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  1. Rafael Mestdag

    Psu overheating and getting unusually warm

    Right now I've got a fan on the side of the open case directed to the psu and it keeps it cool when I put my palm on top of the tower. But if I remove the fan, especially if I'm playing a game, the psu gets warm and I've had one other psu burn on me before in the same way, except I didn't use...
  2. G

    Computer Freezing Problem

    Recently I upgraded from an 8320, 760GMA-P34 mobo, and 1050ti to a 7600k, asrock z270, and a 6gb evga 1060 so I can play Andromeda. Everything runs fine while I play the game. Then when I go to exit out of the game the computer it closes the game and after about 30-45 seconds of my home screen...
  3. S

    Which will Best earphones

    Which will Best earphones
  4. S

    Replacing the display on the MSI GP62MVR-6RF

    Hello Guys! I bought an MSI GP62MVR laptop. Fantastic performance. Especially after swapping out the HDD for an SSD. But the thing is, it came with this LG Panel (LP156WF6-SPK1) which isn't really a great panel per-se. Display is washed out, though some calibration icc file and cranking up...
  5. R

    Ethernet teaming network

    I have two ethernet ports on my motherboard and I want to ask that can I use both of my ethernet ports even if my device is not supported for teaming what affect will it have on my network if I do use both of my ethernet ports motherboard z170x gaming 7
  6. B

    Need help in my first pc build

    I'm going to do my first pc build and i'm not sure if these parts will work. AMD Ryzen 5 1600 MSI B350 Tomahawk Arctic G.Skill Trident Z rgb 16gb 3000 mhz CL15 Nvidia gtx Titan 700-series (I got it from a good friend of mine, and i will upgrade it later to a gtx 1070 maybe) Silverstone 875 w psu...
  7. J

    Value of used parts

    Hi, I'm looking into building a new pc from scratch except i'm keeping my drives and psu. I want to know how much I can get for: I5-4690k (with stock cooler) Asrock Z97 pro3 motherboard 8gb g skill ripjaws ram Gigabyte GTX960 4gb NZXT Phantom 410 Any input is appreciated please list all values...
  8. C

    What RAM should I buy to upgrade my 8GB RAM?

    Hello all, I'm very new and inexperienced in building computers so I've turned to you guys for help. I have a custom built PC (not built by me) with 8 gigs of DDR4 RAM but I'm looking to upgrade to 16GB with preferably a 2x4 kit. My specs are: Motherboard - MSI Z170A Krait Gaming RAM - G.Skill...
  9. JaSoN_cRuZe

    Suggest PSU for my build!!

    My config is i5 3570k Z77 Mobo Hyper 212X 2xCorsair Vengeance DDR3 4GB 1600 Mhz(DIMM) RX 580 1x7.2k HDD 1xDVD-ROM 2x120mm FAN 3x80mm FAN Suggest me a PSU for my spec and also gonna overclock both GPU(to max) and CPU (to 4.5GHZ).
  10. S

    My BIOS cannot find HDD and my computer cannot find SSD

    I am having a problem with my SSD, HDD, and BIOS. I just built this PC (first one) about two months ago and have little idea of what is going on. I built my PC without my SSD and it was running fine. I just bought the SSD and received it a few days ago and I just got around to plugging it in...
  11. M

    Need Opinions With First PC Build for Gaming/3D Modeling

    Build must remain as small in size as possible. For gaming, I aim to play Fallout 4 with mods and games like Battlegrounds smoothly on at least near max settings. I don't plan to OC For 3D modeling I will be using blender. Also I might do some 3D animation. Budget max is $800.This is what was...
  12. L

    how do i get sound on my acer aspire?

    There is no sound on my Acer aspire
  13. machfelon

    GPU for i7700k build?

    Have all my parts except GPU for new build. Never used AND products before. Have always been Intel and NVIDIA. That being said which would be best for 1080 gaming. 1060 6gb or new rx 580? Games are Battlefield. GTA. LOL. Was going to get 1070 but money issue now. I'm coming from a 2600k...
  14. B

    I'm trying to stay busy in my old age byrestoring that which is old.

    What memory does a MSI N1996 motherboard use?
  15. S

    Not sure if motherboard is dead

    First let me put up my Pc specs -Cpu Amd x4 860k quad core 3.7ghz -Gpu gtx 1050Ti - Motherboard FM2A58M-VG3+ -Psu 500w EVGA - Ram 1 pair of 8gb Yesterday i was using my pc as normal watching a youtube video, when all of a sudden my screen completely froze not in the normal sort of way in...
  16. R

    new CPU/MOBO blue screen WINDOWS 10 even a FRESH WIPE!

    went to install new mobo/cpu had a fx-6300 and went to i5-6400 and I started fresh while the fx-6300 was in and installed the i5 and went to install windows 10 and did a full format on hdd and it started to install but needs to restart and then just goes to blue screen after windows logo. Also...
  17. D

    Toshiba 50l2556d soundbar issue with optical cable

    i nave a toshiba 50L2556D tv. connected the soundbar with the optical cable but now the tv and the Sunbar both play sounds creating echo. there is no option on my menu for external sound device how can info this?
  18. B

    Will a 1080p video look better than 720p on a 1366x768 monitor?

    I have a 18.5 inch monitor with a native resolution of 1366x768.I have realized when i play videos in 720p,they look a little bit worse than when i play them in 1080p.Is this scenario actually possible?Thanks in advance!
  19. G

    taking ram/processor from old laptop to install in new laptop

    My current laptop has 4gb of ram installed from the factory. The specs on my current ram are: Memory speed: 1600mhz configuration features: 1 x 4gb technology: DDR3L SDRAM installed size: 4gb max supported size: 8gb form factor: SO-DIMM 204-pin slots: 2 empty slots: 1 One of the old computers...
  20. Ivan_67

    Upgrading from intel gma 3100

    Guys I need help.I am going to upgrade my graphics card.I want some light gaming because i cant play any games right now.My friend gave Nvidia GT9800 video card and I dont know anything about compatibility.Can I put this video card in my pc. My specs are:Summary Operating System Windows 7...