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    Question Did I damage my gpu?

    So the thing is I just bought my first good gpu, MSI ARMOR RX 570 8GB OC edition. My old one was Nvidia GT 710 2GB DDR3. So i took out the old one and kept it ready to buy the new gpu. In the shop I realised that my psu wasn't powerful enough and it also didnt have a 8-pin connector, which the...
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    Question speakers behind mointor still bad?

    I have a Asus XG248Q 23.8 and razer nomo speakers, i don't have lots of space and both speakers are directly behind the screen is this something that can cause the screen to crash/ magnet out or do any damage to the screen?
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    Question Can a magnet kill my power supply?

    A few weeks ago, my PC was working perfectly. No problems. Until we moved the room around and moved the PC to another corner of the room. It worked fine still, used it over the weekend for assignments. It wasn't until a week later after not using it for a while, it wasn't turning on at all. I...
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    [SOLVED] Did I burned my ram ??? please help !!!!

    Today I bought Kingstone ddr3 4 GB ram and the voltage mentioned for that on it's label was 1.5 v. I installed the ram and turned on the pc and there was no display and the memok button was continuously on with red light. after about one minute I turned off pc by pushing the power supply button...
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    [SOLVED] Reduced SSD performance caused by a damaged PSU SATA cable?

    Okay, so a few days ago I bought a new SSD. In order to be sure that I've properly connected the power supply SATA power cable and the motherboard SATA cable to the SSD, I connected them before inserting the SSD into the case. While I was inserting the SSD into the case, the power supply SATA...
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    Question Is my CPU socket damaged?

    Hi. I recently bought a 2nd hand Gigabyte GA-Z170N-GAMING 5 ITX Motherboard and was worried maybe the socket was damaged (See photo). The box had things missing and it was wrongly described on ebay so i just would like to double check everything. (Intel LGA1151 Socket) View...
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    Question Milk Damaged Xbox Motherboard

    I accidentley spilled milk on my Xbox one about a week ago and I'm just now trying to clean it. I'm having trouble getting the milk residue off of the motherboard. I've already tried using isopropyl alcohol with a q tip and a napkin. Neither can get the milk residue off no matter how hard I...
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    Question Resistor film chipping

    Hi All ! I hope ye are keeping well ! I have recently received a board for my electronics hobby and some of the outer film on the PTH resistors seem to be chipped. The metal casing underneath is showing. I assume the resistors are not populated into the board in this condition. I assume it...
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    Question Computer fell, now everything runs slow and then shutsdown

    So 2 days ago my PC fell over, so I checked if anything was knocked loose but everything was secured as before, so I booted up and immediately noticed things were running much slower and about 5 seconds after logging into the computer it shutdown on me. I've read an old thread saying it's could...
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    Question CPU is not looking good

    Hi there, Could anyone please advise some steps I can take to try and save my processor? I suddenly began experiencing bad performance all round a couple weeks back. I am not above replacing it if needed but would like to use that as a last resort. Here is my initial benchmark...
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    Question Spilled water.. on my PC.. first time.

    Yeah. I'm an idiot. I know. I was going to go downstairs from my room to help out my mom with moving a desk upstairs (because we were redoing my room) and I was playing on my computer on this tiny (nightstand?) and I didn't have room for my Club Soda (basically just carbonated water and it was...
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    Question Burned SSD? Will it affect my other components?

    CPU: Ryzen 7 1700 @ 3.7 GHz CPU Cooler: Corsair h100i RAM: 16 GB RAM GPU: Gigabyte GTX 1070 G1 Gaming PSU: Seasonic 650W PSU Mobo: MSI B350M MORTAR Storage: Samsung 860 EVO, Western Digital 1 TB, SanDisk SSD PLUS 256 GB So yesterday I attempted to install my new SanDisk SSD in my build. After...
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    [SOLVED] Local power shorts to ground does it hurt my computer?

    My area has many "pop offs" where the power goes suddenly off due to a short to ground somewhere in the local area grid, and then comes right back on (usually). Causes my computer to restart, sometimes not successfully, but I lose everything I was doing. When it's unsuccessfull I have to flip...
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    Question Should i overclock my monitor?

    So i have the Asus ROG Swift PG278QR 27 monitor. And out of the box it comes at 144 hz. But it can be overclocked to 165 hz. But when i bought the monitor, some of the employees at the computer section told me to not overclock it. As "it may damage it" Is it safe to overcloc this monitor or...
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    Question RTX 2080 GPU Overclock, did I ruin my GPU?

    Good day, Firstly I'll tell you my components: GPU: RTX 2080 MSI Trio & PSU: Corsair RMx Series RM750x 750W Yesterday, a friend came over and told me that my GPU can be overclocked easily to its maximum settings. So we opened Asus GPU Tweak II, and he pushed the core clock up to 2360MHz (...
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    Cpu (i5-7400) compatible with my motherboard?

    Is my motherboard (gigabyte GA-H110M-A) compatible with Intel i5 7400? Pc part picker said there may be an issue with its BIOS. Is that hard to update? If so, what should i do?
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    can't locate Graphics card on Acer Aspire v5 573G [SOLVED]

    I bought this Acer Aspire v5 573G, but I can't locate the dedicated NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M. I don't know what info to give you, so if I am missing important information, please tell me. Thanks in advance.
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    Pricing my old PC

    Hi I'm planning on getting rid of my Desktop comouter and was wondering how much I could ask for it? It is a Cybertron PC Gaming Desktop - AMD FX 4100 3.60GHz Quad-Core Processor, 8GB DDR3 Memory, Radeon HD 6670 Graphics AM3+ Motherboard but there is no cd/dvd drive anymore and I had to replace...
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    System slowly hard crashes(mostly while playing WoW).

    Okay, so it's a really weird crash where everything slowly stops working. Here's what usually happens: 1)I'll be doing something on the computer - most of the time it happens while playing WoW, but it has happened outside of it. 2) I'll notice something small stop working - In WoW this...
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    My laptop connects to internet at slow speeds

    At first i thought it was my wifi, but the IT guy just came in and tested his phone and got 100mpbs while i can only get 5 to 10 on my laptop, we also tried to plug the laptop in the modem and that didn't even help. He gave me a card to a freind who knows how to fix it but i want to know if it's...