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  1. C

    $1100-$1200 Gaming/Streaming PC Buid Help

    Hi, friends. First time PC builder here from the US. I'm out here looking for guidance on what parts to purchase for a computer that'll be able to support 1080p gaming/streaming on high/ultra settings for the newest and upcoming games. I'd also like a black/blue color scheme going, please! My...
  2. R

    Need help with a budget pc build.

    I want to get into pc gaming, playing CSGO ect but i have no clue about PCs i have a budget of around £500 and i dont need a monitor as i have one i use for playing my ps4 on. I would be maily looking to play CS at decent settings 60fps +. Any help would be appreciated.
  3. Joshua Fredricks

    New psu dell xps

    I want to put a in my dell xps 420 the stock psu is a 375 watt with no 6 pin connector to run the card will this psu run the card...
  4. I

    Will this work in crossfire?

    Hi there, Recently I found out my motherboard has crossfire support : MSI H97 PC MATE So my question is if a r9 380 4GB and a r9 370 4GB (Or another r9 380) will work together? and will I get a noticeable peformance boost? Why a r9 370? Not much money to spend, but if it boost my peformance I...
  5. B

    New gaming build 1300 - 1600

    Getting ready to upgrade my system. Would like to stay with the red/black scheme. Please have a look and give comments and suggestions for a better build. Plan on purchasing in the next month or so, pending holiday sales. Budget Range: 1300 to 1600 System Usage from Most to Least...
  6. S

    Cant update Windows update (KB3008273)

    Hi all, Thank you all for taking your time to read my problem. I am currently trying to update my computer to windows 10. I am currently running windows 8 and for the life of me i cannot update my system to windows 8.1 so that I can then update to windows 10. This is the error code that i...
  7. Luna Legend

    GTA V running CPU at 90% and Ram usage at 90%!

    Hello Community, Whilst I play GTA 5 my cpu runs up to 90% usage and the Ram also does the same, my build is below: CPU - Intel i5 6600k GPU - Asus Strix GTX 980 CPU Cooler- NZXT Kraken x31 Motherboard - Asus Z170-a PSU - XFX FM Pro series (Black Edition) Ram - Cosair LPX 3000mhz
  8. O

    New SSD Upgrade, Moving windows

    Hi, A retailer quite close to my home has a deal selling a 250gb Samsung EVO SSD for $100 off and I am going to purchase it What i am asking for is how I will move my OS to the SSD and use my 1tb HDD for mass storage for things like steam games Thanks for your time
  9. P

    Gigabyte x58 udr3 I cleaned this and now my ati 6850 will not work

    after a clean my ati 6850 will not work - fans run and can see the hardrive working - like booting - the 6850 works in another computer and this board will run a nivida 520 and a 9800 gt power supply 750 with 74 a 12+ even cganged it out for the one knows works in the other computer -
  10. G

    "Asus Turbo GTX 960" causing startup problems (etc) with my "HP Envy Phoenix h9-1355" - please help

    Hi. I use a desktop computer ("HP Envy Phoenix h9-1355") which has an "AMD Radeon HD 7770" graphics card. I'm currently operating on Windows 10. I tried to replace the AMD Radeon with an "ASUS TURBO GTX 960." When I first installed the ASUS graphics card, the SSD on my computer failed...
  11. J

    Computer doesn't meet minimum requirements for software

    Hi Everyone, Been stalking you guys for years and have found this site very helpful. lol However, never had the opportunity to join before now... I'm sorry our introduction is of this nature, but I really need your help: Error messages in Device Manager indicate I needed to download, among...
  12. L

    Arma 3 crashing cause of 0xC000000 - STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION

    Sorry if this is the wrong category for this. For some reason arma 3 has just started to crash and say that it has this error. If anyone knows anything please tell me. Thanks in advance
  13. O

    $800 Canadian Dollar Gaming PC for these games and streaming

    Hi I need a 700 to 850 [b]Candian Dollar[/b] gaming pc that could stream and play max CSGO League of Legends and play no stream GTA V BF4 Thanks!
  14. J

    Best corsair's Power Supply

    Are there any good Power supplies from Corsair good enough to power a gtx 970? I really needs to need from Corsair. Thank you
  15. R

    Motherboard of HP ENVY TouchSmart 15t-j100 Quad Edition CTO Notebook

    i have a issue with the motherboard of HP ENVY TouchSmart 15t-j100 Quad Edition CTO Notebook and the hp support is not available in india (bought from USA) , please let me know the model name or number of the motherboard and its availability in india ?
  16. G

    Upgrade graphics card?

    I posted this in PC gaming then realized this forum may be a better bet: I'm currently using a PC I built in 2012: i5-2500K Sandy Bridge ASUS P8Z68-V LE motherboard (1600mhz memory) MSI N570GTX (1280mb RAM) 8gb DDR3 RAM I'm moving up from a 1080 monitor to a 2560x1440 for my primary monitor...
  17. O

    plz help help im going to use this for 1080 p gaming at 60 fps and i need a honest opinion and help thanks
  18. G

    Compatibility of motherboard and ram?

    Hello there! I'm building/upgrading my desktop tower from the floor up. Would like to know if these are compatible? Need help. Thanks much. Ram: Motherboard:
  19. P

    1tb or 2tb HDD?

    The hard disk on my laptop failed, I pretty much do everything on it from games to working, since my pc is about 7 years old and I plan on building a new pc maybe later in the year. I don't do hardcore gaming anymore, since the laptop has an okayish card and the laptop can run typical games like...
  20. XistenZ

    How to identify if a module is LOW or HIGH density?

    I just recently become aware of this term, density. A memory module can be either low or high density, meaning the amount of chips attached to it. However it's not as simple as just counting them (so called IC's), simply put the only one who knows if a module is low or high density is the...
  21. V

    What to upgrade?

    Hello, last week i've upgraded my GPU to GTX960 and i thought that i'll get higher performance, but i have problem here, it's maybe even slower. Mainbord: Gigabyte GA-945GCM-S2L RAM: DDR2 2GB 333MHz CPU: Intel pentium e2220; 2,4GHz; 2cores Power supply: Evolveo Pulse 550 My question is should i...
  22. M

    Possible failing PSU and SPECCY

    I have been searching here for some info about my pc which has been giving me all manner of trouble for awhile now. I thought it might be the PSU failing and came across a discussion here (How to tell if PSU is failing?) . In that thread is a recommendation of downloading "Speccy" and chekcing...
  23. K

    looking for a sound card

    i have recently bought audio technica ATH-AD900X headphones and very quickly realised my onboard audio chip would not do the job. I am looking for a cheap soundcard (100CAD or less). i have been looking into asus xonar cards and was not sure which to take. i know i do not need an amp'd card...
  24. scwbrian

    I just bought this motherboard, will it fit?

    I just bought this motherboard, will it fit in a mid tower case that allows atx/micro atx motherboards? GIGABYTE GA-Z97X - People are saying it is not full size atx, but...
  25. G

    Battlefield 4 on R726x AMD CPU

    Can i run Battlefield 4 on my PC spec A8 6500 CPU 2x2Gb 1600Mhz Ram Asus R7 260x 500W PSU 1080p monitor connected via HDMi
  26. A

    i can't connect to minecraft servers

    im really sad cause i just bought minecraft 1.8.1 and i tried changing the version but severs still will not work please help:(
  27. A

    Planning to build pc for the first time

    Hi, I am Ankit from India I am planning to build my first gaming pc my budget is Rs 50,000 - 60,000 i want to play games like assassins creed unity, gta 5, battlefield 4 in ultra settings my Rig Processor -AMD FX-6300 Motherboard-ASUS M5A97 RAM -Corsair Vengeance (CMZ8GX3M2A1600C9R) 8 GB (2 x...
  28. R

    MSI A88X-G45 Won't Stay On

    I bought this motherboard recently and have had nothing but problems since. My main issue: when I press the power button, the computer will power up, but if I release the power button, it will turn off. It won't stay on just from a button press, I actually have to hold it. Even when held, the...
  29. R

    Failed BIOS Update

    I have an HP Pavilion desktop PC. Yesterday I got a message from HP stating that the BIOS should be updated. I followed all the instructions including performing a restart but now the PC does not work at all. Is there any way to recover from this? thanks in advance.
  30. B

    Installed new SSD but couldn't connect to internet

    I recently installed a 120GB Samsung SDD Evo 850 on my desktop PC. I was able to boot it up and load Windows 7 on it, however I cannot connect to WiFi. It says no network connections available and I've tried updating my drivers but when I downloaded them, the device manager did not detect the...
  31. J

    What is the diffrence between Nvidia Vsync and Gsync?

    I have a fair understanding about Vcync. It means matching the FPS rendering of a GPU with the refresh rate of a monitor to prevent screen tearing. But I don't understand what is Gsync mean. Is it doing the same thing job as Vsync or it's a different technology? Similarly, can someone explain me...
  32. M

    Ram not working on Crucial 8GB DDR3 ram(details in thread)

    I have a Gigabyte 990FXA UD3 Motherboard, and I bought a Crucial 8GB DDR3 1600 MHz PC3-12800 CL11 240 pin Non ECC Desktop Memory RAM UDIMM. My computer doesn't beep when it turns on(as it does when it diesn't have any RAM, but still it never loads up, not even the monitor image, The first time I...
  33. S

    MITX Build for work

    I'm building myself a MITX pc to be used for work reasons only, so I do not intent to use it for recording, games, editing or things like that. What I do require in fact is a dvd/cd burner, "fast enough" multitasking and softwares perfomances (I do not use heavy software anyway). My first ideal...
  34. B

    Stuck between to motherboards

    I am stuck between the ASRock Fatal1ty Z97X Killer and the Gigabyte GA-Z97-HD3. Can somebody tell me which would be better and why? Thanks!
  35. S

    MSI 980 Gaming 4G, the EVGA GTX 980 Classified ACX 2.0, or the ASUS Strix GTX 980

    Hi. I just got a new pc and im planning to replace my current sapphire radeon hd 7850 2gb with a gtx 980. But i can't decide between these manufacturer: MSI 980 Gaming 4G, the EVGA GTX 980 Classified ACX 2.0, or the ASUS Strix GTX 980. My current build: Cpu: i7 4770K Mobo: asus b85m-g Ram: 8gb...
  36. I

    left and right channel sound are playing only out of left channel. cant figure anything out

    this is horrible. i have no clue how to fix this and i cant find a solved solution anywhere. win 7, gigabyte udr3.