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  1. B

    I found a i5 8400 and board, but the case I'm looking at says mAtx and only board they have is ATX...;(

    I got lucky and got 2 components for my i5 8400 build: AS Rock Z370 Pro4 305 mm x 224mm And: AEROCOOL M-ATX CS-100 191(W) x 356(H)x 373(D) mm Will this board fit in there? The website...
  2. A

    looking for compatible processors

    My processor is core 2 duo 2.27ghz. I would like to know if I change my processor to core i5 or core i7.
  3. S

    Audio and Mouse lag when opening up a program. Dual 144hz monitor setup!

    So I have both 144hz monitors hooked up to my gtx 1080 and whenever I open up a program, like OBS for example, I get this mouse and audio lag/stutter before the program opens up. I don't seem to have an issue when running with just one monitor but I really want to incorporate the 2nd monitor...
  4. C

    Should i upgrade to windows 7 on my old computer?

    i'm running windows xp on my old computer specs: -Pentium Dual-core(Pentium D) -512 mb of DDR2 V-GEN RAM -Nvidia 6600GT -80GB Seagate Barracuda 7200 RPM HDD should i upgrade to windows 7 ultimate? or what version of windows 7 should i upgrade to? UPDATE: i have installed tiny 7 on my old pc...
  5. LegateLanius

    Is it ok to overclock an i7-7700k from 4.2 to 4.5GHz without liquid cooling?

    I have a intel skylake i7-7700k stock clocked at 4.2GHz and i was wanting to overclock to 4.5GHz but I have a pretty basic cpu cooler (This one). Can i safely overclock my CPU to my desired frequency with this cooler? Vielen Dank
  6. S

    500W PSU with GTX 1060/70 strix with adapter

    My psu Cooler Master RP-500-PCAP-i3 500W here is a pic so i want buy ASUS GeForce GTX 1060/70 strix oc edition but i dont have 8 pin on my psu so i think about adapter...
  7. M

    nvlddmkm.sys BSOD even after clean reinstall

    Hello there, I'm running a lenovo y50-70 laptop with a gtx860m gpu. I started having this BSOD last night when the game I was playing suddenly froze and I was unable to switch to other app, and so I did a hard restart. The BSOD appeared right after I finished booting saying System Thread...
  8. F

    Fallout 4 keeps launching in windowed mode

    Fallout 4 keeps launching in windowed mode and I don't know how to make it fullsreen. The game worked fine yesterday, but today it doesn't want to run in fullscreen for some very bizarre reason. I'm booting it from the Fallout 4 script extender launcher, because a few of the mods I'm using...
  9. P

    Can Some One Help Me Find A Case?

    I Would Like It To Be Able To Have support for at least two 240mm radiators and a res, maybe some RGB capabilities, I would like it to have vertical GPU mounting or nothing in-between the P-CIE slots so I could install an aftermarket bracket, It MUST have a PSU shroud and be plain black, I was...
  10. S

    Modular Power Supply Help

    I am buying this power supply It has 4 vga ports and 2 cpu ports, where do I connect the pcie cables to power a graphics card, (1 x 8pin, if that helps). Essentially do I plug the pcie cable into the vga or cpu connectors?
  11. Z

    What is this internal motherboard component connected to?

    I'm purchased and old home theater system and am attempting to repair it. I found this piece disconnected, and it looks like it gets attached to an internal board under a screw. I have found a schematics pdf, but because I don't what it does, I can't think of the right keywords to use...
  12. Pigus

    Windows 8 silent install in Windows 10?

    Hello, I need help. Every time I restart or turn on my PC, windows.old folder keep appearing in my SSD and HDD disks. Even, deleting/uninstalling windows.old folder using storage settings because it doesn't appear in disk cleanup. It eats too much of my ssd space ( the last time i checked...
  13. E

    hp when choosing restart,it shuts down but doesn't restart

    Power light is still lit but when I want "restart" I want it to start again without having to use the power button.
  14. H

    Looking for a PC build around 500$ - no GPU or HDD

    I'm looking for a PC build without a GPU and HDD in a 500$-ish range. I have a Palit GTX 1050 Stormx so that is the GPU that I'd want to put in the build.
  15. B

    Sandisk SSD writes going up 1TB per hour!

    Custom PC running Windows 10 Hey there, I ordered a Sandisk x400 SSD, and after I installed it in my computer, I downloaded some tools and realized the drive already had 5TB of lifetime writes. I thought it was weird so I kept an eye on it, and it started climbing at an alarming rate. I did...
  16. S

    After removing and replacing my CPU my monitor won't show a picture

    Not sure if this is the place to put this but I was cleaning my PC and removed my heat sink (CPU was connected to it) and reinstalled it. After powering it up my Tv just displayed No Picture. I don't think I broke it because power is still going to it and the heat sinks fan is spinning. Any...
  17. P

    3 memory sticks compatibility

    I am finding a way to upgrade my ram capacity but its kinda hard to find same memory like mine. So i have found someone selling it online, but its used. I don't mind that because his ratings are high and he is a trusted seller. The problem i'm facing with is that i am not sure how will it run...
  18. G

    Am I ready to buy my first PC?

    I intend to use this build for gaming. I am looking to play games like Overwatch and CS:GO at 1080p high settings 100+ fps. I am also looking to play newer titles that come out at 1080p medium-high settings at 60fps. I want my budget to be about $1000, but can go to $1050 if it will greatly...
  19. X

    Old or just Broke?

    Hi everyone, this is my new thread so please, be gentle with me :D I have a problem but first of all I show you my laptop's informations: - Intel Core i5 4210U CPU 1.70 GHz 1.70 GHz - Ram 8 GB - x64 - Windows10 - NVIDIA GeForce 820M (if I forgot anything just tell me what) Here' s my problem: I...
  20. M

    How come the temperatures on my CPU are too high?

    I just built a new computer with a Deep Cool Tesseract case. The case has two 120m fans. I also have an i7 6700K CPU and a Corsair H80i V2 Water Cooler installed on my CPU. I turned on my computer for the first time and then noticed that the temperature of my CPU started at 49c and then...