the Ryzen 1600 or the Intel i5 7500 be a better option for gaming? I am looking at these two for my next build
  30. B

    Network issues with Asus crosshair vi hero

    I've been using the asus crosshair vi hero for a few weeks now and everythings works properly except the network card. (Intel I211) Pc specs: ■ Asus crosshair iv hero ■ AMD Ryzen 5 1600 @ 3.7GHz ■ G.skill trident z rgb 3600 @ 2933MHz ■ Asus gtx 1080 ■ crucial mx300 525GB and WD green 1TB ■...
  31. J

    gtx 1070 overclocking

    Hi! I need help with my GPUs overclocking, never done that before. my GPU is KFA2 Geforce GTX 1070 EX PSU: corsair cxm 750 80 plus bronze I already red a guide about overclocking with msi afterburner and i think i can handle it, but its gonna take some time. Im gonna play games at 1080p and...
  32. U

    No red light emitted from sensor on G502 LOGITECH mouse?

    My other logitech mice had a visible red laser underneath it. The G502 is new and i was wondering if there should be a light there? The mouse works however.
  33. G

    Asus Unloads Seven X299 Motherboards At Computex 2017

    We expected an abundance of new X299 Basin Falls motherboards here at Computex 2017, and ASUS didn't disappoint. The company released seven new motherboards in the ROG, TUF and Prime families Asus Unloads Seven X299 Motherboards At Computex 2017 : Read more
  34. D

    Slow Internet, spinning circle

    Anytime I use the internet I get the spinning circle for several seconds to a minute. I have a 60mg cable modem. Seems with a fast computer and fast internet, loading of sites should be fast as well. I know a site can have to much traffic and be slow, but this happens on every site. I have a...
  35. N

    I'm starting to think it's unsolvable. i'll probably end up selling my pc if i can't fix it.

    it used to be that my computer "crashed" in only certain games. (it either completely freezes and audio cuts out or it restarts without any warning) but now in most games i've played recently it stutters horribly, it acts like the frame rates drop from 60 to 15 every second. i've had a fps...
  36. benbrockn

    Best RAM configuration? (# of slots, channels, etc)

    I have two questions... (1) If you have Dual Channel (4 slots, assuming slots 1&3=1, slots 2&4=2) on your Mobo of 16GB of RAM (assume DDR4), what is the best configuration for performance? (a) 1x16 GB single channel (b) 2x8 GB single channel (slots 1&3) (c) 2x8 GB dual channel (slots 1&2) (d)...
  37. P

    Will my PC support a RX 470 4GB? (Asus Version)

    (Hi) Specs: CPU: AMD A8-5600K RAM: 8GB DDR3 Mobo: MSI FM2-A75MA-P33 (MS-7721) PSU: 500W be quiet! System Power7 Display: NEC MultiSync LCD 195VMX+ (1280*1024) Only has DVI and VGA
  38. E

    Partition my drives

    I just installed my SSD, I got everything installed, my HDD is now installed and in boot menu I have my SSD booting first, then my HHD. My question is I heard you should partition so when I download new games and such it will let me choose where to download the file. I know to go into disc...
  39. V

    i7-4790 non K safe temp.

    Hello guys, my CPU has been going up to 78-90 (When gaming) after I installed my new graphics card (GTX 1070). Is this a safe temp or is this bad for my CPU ? What can I do to lower the temp a bit ? I currently use the stock cooler that came along with the cpu when I bought it and a Xtrike V9...
  40. willdav

    2400mhz memory shows as 1333mhz

    hi, i have an amd asus 970 aura mobo, asus GeForce GTX 1050ti graphics card, amd 8350 FX 4ghz processor and corsair 2400mhz (16gigs) ram. i recently upgraded my ram to the 2400mhz, but i keep seeing it showing up as 1333mhz. if i am able to boot i get instability issues right away. can anyone...