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  1. Z

    [SOLVED] TV doesn't support 3.5mm jack, any work around?

    I recently bought LG 43UM7290PTF tv, it doesn't have 3.5mm jack support and only has toslink. I recently bought new wired headsets and I will be rarely watch tv with headphones so don't want buy another pair of headsets. Is there some kind of converter I can use to get 3.5mm jack support?
  2. dotas1

    Question DVI-D to VGA converter issues

    Hello, I got a bit of a puzzle for you guys. My wife's PC has a Ryzen 3200G with a Gigabyte Aorus B450 Pro motherboard which has HDMI and DVI-D output. Her monitor, a Samsung S27E330H has HDMI and VGA, is connected through HDMI. I brought her my spare monitor a LG 27MP65HQ which had HDMI and...
  3. Question Adding USB3.1 Functionality to my motherboard?

    Hello, I have a question about adding USB3.1 & USB-C Functionality to my Gigabyte GA-A320M-S2H motherboard. I know this is possible using something like this PCIE USB3.1 Connecting Slot Component, which I actually own. The problem I'm encountering is that I only have 1x PCIE slot that's the...
  4. Z

    [SOLVED] HDMI to DP adapter failing

    Hi, I have a monitor with HDMI output, using an adapter (HDMI-to-DP) to a DP input on my graphics card I bought the adapter for $8, it didn't last just 4 days.. it seems that the adapter actually died for some reason (maybe due to screen having power on/off more than usual) is it a bad...
  5. Z

    [SOLVED] VGA to HDMI to DP, 2 converters, does it work?

    Hi, I'm having a second monitor that has a VGA port, and I don't have neither VGA or HDMI on my Videocard, plus I can't connect anything to the motherboard since the one I have is AMD B450 with a non G processor, so no monitor on the motherboard will work since the CPU won't support. So I...
  6. [SOLVED] Does anyone know the name of this connector?

    We have this old proprietary PC at work built for our gate system. Recently the power supply on the controller for the gate went out and the tech replaced it for us. So now I'm wondering if I can buy something like that myself as a backup. This is the picture of the old power supply that went...
  7. M

    Question What mobo to choose for this build?

    Hey. My specifications are as follows: I was considering to purchase a 500GB SSD and replace the 1TB HDD but I needed a PCIe - M.2 converter for the SSD, since my ancient mobo doesn't support newer models. But then I thought investing in a more up to date motherboard might be more efficient...
  8. Nightware

    [SOLVED] Help! How do i detect which is the faulty component? (Complex)

    Hi, I have a relatively new build: MSI B450m pro-m2, Ryzen 5 2600, 16GB RAM and recently got a 1660. So here goes the problem: Some days ago my PC was fine, playing games, no signs of anything, but today i tried turning it on but nothing. The PC turns on, fans, etc, everything OK, but no...
  9. Y

    Question displayport to vga converter

    i have a 720p@60hz monitor with only a vga port and i wanna connect my graphic card to that with a converter i wanna cap the fps in fortnite to 144FPS because of the lower input lag my question is wich port should i use from my graphic card to have the lowest input lag thank you so much :) p.s:i...
  10. extreme_noob

    [SOLVED] Active or Passive Displayport to HDMI adapter?

    I'd like to add a third monitor to my setup, but it only takes HDMI. I have already one monitor on Displayport and one on HDMI. My RTX 2070 doesn't have another available HDMI Port, so I'm wondering if the RTX 2070 can support a passive Displayport to HDMI cable, or will I need to buy an active...
  11. BiColaTesla

    [SOLVED] Asus Rampage Extreme IV M2

    Guys i saw something new. PCI E 3 to M2 converter I just want to do that.Can you give me advices about that? pluses,minuses? Asus Rampage Extreme IV First slot X16 RTX 2070OC I7 4930K TURBO MODE 3.9 GHz HyperX Beast 1600mhz ddr3 2x8 Thanks for your replies
  12. P

    Looking for the right pin to solder

    Hello first thread here, i don't know if i choose the correct topic but i didn't find any for soldering, im a noob at soldering and i was looking at a video on how to charge a passive adapter to make it active because of my ps4 and I don't want to spend anymore money on adapters. Let me explain...
  13. E

    [SOLVED] 6 pin to 8 pin converter underpowering GPU?

    I am using a 6 pin to 8 pin converter to power my GTX 1080 (It has a single 8 pin connection on it) and my PSU doesn't have any 8 pin slots (Rocketfish 550w PSU). The GPU works fine, but one of my colleagues suggested that the converter might be causing the GPU to be underpowered. I'm not sure...
  14. dthomas1266

    Question Which option to go with for new gaming pc

    Hello, so i don't know much about computer parts. I have a gaming pc but my brother built it for me but that was 4 years ago an now i want to upgrade an he lives far away from me currently. I went on offer up and saw these 3 computers in my price range. which option do you guys suggest and let...
  15. I

    Question Need an Upgrade, CPU or GPU? 300$ max

    Problem: I recently purchased the Division 2, which I've been looking forward to for a while, and my system is finally holding me back. I want my build to be able to handle new titles on at least medium, but it just isn't cutting it anymore. My CPU is constantly being used at 100% to the point...
  16. L

    Remove personal info from laptop but leave pre-installed games

    I would like to sell or donate an old laptop, a Toshiba Satellite T235D-S1345, 64 bit, Windows 7. I know I need to wipe the hard drive but would like to keep the preinstalled games that came with the laptop for the next owner. I have already deleted my account and assigned the administrator as...
  17. R

    Question Should i wait for pci 4.0, do i need it.

    my video card took a crap, dont want to add parts to a old machine, right now im using integrated graphics, i can suffice on that for a couple months. But i do want to build a whole new system. i know the new ryzen 3 is coming out with pci 4.0 support. since i expect to have this new system for...
  18. L

    Question Laptop going to sleep at 83 degrees

    My laptop is the Asus Fx502VM, bought it about a year and a half ago. When I first got it and I did not know about undervolting (which greatly improved my temps) I would game with the laptop running at around 85-90 degrees Celsius. Fast forward to today and my laptop never goes above 86 degrees...
  19. M4karonas

    Question Gpu goes 100% and dar screen apears

    Hello why do i get black screen and gpu goes max 100% fan spining? I didnt overclock it My spec r5 1500x Ram ddr4 2400mhz 2x4 Psu 600w Rx 580 8gb strix B350 tomahawk
  20. S

    [SOLVED] My Blueray burner is recognized by windows 10

    But I cannot get autoplay to work in windows 10 ,even just a blueray player autoplay will not come up .they are in Device manger .have tried deleting them are reinstalling no good auto play is turned on .It seems quite a few people have this problem in windows 10?