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    Flashing Random Solid Colors Before Crash

    Yesterday evening my computer started having an issue where after a few minutes (30 or so) my monitor will flicker, begin flashing random solid colors, then the sound stutters and everything locks up, forcing me to hard restart. Initially I thought maybe my ssd was failing because last week my...
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    Gigabyte mobo doese not recognize instslled memory in full

    I have installed two 2gb kingstone 1333Mhz rams on my Gigabyte G41M-ES2L mobo. In the boot set up it shows 4046Mb memory but on windows XP which i am currently using it shows 3210Mb ram.On windows 7 on my other drive it shows 4000Mb.I have almost tried every thing .Any helping ideas.Thanks in...
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    problems with updating to windows 10 64 bit home edition fall update built 1803 from 1709.

    Hello Toms hardware I have been trying to update my windows 10 64 bit home edition version built 1709 to the fall update 1803 version . Without any success . At about 42 % my pc screen goes black and becomes unresponsive forcing a manual restart . After that Windows restores the previous...
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    graphics driver for server motherboard

    i have windows 10 on a server but can't find the drivers for an older Intel server motherboard. what do i do now? The board is an Intel PBA-E98681 with an intel xeon e3-1220v2. any good help would be greatly appreciated.
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    MSI Z77A GD65 wont Post after new CPU

    Hey everyone, I recently upgraded my CPU from an i5-3470 to an i7-3770k. After swapping out processors my computer would not boot or have led's/fans run at all. I tested my power supply and it was somehow dead, and so i swapped it out for a new one as well. After the power supply swap my...
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    Can I play music and stuff through all 5 of my speakers?

    Basically what I want is to listen to music or watch movies and stuff with my 5.1 speaker setup but I want the sound to come through all 5 of my speakers (and the sub). I don't want to play it in surround sound, I just want to duplicate the sound to all 5 of my speakers so it comes out them all...
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    Can i reinstall windows 10 without deleting everything?

    So, for a few days now, I've got the dreaded "your PC ran into an error and needs to restart" message. Now, the only thing that's ever fixed that problem for me is reinstalling windows, if you had better luck then god bless you because i haven't. Problem is, I'd really like to keep photos, apps...
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    Case Fan Problem

    I recently built my PC a couple months ago and I have one reoccurring problem. My case fans (rosewill cullinan) won't turn on probably 1 out of every 10 times that I turn on my computer. The fans have LEDs when they are on their high setting, so I have it always on high, (at least for start up)...
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    Old Toshiba laptop won't open Windows after reinstall

    I have an ancient Toshiba Satellite 4014CDS. I little while ago I thought I'd clear the hard drive, reinstall Windows 98 and see if it would sell. It was working fine before this but now Windows won't open. All I get is the blue screen with a message saying 'This program has perform an illegal...
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    Acer Aspire x1700 ethernet issue

    is this acer aspire upgradable to window 10 64 bit my board died as well as the hard drive got a board and a new hard drive install win 10 on it but can't get the ethernet port to work tried the acer website for driver they only have vista home premium drivers tried those and nothing any suggestion
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    Upgrading RAM 8GB -> 16 GB

    Hi, Today I have a question about ram and my motherboard, and if I would see noticeably different performance if I purchased and installed more RAM. Currently my motherboard is the AsRock h97 pro 4, and I have 2x 4GB Ram installed. My processor is also the Intel Core i5 4590, and have GTX...
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    Playing games 3 days ago were fine now it's major fps drop and 99% GPU and CPU usage.

    Hi thanks for taking the time to read so yeah I have a pretty big problem I have no idea what it is. So 3 days ago I was playing some Overwatch and I have my fps locked at 100 and it has no trouble. Same with League Of Legends it ran fine and at a decent CPU and GPU usage around 50% or less at...
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    Motherboard + CPU buying - request Cooling and other advice please

    Hi I'm building a new system and would appreciate some help: I'm using it for circuit board design and other and have no desire to overclock or have fancy lights etc. I've looked around and think GIGABYTE Gaming Z270XP-SLI is maybe a good Mobo for me but I have many questions: 1. is this...
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    RAM Dimm location Intel DQ67SW

    Does anybody know the ideal dimm for a single stick of RAM in this mobo? Having trouble finding online, thanks
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    Motherboard for 4670k crossfire

    Hi guys, Struggling to find a new motherboard. Recently acquired another hd7950 and want to run it crossfire with mine but need a new mobo as mine only has one pci slot. My cpu is i5 5670K . Had come across this ( and was wondering: a) is it...
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    installed new cpu I5 3470 from i3 2120 and when i boot pc monitor wont start

    bios is for ivy bridge ive installed it when i had a sandy bridge cpu on funny thing is if i install back i3 it works with the current ivy bios but not my i5 when i boot pc turns on for 10-15 secs then restarts but no signal to monitor mb is foxcon h61m-s 8gb ram win 10 and the new i5 any ideas...
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    What are the advantages of M2 SATA SSDs?

    Are there any advantages to using M2 SATA SSDs over SATA or PCI-E?
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    Is 120gb SSD enough for OS?

    I want to get a 120gb SSD, to install windows 10 64bit, and all my games would go to my hdd. Would this be enough space? And what other software do you suggest I install on to it?
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    Gaming Build 1200pounds

    What do you say about this build ? Its relevant ? It should be 1200+- build mainly for gaming. I would like to now if between 2666 MHz and 3000 MHz RAM is some visible difference. Thank you
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    Unknown Issue!? Please Help!

    I Have a Failing Hard drive which i will be replacing in the next couple of days but the hard drive that the operating system is on is fine but i am experiencing Weird issues 1. very occasionally my computer will freeze and be totally unresponsive 2. if i am gaming the game will become really...