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  1. B

    Weird lag spikes in multiplayer games

    I know many people make threads about this, but I have tried so many things and can just not get an answer. So my problem is that my Wifi speeds are perfectly fine, everything is fine, I can talk to friends over Xbox with no interruptions, then, as soon as I join a game, It becomes unplayable. I...
  2. J

    Motherboard HDMI not working Help!

    I built my own pc and used Gigabyte Gaming B8 Motherboard, and a GeForce GTX 1050TI GPU. The problem I am having is i want to use 2 displays but the HDMI port on the motherboard doesnt seem to work with the GPU installed and there is only one HDMI port on the GPU. If someone could let me know...
  3. T

    Toshiba C55 snafu

    I checked in with the pros at the local library who couldn't figure out what was going on on my Toshiba C55 laptop. Ii had turned off updates, then decided to manually let the computer update. Then I had a more advanced updates I allowed and it went into the unwanted loop of updates and then...
  4. M

    Which Laptop Should I Purchase??? Vivobook s15? MSI GL62?

    Asus Vivobook S15 S510UQ with i5-8250U and 940mx or MSI GL62M 7RDX 1825MY with i5-7300HQ and GTX1050 4gb which is better for long term use, will be using it for college in an information security course. and i only play dota 2. thank you very much !
  5. T

    Bootloop problem gaming PC?? Help!

    Hello all PC gamers and enthusiastics. I was playing BF1 on my gaming PC and I decided to take a nap for a few hour and turned off my PC directly through windows 10 start menu. Woke up a couple hours later to turn my PC on and I had a boot loop of turning on and off repeatedly. I have never had...
  6. K

    Memory Help: suggestions please

    So my build is almost ready, the only thing i have left to get is the ram. I'm looking for 16gb of ram, low profile would be much preferred, DDR4 is required, and i only have $167 to spend on it atm. My motherboard is an asrock ab350m with a ryzen 3 processor which is whats making it quite...
  7. V

    My fps has been decreasing in a WEEK

    GPU Gigabyte gtx 1050 ti CPU i3 7350k 4,2ghz So my fps has been dropping in all games ive played (rust,ark,pubg,six siege) For an example about a week ago i had stable 80 fps in Rainbow six siege with the exact same settings as now but now i get 50-70 fps. In ark i used to get 50-60 fps on...
  8. B

    ebay dispute case advice....

    Hi , I often buy online but it's the first time ever I start a dispute case on Paypal. The seller is very very irresponsible, arrogant, and attitude changes drastically after payments. not replying to inquiries, extremely late in delivery without any message of notification. I still do not get...
  9. G

    acceptable temps for my i5 4th gen

    So my system runs the following - i5 4440 1060 6gb temps while idle/normal use cpu- 45-50 gpu - 35-40 gaming cpu - around 75 gpu - 70-75 are the temps fine ? if they aren't what can I do to get them back to an acceptable number ? I checked the cpu and saw the heatsink is firmly seated on...
  10. C

    PC Turns on, USB Ports not working.

    GPU: Geforce GTX 950 2 Gigabyte Video Dedicated Memory CPU: AMD FX-6300 Black Edition (Up to 4.2 GHz) RAM: 8 GB Vengeance DDR3 MOBO: ASRock 960GM-VGS3 FX (http://www.asrock.com/mb/AMD/960GM-VGS3%20FX/) Hey guys! Thanks for tuning in. I have a slight issue whereby my USB ports do not seem to...
  11. 1

    need help covering ugly psu cables

    is there any way to cover the ugly psu cable thx
  12. A

    Please help. Random restart

    Please help. My computer keeps randomly restart. Sometimes it restart even before the startup. I also tried reformating. But when the computer is in the recovery mode (i'm using windows 10) it never restart
  13. S

    Broken monitor. Can it be fixed?

    Hi guys, I have this broken montior and i am just wondering if there is any point in paying out to get it fixed as it only cost me £090 new ^broken monitor Thanks guys
  14. F

    I accidentally Uninstalled my AMD drivers help!

    I accidentally Uninstalled my AMD Drivers from Device manager.i remember i checked uninstall for this PC. i can't install it again and when i'm going to install it again i get this message:Error 173 – AMD Installer Cannot Continue Since AMD Graphics Hardware Was Not Found help me to fix it please.
  15. R

    EZ debug LED starts at CPU for 1/2 second, then stays at DRAM for 5, then turns off...?

    Just assembled a new computer. G4560 XFX RX 480 4G Rosewill Photon 550w 80+ gold modular msi b150 PC MATE corsair vengeance 8gb x1 2666 kingston 120gb SSD hitachi 2tb HDD My manual simply says very uninformative crap like "if light on DRAM, DRAM error." What's it mean when it starts at CPU...
  16. L

    PC crashes during intense game moments ( loads of rends/effects)

    so i have this issue that im baffled about and before i start switching in new parts i wanted to see if there was a simple fix im missing, here is what happened i got some hand me down parts from my dad, good parts hardly used to their full potential. put the computer together it worked loaded...
  17. GamingEnthusiast420

    How many radiators should I get for my loop?

    A new custom loop I'm working on will be cooling my mobo and a haswell cpu. How much mm should it have and how many radiators?
  18. F

    Ping time-outs, spikes, and unstable connection

    Dear all, I have the following problem: - Unreliable connection and many time-outs/data errors, even while surfing - I narrowed it down to a latency issue: pinging my WiFi-router, the ping is between 3-10 ms, but every 10th attempt or so (no constant) is a ping over 2000 ms or a time-out. In...
  19. R

    Transferring only the OS to a SSD?

    So guys, i have a 500 gb HD that contains my OS (windows 10), with 172 gb reserved to the OS (69 gb used, 102 free)and 292 gb free because i dont have nothing there, and a 2tb hd that i use for movies/games etc. I bought a ssd 120gb that i want to migrate the OS to, can you guys recommend a nice...
  20. S

    My computer is acting strange

    Hello, my computer is having problems in terms of running games, a few weeks ago my computer with a gtx 970 was able to run league of legends at 200-180 consistent fps, however recently I installed a gtx 1080 and some new dominator platiums (32 gb of ram) 2 sticks for 16 gb and now my computer...