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  1. H

    Memory Ram Lantecy Too High, Causing Shutdowns

    Hello, I recently got a new computer, and he seems to crash when my cpu is overclocked to factory turbo in certain games like GTA V. I play like 5 minutes and the he shutdown, but the fans keep working. So, as normal i checked the PC Health Status on BIOS, the voltages seemed fine, and i checked...
  2. Seth L

    Reducing resource usage in handbrake?

    Pretty much title. I'm trying to rip my DVD's to my PC to set up for my Plex server, and it takes up all of my resources to do so. Is there a way to reduce the usage on my CPU that handbrake uses? Obviously it would slow down how fast I'm encoding the movies, but I don't care. I have a mountain...
  3. M

    Sound on off

    I have a rca sound bar and rca tv hooked up through the orange coaxial wire and the sound keeps going on and off.How do i solve this problem?
  4. J

    what RAM should I use with AMD FX 4300 for gaming?

    hi, I got an AMD FX 4300 as a gift for my birthday, I need more RAM, any sugestions?My motherboard is GA-78LMT-USB3, i'd like to play games like cs go, warface, battlefield thanks :)
  5. H

    Would this GPU work with my motherboard?

    I currently have: Gigabyte Technology Co. Ltd. 990FXA-UD3 I'm wondering the 'MSI NVIDIA GTX 1060 ARMOR 6GB DDR5 OC PCI-E' would work with it and how I would go about knowing whether it can. Thanks.
  6. L

    Aerocool strike-x one ssd mounting

    I have a aerocool strike-x one mid tower ( emphasizing that it is not the advance or gt red). I want to mount my WD blue 250gb sata ssd (2.5) but I have no idea where or how to mount it. Do I need a separate converter or...? Help¡
  7. J

    cant connect to steam

    i was in the middle of a hearts of iron multiplayer game when i was returned to the server menu, saying i had lost connection. I reloaded the page and no servers were found, i was then logged out of steam, and tried to log back in, it said i had no internet connection, so i went on google, and...
  8. B

    HP Probook 470 Adapter or Motherboard problem?

    Hello, i have an malfunction on my laptop HP probook 470 G2. Well before a few days i have disconnected adapter and reconnected it to another wall jack and on the bottom bar the icon for battery was like the pc was not connected with adapter (running on battery) and now i tried to plug back to...
  9. J

    Cheap Graphics Card To Play Wow

    Hi guys i have a old junk computer that im playing wow on the graphics card went out it was a radeon 3450 and i got around 12-18 fps which is fine for me. im looking for a cheap graphics card that will do around the same or a little better than that and be compatible whith this pc. my pc is...
  10. S

    PC not starting anymore after long transport

    Hey guys, after moving and transporting my PC, it will not start anymore. Whenever I press the Power button, it will "try" to load up for about one second, turn off, start again, and be stuck in an endless loop of this process. I've never had any problems with power before, so I highly doubt...
  11. S

    Low gpu usage high cpu usage high ram usage and low fps in Games

    Hello i have gt620m core i5 and 4gigs of ram in my laptop the problem is that my gpu usage is only 50℅ or below while cpu usage is 99℅ ( 86°c) and i get low fps this problem is with almost all games in gta 5 my ram usage is 3500 out if 4 gig and i get 20 to 15 fps So i have 2 questions 1: why...
  12. C

    Help with motherboard with power supply

    so i got EVGA 750 BQ, power supply and it doesnt have the EPU Cord it has 4+4 CPU and my motherboard need EPU i try to fit 4+4 CPU cord to EPU and only one of them fits do i fit only one?
  13. S

    Weird issue with bandwidth limitations

    A friend of mine just got his new computer that I built for him, hooked it up, and everything works good. However, his roommate was having lag issues playing online games, and so he put a limitation on the bandwidth, 50/50 for each of them. When he turned the limitation on, his lag went away...
  14. Vlp3r

    New Gtx 1060 installed and when the computer started it gets stuck on Splash screen showing only my mobo manufacturer

    Well i got a new Zotac GTX 1060 upgrading from a Gtx 560 ti , i have a Digilite b75m Mobo and a Corsair Cx 650 power supply. So i removed my previous Gtx 560 ti from the pci slot and Plugged in my new gtx 1060 and connected the 6 pin connector . it had a display output of Dvi-D , i had a DVI-I ...
  15. O

    Should i buy a refurbished monitor from Newegg?

    I am looking at buying a refurbished monitor ASUS VG248QE from Newegg. I've looked at the reviews and there are only around 7 reviews with 3 stars or less. Some have it where the monitor has green lines and the others saying its amazing. I dont know what to do, it looks like a great deal for a...
  16. M

    Dose low pageing file size effect ram?

    So a few months ago my computer started telling me memory was running low even when I had only firefox and steam open, I searched for fixes to this and found nothing that could help, so today after looking around bit more I found my computer only has 220mb allocated paging file size, it has...
  17. S

    Resource monitor that monitors everything?

    As the title sais im looking for a program that monitors everything in my system such as: CPU usage GPU usage RAM usage VRAM usage(this is one im looking for specifically recently due to my curious mind) TEMPS of hardware HDD usage and any other aspects i am missing Thanks for your help in advance
  18. O

    Changing the C:\users\username

    I changed my username but when I go to the local disk users folder it still shows the old username or another example is when I go to the cmd it still shows the old username. How can I fix this without having to reinstall applications or the OS itself? I am using windows 10 pro and I am using a...
  19. J

    Is my PSU enough for Geforce GTX 960?

    I have a thermaltake 430w PSU and i just bought a Geforece GTX 960 4gb OC Edition. Is this power supply good enough to run this card? My computer is 660 Dell inspiron 2nd gen intel core i5-3450processor 3.10 GHz 1 Tb hard drive 8 gb DDr3 SDRAM 1600MHz-2x4gb Windows 7 home premium 64 bit...
  20. M

    Acer e5-551g-t88p - how to switch my integrated for dedicated graphics card as a primary one

    I have acer e5-551g-t88p and i can't run most of the newer games or can but with very low fps on low quality settings. I think that's due to the fact that my primary graphics card is the integrated AMD Radeon(TM) R6 Graphics and not the AMD Radeon R7 M265 2gb ddr3, so my question is how do i...