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  1. C

    Question High end PC freezes (tried everything)

    Hey everyone, I've been having problems with my PC since i bought it and its been a year. My PC freezes completely and stays like that until I hold power button. This changed after I replaced my GPU now it freezes for 5 seconds and sends me back to this screen View:
  2. Hay___BBY

    Question PNY 750ti problems

    So I have a used 750ti I got from my job when I install it, it will intall the driver but then it gives me an error 43 in the Device Manager, I used DDU and installed many different drivers, I do have a version of windows tottally out of date but it doesnt feel like that would be the problem. So...
  3. Mannick

    [SOLVED] My pc starts but the mobo dont show the bios

    msi x570 a pro seagate barracuda 2tb nvme 970 evo 5700 rx 3700x ryzen seasonic focus 850W When I turn on my computer, it only shows a black screen, the computer is on, I have already tried changing the graphics card and the CPU but nothing happens, only with the main power supply of the board...
  4. L

    [SOLVED] PC turns on after turning psu on (black screen)

    So earlier today, I wanted to update the software with MSI live update 6 and it also included a bios update. I ran the live update and the screen went black and nothing else worked other than fans (i couldnt see if the mobo was also working, i just heard fans spinning). So i opened it up and...
  5. G

    [SOLVED] Black Screen

    Hello everyone! I've been having a black screen boot problem. I just finished building my first PC Ryzen 5 3600 b450 tomahawk MAX corsair 16 gb ram 3000 mhz EVGA 1660ti (using hdmi cable) samsung nvme m.2 500 gb windows 10, but not activated yet ASUS PCE-AC55BT wireless adapter EVGA 650 watt...
  6. B

    [SOLVED] Black Screen and GPU fan goes to 100%

    Recently have been a problem where my screen goes black and my gpu fan runs a 100%. I will be watching a YouTube video or going on discord and the screen goes black and the gpu fan goes to 100%. This randomly starts happen at anytime. When is happen I hold the power button and shut it off and...
  7. F

    [SOLVED] Precautions to avoid 4K malfunctions

    Hi, Backdrop I recently bought an LG 27" 4K monitor. I connected it to my Lenovo windows 10 laptop using Amazon Basic mDP to HDMI cable(1080p). During the first hour while I was going through the display settings on my system and exploring the monitor settings, 1/4th part of the screen on the...
  8. N

    Question Clicked a RAM stick into place while PC was off

    My friend realized her PC was only detecting one stick of ram so she turned her PC off and clicked one of the sticks into place since it wasn't fully in since she installed them. Now all she has is a black screen when she boots up. I've done some builds before but I'm no genius with...
  9. V

    Question [RTX 2070] Issues after updating drivers

    Hello! Six months ago I purchased a Palit RTX 2070 OC and until fairly recently it was working incredibly well. A couple of weeks ago I decided to install the latest drivers and then weird things started happening. About a couple of hours after I updated the drivers, while in the middle of...
  10. Z

    Question GPU replacement crashes now won’t turn on.

    I replaced my GPU under the belief that I had enough of a PSU but after the whole PC crashed I decided I better replace the PSU to accommodate the upgrade. I replaced and plugged everything in and it all turned on but nothing is coming out on the screen. The fans on the GPU and the CPU LED are...
  11. W

    Question black screen when boot up my pc

    Hello, when i bootup my pc there is no input to my monitor. The system is running just no input. I can only reboot by holding the power button. to start my pc i do this proces until i get input to the monitor, sometimes it works after 2 times and sometimes after 10 times. spec Intel core i5...
  12. V

    5.25 inch drive bay psu

    i"m looking for 5.25 inch drive bay psu which available today and certified and not discontinued..using only for gpu