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  1. Gouz974

    Question CPU fan and sys fans stopping ?

    Hello, I usualy let run my computer while im at work to do automated tasks in some old school games. Yersteday when back home I noticed that all the sys fans except for one had stopped. The cpu fan also stopped and the temp went up to 80+ c° I kinda paniked and turned it off imediatly. When I...
  2. E

    [SOLVED] Case fans spin up without temp spike

    Just upgraded to an i7 12700k and a new Z690 Mobo, and the CPU idles at around 35-38 which is nice, but every few minutes the case fans will increase to what sounds like 100% for about 10 seconds and the spin back down. I have HWInfo open and it doesnt show an increase in CPU temps. I have the...
  3. W

    [SOLVED] Why are my cpu temps so high with aio liquid cooler?

    Hi Guys! I have an Intel Core i7 9700k without any overclocking on a Gigabyte Z370 gaming x cooled by a Cooler Master MasterLiquid 120R. I have been experiencing high temperature values for the cpu, which is quite frightening. While rendering in Vegas pro, I'm getting around a maximum of 85...
  4. Phil Holm

    Question Should i use spare fan as Case Exhaust or CPU Cooler Exhaust

    So ive been thinking about getting the antec df700, which comes 4 fans(3 front intake, 1 rear exhaust) + 1 reverse fan thats put on top of the psu shroud, which seems to not make any difference in temps according to reviews. So ive been thinking of using that spare fan as a top exhaust instead...
  5. HuskyPsycho

    [SOLVED] Change Fan Direction

    Hello I have purchased and installed Arctic BioniX 120p ARGB fans with a controller hub. I think I've messed up because I have 2 serious issues. 1) the air gets pushed outside the case only. I can't seem to find a way to push air inside the case (I can invert the fans but the rgb will then be...
  6. H

    [SOLVED] NZXT Kraken m22 100c Temps

    Hi All, My NZXT Kraken m22 temps go high as 100c when playing games like RDR 2, Battlefield V. Valorant, and GTA V temps are around 80-85c. Could you please tell me how to overcome this? Please consider the below points. My previous M22 started to produce a crackling noise and the warranty...
  7. P

    Question Rear exhaust fan not spinning

    I've tried plugging in two different fans in my motherboard but they just wont spin. I have a gigabyte b450m ds3h and there's only one port for a fan other than the one for the CPU fan (which works fine.)
  8. C

    [SOLVED] How to fix gaming laptop overheating(?)

    So disclaimer, I know nothing about computers so Idk any technical terms. I have an HP Pavillion Gaming Laptop with an Intel Core i5-10300H and an Nvidia Geforce GTX 1650, it works fine normally but whenever I play games while charging at the screen goes black after a few minutes, I'm assuming...
  9. V

    Question I7-12700K cooling problem

    I have an I7-12700K with an Asus B660M TUF Gaming Plus Wifi D4 motherboard. I also have 2 nvme SSD and 2x16GB DDR4 3200 RAM installed. No dedicated VGA. For cooling first I used an Arctic Cooling 34 eSport Duo. The idle temperature was quite good 25-26C in a room with 24C in a Be Quiet DX500...
  10. H

    Question Z690 plus wifi D4 - cooling

    Hello! I'm currently doing a build, it's only my second one so I'm not that experienced. I have a Asus Z690 plus wifi d4, and I'm installing a lian li galahad aio 240 rgb cooler. I have everything installed on the cpu, and I'm just connecting all the cables to the mother board and the...
  11. Hex_621

    [SOLVED] CPU fan randomly spiking without noticeable temp/load spike

    Hello everyone! I have an Intel I7 4770s CPU and it's stock cooler fan randomly spikes up to 3000-ish rpm for around a second before falling back down again to around 1000 rpm. I have monitored it with Open hardware monitor, there is nothing out of the ordinary other than the fan speed spiking...
  12. F

    Question Connecting 10 ARGB Fans with a 5-1 splitter?

    Hi everyone I'm currently moving my rig into a new case, the Lian Li O11 Dynamic Evo. I've purchased 7 'Cooler Master MasterFan MF120 Halo' Along with the extra 3 fans that come with the Cooler Master AIO that I purchased. Now, I am trying to find a way to get all those 10 fans connected to...
  13. Superpanda666

    [SOLVED] What can a bad airflow kill inside the pc?

    My pc won't boot and might be the motherboard is dead because I have tried to do all the troubleshooting and nothing works and realize that at the back of my case is an intake fan rather than exhaust. I only have 2 fans - cpu and at the back. Specs: Mobo:Gigabyte H81m-s1 CPU: i7 4790 Cooler...
  14. Cenddell

    [SOLVED] Is this sound normal for a fan?

    This is my very first gaming pc ever that I bought prebuilt and have had for around 3 days. I know what loud fans sound like but whenever I play games I hear this sound from my pc. View: Not sure if this is a normal sound for a fan or not(I...
  15. F

    Question Migrating to Mini ITX

    Hello all, I'm thinking about switching from ATX / Micro ATX to ITX since it suits my needs better. I've found myself having to move frequently between to places and decided, instead of settling on a gaming laptop or anything else, slapping my PC in a suitcase basically. It worked when I moved...
  16. foosto123

    [SOLVED] i5 9600k Cooling options

    Hi guys, I have a very hard time choosing a CPU cooler for my setup. I am undecided which cooling method would be the best. Hopefully, someone has the right knowledge about this and could advise me. (Budget: 0-100$, but can extend it to 150$ if its needed). The PC will be used for gaming...
  17. H

    [SOLVED] Which is the best cooling VGA of these RTX 3080/3080 ti?

    EVGA MSI Palit THX!
  18. C

    [SOLVED] Haven't a clue where this loud noise is coming from. Looking for help!

    Hey everyone. So this issue started about 3 days ago and has never ever been an issue since I built this PC about a year or so ago. The humming randomly onsets, I have no earthly idea what triggers it. Nothing I do stops it, not even restarting. The only thing that stops the noise is fully...
  19. foosto123

    [SOLVED] Cooling advice for i5 9600K?

    Hello everyone, I'm new here, but I know this is a good forum to get advice from. Currently, my PC has serious cooling issues under load (90 degrees and up )and I am finally able to fix them, but I lack the knowledge about cooling for PCs. What kind of coolers would you recommend? Should I go...
  20. Arun Rajan

    [SOLVED] Rattling sound from CPU for 40 seconds

    Hi, For last few days there is this rattling sound from the radiator part while booting for almost 40 seconds and it gradually fades. Also the temperature reading even when my CPU (i9 10900K) load is 40-50% is showing 90-100 degrees. Are these issues are happening because of air bubbles trapped...
  21. A

    Question NZXT Kraken x63 not recognized! Help!

    Ok im struggling with this one. I have an nzxt kraken x63. got it for christmas. its beautiful. I originally got an EVGA clc 280 but the radiator didnt fit in my h510 case. I connected everything correctly and the cooler was not detected in CAM software, no pump rpm showing in my Asrock Mobo...
  22. A

    [SOLVED] 120mm and 140mm fan splitter

    Hey I have an asrock 370 pro4 motherboard with Asrock tuning software. I have 2 exhaust fans: a 120mm nzxt 3 pin fan in the rear and a 140mm nzxt 3 pin fan up top. I have them connected to a splitter on the motherboard header. I have 2 140mm intake fans on a splitter on the front. The 2...
  23. F

    [SOLVED] Side Mounting GPU AIO

    Hey all, Looking for some advice and opinions on airflow with my new case. I had a build that burnt out my CPU AIO, so I'm getting a new case to try something different. I'm going to be using a Corsair 7000D Airflow Full Tower Case. My thoughts are to top mount my 360mm CPU AIO as exhaust...
  24. S

    [SOLVED] Fan / AIO Help!

    Hi all! First time builder here and i'm just really stuck with the whole fan and AIO placement situation: My build will be along the lines of this: (I'm considering 12th gen CPU and switching to AMD GPU etc still but this is the general idea) CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 5800X 3.8 GHz 8-Core Processor CPU...
  25. Z

    [SOLVED] CPU overheating while gaming (Lian Li Galahad 360 AIO) ?

    I recently built this new computer about 6 months ago and everything was going great until a couple months ago, I was gaming (no where near something intense either) and my computer restarted showing me a CPU temperature error in the BIOS for the reasoning. I say new computer and that's not...
  26. L

    Question I have 2 thermal pastes, a Mastergel pro V2 and what came with my cooler Arctic MX-4

    Would the mastergel pro V2 perform better than the MX-4? Even if its a slight bit better, id like to know. Thank you in advance!
  27. Natedanp

    Question New build, CPU overheating with NZXT Kraken x53

    Hey. So I purchased a brand new Kraken x53 for my new build. Upon putting everything together and starting it up for the first time, everything looked great at first. I was in the bios tweaking some things before actually booting to windows when i noticed my CPU was getting hot. At this point it...
  28. T

    [SOLVED] i7-9700k unusually high temperatures with a load of cooling, would really appreciate input

    Hi, I built my PC about three years ago and have been struggling to get adequate noise levels and temperatures ever since with my 9700k. I started with two stock fans and a Cryorig H7 and have since upgraded a number of components which are the following: i7-9700k (stock/4.6ghz turbo)...
  29. David3290321

    [SOLVED] Immersion Cooling, Vegetable Oil or Mineral Oil?

    Hi, I want to make a dual pc immersion cooling build. Got all my components besides the oil/dielectric coolant. Coolant is very expensive, I have a 10 Gal tank and 8 Gal of Immersion cooling oil cost $130 but 10 Gal of Vegetable Oil only cost around $35. I know all oil is non conducive but I...
  30. phy6x

    Question Workaround for Darkflash Darkair to work on ASUS Prime A320M-K

    Hi, everyone. I recently bought the DarkFlash Darkair White LED cooler as a replacement to the wraith prism cooler provided by Ryzen CPUs. The problem is I can't light up the LEDs of the fan and the front plate of the cooler because of the limited capacity of my motherboard (ASUS Prime...
  31. Facu.G

    [SOLVED] I would like to know if the id-cooling se 224 xt Basic can keep good temps on a 10700k at stock

    i dont intend to oc the 10700k (right now the k version is cheaper than the non-k in my country) it would be helpful if someone who has this combo can help me decide. Thanks
  32. S

    [SOLVED] CM HAF 912 plus optimal fan configuration

    I have the Cooler Master HAF 912 plus case. My pc specs are: 9900KS Dark rock pro 4 3080 ti aorus master Z390 aorus master 3600 Mhz ram 970 Evo plus SSD what is the optimal fan setup in this case for the best cooling? Currently this is my setup: Intake: Intake front: 200mm Cooler master fan...
  33. N

    [SOLVED] Recommended fans configuration in a Corsair 5000D Airflow case ?

    Case: Corsair 5000D Airflow CPU: 12900k cooler: CORSAIR iCUE H150i ELITE LCD Display Liquid CPU Cooler Corsair 5000D Airflow case comes with 2 fans and I will add CORSAIR iCUE H150i ELITE LCD Display Liquid CPU Cooler (which has three fans). Do I need any extra fans in the case? If so, would...