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  1. M

    Will it play games well?

    A friend of mine asked me if i can select parts for his new PC. He is on a budget 360-418 euro.The parts are: Intel Core i3-7100 Gigabyte GeForce GT 730 2GB GDDR5 4GB DDR4 2133MHz J&A Segotep ATX-500WH 1TB 7200 rpm Seagate Barracuda Guardian ASRock H110M-DGS I'm not the best at choosing parts...
  2. N

    Graphics Card Fans Not spinning and no dvi signal found

    So I just got a gtx 750 and when I installed it the fans didnt spin and it didnt work? Can someone please help?
  3. S

    Can you overclock ryzen CPU (1600x) with this motherboard?

    the name: PRIME-B350-PLUS - ASUS thx for the help :)
  4. S

    Port forwarding doesn't work.

    I'm trying to port forward a minecraft server on port 25565, but it just doesn't work. It used to work, but since I've got a new modem, port forwarding doesn't work anymore.I would like some help from you guys.
  5. B

    samsung s8 battery life time

    hello, how much life time does S8 have? life time means alot of things,but i specifically want these two: 1)charge time:means how many times i can charge it till the cells starts to "die" 2)reapeat charging:how many times i can charge the phone untill the battery BLOWS up. thank you.
  6. D

    Loud siren like noise coming from my ausus laptop.

    When i trun on my laptop it start to update..After the update in my Asus Zenbook model ux305L . It started to make loud wired noise like a siren .i was scared and quickly truned off the laptop. Again when i tried to open laptop after 10 minutes it is still making that loud weired siren like noise.
  7. slimshady044

    my samsung ssd 960 evo is slow :(

    my samsung ssd 960 evo is very slow https://i.gyazo.com/19a31bfcc00e5d8866632d71561007c4.png any thoughts on how to make it 3,200/1,800 MBps speeds. mother board : GA-Z97X-Gaming 3
  8. G

    HP S700 Pro SSD Review

    HP is a name we know and trust. The company's Z Turbo SSD series gained the most recognition, but HP also has more traditional 2.5" SSDs. HP S700 Pro SSD Review : Read more
  9. X

    Is my motherboard socket cpu pins bent?

    Hello, Im buying used motherboard gigabyte z170 gaming k3 im not sure if the pins are bent or not please answer ASAP https://www.njuskalo.hr/api/messaging/attachments/912520?time=1499185990&signature=f3774cb2f40ab41e85bab14127aa99b4aaa2b90c Thanks
  10. V

    What app can I use in my laptop for syncing video and audio separately

    What app can I use for syncing video and audio I have took the video in phone now there is a lot of disturbance due to air and other disturbances so want to record and sync the audio separately What app can I use to overcome this problem(or fixture)
  11. E

    Looking for an under 600 dollar streaming laptop (NOT for playing games)

    So I need a laptop under 600 dollars, if it has a dedicated GPU make it a super low end one because I simply don't need it for streaming. I really want an I7 but an i5 will do. 8 gb RAM is a must. Thanks.
  12. C

    PC won't boot

    i7-6700k cpu Maximus hero alpha viii mobo rm850x psu 4x 8gb DDR4 memory 3200 gtx 1080 gpu 500 gb ssd 2tb hdd 7200rpm Windows 10 64 bit computer was working fine for about 6 months then I started getting a 00 code on the motherboard after a blackout during a bios update I sent the mobo back...
  13. J

    Gta 5 on intel pentium e5700

    I am having a pc with intel pendium dual core e5700 with 6gb ram and zotac gtx 1050 mini 2gb. I am buying gta 5 disk will i be able to play it on my pc plz help. I want to play story mode and online. Doesn't matter on lowest or medium setting. Will i have any error playing it. Plz help...
  14. D

    Aced aspire backup

    My acer goes though like it's checking for errors been 2 days now what keys can I get to restore to factory my backup disk are not working
  15. V

    Cant find my usb dr..!!!

    so i bought yesterday a usb wireless adapter and it came with it a disk that you can install realtek usb wireless lan utility but it broken the setup.exe give me error soo is there any working one on the internet because i cant find working one BTW my usb model is realtek 8192eu (bad english...
  16. A

    Second Hand GTX 1070

    I am looking for a gtx 1070 but I was wondering if it is a good idea to buy one second hand off ebay or something. Is this stupid? Is it better to just pay a bit extra? Thanks
  17. Jargain

    Is it okay if i just use the stock cooler if i dont overclock

    Hello Everyone! I am gonna build my first pc, and i dont know if i need the an aftermarket cooler if i am not gonna overclock, so my question is: will the stock cooler be able to keep the temperature under 75 degrees under load? I am planning to put an i5-7500 in the build. Thanks in advance...
  18. Jake Fister

    Destop Not Available (Due to Drive Letter Changing on Windows Reset)

    Ok, this has a fairly complicated back story, so here goes. Yesterday I swapped out my graphics card and was playing DOOM, having a great time ripping demons apart, when my computer froze. Awe, that sucks, but I'll just restart it. Did that, and my computer doesn't come back on. Fans and lights...
  19. G

    3D XPoint Debuts, Intel Announces Optane SSD DC P4800X And Pricing

    Intel finally unveiled its first 3D XPoint device, the Optane DC P4800X SSD, which offers incredible performance and endurance. 3D XPoint Debuts, Intel Announces Optane SSD DC P4800X And Pricing : Read more
  20. I

    Need help which graphic card to buy!

    Guys im wondering between 2 graphic's cards, it makes me insane ! Should i go 200EUR for Gigabyte GTX 1060 windforce oc 3GB GV-N1060WF2OC-3GD Or should i go 280 EUR for Gigabyte GTX 1060 windforce oc 6GB GV-N1060WF2OC-6GD Is it really worth spending 80 EUR more?? Thanks in advance, Cheers !