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  1. R

    Should I buy faster ram or add on to it

    I have an Adata 8GB Ram at 2400MHz and want to get it up to 16. Was wondering if its worth it to add another 8gig of ram with the same speed or sell my old ram and go for a 16 gig stick of ram of a speed of 3000MHz ? I mainly use it for gaming but also do editing and colour grading sometimes...
  2. U

    lg stylus 2 not turning on after connecting with woofer's aux cable

    My lg stylus 2 not getting on after connecting with woofer's aux cable. When I connect charger some times it shows 0% battery for a while.after sometime phone starts heated but not getting on. Some technicians says problem is with sound ic and some says problem is in power ic. Phone is Also not...
  3. N

    Does a Zotac Geforce GTX 1050 support freesync?

    I'm getting a used gaming computer and that's the graphics card it has. I just wanted to know if it supports freesync because the monitor im getting does.
  4. H

    Sons Rebuild Help

    Rebuilding sons gaming comp. new motherboard graphics cpu power supply. MOBO:MSI z370 gaming plus, Graphics: Evga 1050 , power evga 750 gq , core i5 cpu everything in correct powers up . No screen. Sorry first time mom trying to do this. Running old hard drive. Is there anything i need to...
  5. M

    212 Evo am4 Update Kit Issues

    I just purchased a Ryzen 5 2600x and an ASUS Strix x470-f motherboard and I decided to keep my 212 evo, so I purchased the update kit for am4 boards. Here is the link update kit. The kit came with 4 standoffs and the x bracket for mounting the cooler. When I removed the brackets that came on...
  6. G

    What Not to Buy on Amazon Prime Day

    The items you should avoid purchasing on Prime Day. What Not to Buy on Amazon Prime Day : Read more
  7. Karan Thakur

    Can i upgrade my cpu and motherboard and retain the old parts?

    Hi , i have an old pc and in looking to upgrade it just for simple office work. The specs are : Nvidia GeForce 6100 value outdated motherboard. 2 Gb DDR3 Ram AMD Sempron 145 2.8ghz 500 Gb Toshiba Hardisk. 450 Watt Power supply So i was thinking of going with the Pentium G4560 3.5 Ghz...
  8. B

    Help finding the right board

    I have GA-z87x-ud3h with a i7 4770k cpu. some of the pins in the cpu socket have bent, and the system is now non operable. Is this a fixable problem? Is it worth the money and effort in 2018? When I replace this board, can i opt for a cheaper board to do more or less the same thing? I causally...
  9. E

    Is it normal for my cpu turbo boost to be on all the time while gaming and is it normal to hit temps up to 85c?

    Specs: Cpu: Intel i5 8400 Gpu: gtx 1060 6gb Ram: Ripjaws 8gb
  10. Jason H.

    Throttle while stress testing AMD Overclock. Help Please!

    Hey guys Im trying to find a stable OC for my AMD A8 5600k. I was using AMD Overdrive but after a few crashes decided to do it directly from the mobo. Im using stock cooler and my idle thermal margin is about 55 degrees celcius. I just stress tested at 4.1mhz (x41 multiplier in bios) with...
  11. G

    Is it possible to reroute programs (Steam, Discord, etc) from HDD to SSD as OS boot drive?

    I currently have Windows 10 on my HDD and now my (fresh install) SSD. I went to my BIOS and made my SSD my boot drive but my programs like Mozilla Firefox, AMD Radeon Settings, or Logitech Gaming Software are on the HDD and aren't executable unless I go through to my Local Disk HDD. Do I have...
  12. M

    Buying new RAM need some help

    So i have a PC and upgraded the 2*4gb Kingstone DDR4 2133MHZ and added a Corsair Vengeance LPX 8GB DDR4 2400MHz to it I now have recent crashes and blue screen linked to memory managent and that kind of stuff, so i figured i d buy new ram. Should i buy the same corsair ram and add it to this...
  13. K

    Lower scores on Firestrike than usual

    Last weekend I scored 14k graphics in Firestrike and my scores now are down to the low 13k mark. I have a GTX 970 that is clocked 2048 mhz on the core clock and the memory it is clocked at 1,554 MHz. I have tried to run the same OC and lower OCs on the benchmark but I can't get up to 12k...
  14. S

    Is this better ???

    Hi So I posted about a pc with the same processor but with rx 560 graphics card. So i was looking around the internet to find a good pre built pc that I can buy and I spotted a pc with gtx 1060 6gb graphics card and i5 3470 processor and the pc has 8gb of ddr3 ram and its worth 460€. Is it...
  15. U

    mic settings and how to change

    my headset mic isn't working and I'm wondering how to turn it on. usually when u connect a device such as speakers and headphones it shows a tab saying choose the connection of the device: line in, speaker out and headset etc though i dont know how to change it and I'm wondering how to access...
  16. C

    Do I really need an AMD GPU in order to achive 144hz on a monitor?

    So I was browsing trough amazon and I find a bargain I found a 1440p, IPS , 144 hz , 27 inch display and also with freesync, so I was wondering to I really need a AMD GPU compatible with freesync in order to achive the 144hz or I can go for Nvidia because that's what I am planning on doing.
  17. S

    A humble question

    Hi all. My laptop already has quite an amount of flex when I got it a couple of months ago. Now this phenomena is getting worse: when I open the screen, the laptop starts squeaking quite a bit. Today it squeaks significantly even when I move the laptop around. Does this indicate a further...
  18. A

    Converting NTFS to GPT

    So I have a 4 TB internal drive and only 2TB are allocated. I know in order for me to use the unallocated space, I need to convert to GPT, however from what I researched, GPT is only convertable from an MBR format. I have an NTFS format and using AOMEI Partition Assistant Pro, can only convert...
  19. Y

    should i buy a refurbished g410 keyboard?

    should i buy a refurbished g410 keyboard? or a new one throw a reseller whats the difference and does both come with the ARX stand refurbished...
  20. S

    No signal on display, no beep but post working

    Sorry for my bad english but I badly need a rescue, I have an old desktop (AMD Athlon 64 X2 + Asus M2N-MX-SE ) not booting. I am trying to wake it up from dead after years, so I can use it as a server. So far I have not found exact solution to my problem. Motherboad is this ->...