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  1. A

    Hard drive not playing fair while I'm Frankensteining my Asus laptop into a better shelled Asus

    I have an old Asus laptop running Vista, and I have another Asus K52F laptop that was given to me post break-up but without the hard drive. I love everything about the new one but obviously it wasn't going to run without that. The old one has no issues and I haven't really needed to run it in...
  2. O

    Black screen + Solid Underscore before BIOS.

    Hey fellas, i recently swapped my rig's mobo and cpu. Upgraded to an Asus Z97-P and an i7 4790. The computer worked beautifully for a week and some. But today a white underscore (not a blinking one) on a black screen has started appearing BEFORE the bios pops up. Now, resetting the CMOS or...
  3. P

    Solving a hard freeze issue: programs to help diagnose?

    I have a computer that hard freezes requiring me to hold the power button down to reboot the machine. It's win 7 32-bit, 4 gig, GeForce 460. It's basically just plays emulated games. Temperatures are fine, games run fine just the occasional hard freeze that I can't figure out. Event viewer...
  4. N

    i5-6600 + DDR4 or i5-4960k + DDR3

    I'd like for people to debate on this topic, since I don't really have a strong opinion on any option and I'd like to read yours. A few questions/ideas I've got: - Is DDR4 worth? - Building with the 1151 socket might be a bit more expensive, since it's relative newish. Worth? - I think the...
  5. S

    Applying thermal paste on CPU and gpu

    with 3.5 gram (1) arctic silver Can I apply for both CPU and GPU at a time what is the exact gram measurement to apply on CPU and also can any one make a video on applying thermal paste on xfx r9 390
  6. S

    PC Keeps Freezing And Making Buzz Sound

    So my pc that i built a few months back is amazing. It has a 980ti and an i7 6700k, 16gb DDR4 ram. So every now and then it would crash and I was just like meh. Now it is happening more and more often. Here is a video of it...
  7. Slayer607

    A few questions regarding VR

    I'm setting up a cheap VR gaming experience, what drivers should I use for the 3d affect, I heard TriDef is good but I'm not using anaglyph. I'm aiming for something similar to google cardboard, except, you know, not worth $5 :P Edit: maybe I worded this wrong, I'm too tired to correct it now...
  8. T

    Loss of shipment a real problem?

    Hi I recently ordered keycaps from Max Keyboard and live in Malaysia. I chose the cheap shipping option for 15 bucks and I knew it had no tracking number. I am also paranoid that I would lose it. What is the chance for it? Should I have chosen the 50$ option for shipping that would come in 2...
  9. A

    ATX and EATX compatibility?

    My motherboard is an ATX form factor but uses a 24-pin EATX power connector. My PSU has an ATX connector (Corsair CX 600W Click Here). Will the PSU go along with the motherboard? Just want to be sure.
  10. R

    Upgrading to Professional 7, I think i did something bizarre

    Ok so, I think I made a pretty huge mistake trying to upgrade from Vista to Professional 7. Where to start... My school provides me with licenses and an ISO for numerous operating systems, Windows 7 Professional included. I have an old PC that it's on Vista that I want to upgrade from Vista to...
  11. F

    Stuttering CPU issue

    I have been getting stutters where my games and ts will stutter a lot when I am on. Whenever these things happen my CPU usage % spikes up for some reason. I have tried cleaning my CPU fan too and need some help Asus M11BB AMD Desktop Motherboard and AMD A10 6700 APU
  12. M

    how to change core voltage

    Hello everyone, Pls solve my problem I have Intel g3258 processor I planing to over clock at least 3.2ghz to 3.8ghz with stock cooler if OK means how to change CPU core voltage,pls help me Myspec Asus h81m_d mobo Hyperx fury 8gb 1866mhz Win 8.1 os
  13. G

    Windows 10 BSOD Page Fault in Non Paged Area

    I have experienced this BSOD error twice in 2 weeks already. This has happened when I'm just browsing the net. Can anyone provide any solution for this? OS: Windows 10 Ram: 16gb DDR4
  14. H

    ssd does not show up in bios

    Hi, a few days back I tried restarting my pc and it suddenly showed up the message "bootmgr is missing". I found out that my main OS ssd has dissapeard from my bios. I tried to change sata calbles, connections etc(tried everything) and still nothing. I have no idea what to do because I dont...
  15. O

    ASUS Z170 Pro Gaming and G Skill

    So as per my other thread, I bricked my MSI MOBO. I just purchased the ASUS Z170 Pro Gaming board, and set it up. Now when I first powered it on, it got into BIOS fine. Video output was working off my GEFORCE GTX 750, I could see my harddrive in boot devices. Everything looked good. Exited BIOS...
  16. S

    I need to replace my existing 16 GB of RAM

    I need to replace my existing 16 GB of RAM - G.SKILL Sniper F3-12800CL7T2-24GBSRD. XMP became unstable and fails memtest86 every time. I am thinking getting a faster memory kit such as CORSAIR Dominator Platinum CMD16GX3M4A2400C11 and downclocking it to 2133 while tightening timings. Will this...
  17. A

    CPU acting up after changing PSU

    Hey So just now I replaced the PSU (power supply) on my system to a new one. And now, for some reason my trusty i5-2500k (who never gave me any problems under the old psu) is going directly to FULL LOAD when i boot my PC.. everything else is working fine but for the CPU. I've overclocked it in...
  18. S

    pc crashed after windows 10 install

    i installed windows 10 on my laptop and it worked for like 5 minutes, after that it crashed and when i turn it on it gave me the possibility to choose an operating system, i had 2 windows 10 and my old window 8 was gone. I decided to choose one and now it won't boot and its stuck in a restart...
  19. A

    computer isn't turning on and has a black screen with a blinking light

    I shutdown my computer regularly with no abnormalities. However the next day, I tried turning it on, and after the Asus symbol with the dots with went to a black screen. And every few seconds it would blink with a lighter black screen. Pls help me.
  20. J

    Keyboard can't keep up with what i type

    So it's almost like my computer has a 2 letters per second cap. I'm thinking it some sort of keylogger that is recording all of my keystrokes or something. I'm running virus scans at the moment but i'm not 100% sure what's going on. Here are my specs in case you need to know for whatever reason...