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    The Best Thumb Grips for PS4, Xbox One and Switch

    If you want to enhance your gaming performance, these thumb grips are the way to go. The Best Thumb Grips for PS4, Xbox One and Switch : Read more
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    bad caplock key, can I fix it?

    Microsoft Ergonomic 4000, bought 3 years ago. Recently the cap locks key goes bad. It does not work. Can I try to fix it? and How? I bought on Amazon and I think warranty is over
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    Will Cooler Master Hyper TX3 EVO cpu cooler fit with Corsair Vengeance Pro RAM

    Hello. I'm looking to replace my stock cooler with a Cooler Master Hyper TX3 EVO. I've been trying to see if it will fit but can't figure it out. I'm worried about the RAM getting in the way of the fan because they are quite tall RAM modules with heatsinks. Plus the RAM slots on the motherboard...
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    MB and PSU Compatibility with GTX1070

    I recently just got a crazy deal on a gtx 1070 founders edition. My current computers PSU is to low to run it. (Under the 500w minumum) I have an ASRock A75 PRO4 FM1 AMD A75 Motherboard in my current build and I would like to try just upgrading the PSU and seeing if this computer will work for...
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    I believe my PC is dying

    Hello all, just trying to get some feedback before I spend much more money. I have a decent gaming rig for several years now (Windows 10 Pro, i5-3570k, 16 gb ram and now a gtx 970 (got one 2nd hand from a friend over a year ago) and had no problems until recently. I had an SSD running the OS and...
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    Difference between standard computer PSU and High end PSU

    what is difference between a corsair high end psu's(450w) and a normal computer class psu(say DELL,HP)Psu which can be found in their systems for gaming. I use a I ball(well knows brand in INDIA) 450w psu to power up my rig of of peak power input 200-220W..please advice I have also...
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    Colourful outlines on screen. Just before Battlefront 2 ARGH!

    Hello all, I am having some issues with my screen/GPU and I am unsure as to the issue. With moving images, when they move I will get a colourful outline around each image. I have not got permanent colorful block lines on screen, only on moving video/gaming images. I have reinstalled drivers...
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    Can i instal a GTX 1060 in my HP Elite 8300

    The manual of my elite 8300 is here: The manual says it has a Pci-e 3.0. My 8300 is the SFF. It says the power is limited to 35W and 75W for the MT. The Gtx 1060 requires more than 125W. That has to do with...
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    Asus x455L wrong charger

    I have asus laptop x455L. My son plugged the wrong charger and heard a small sound then the computer is dead. The computer won't turn on and i don't see any light when i plug the charger in it. So my first question is which part could have been damaged and how can i fix it?
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    I Need A Motherboard

    Can you help me find a cheap motherboard that can support the i3 6100 and gtx 750 ti. Also needs to be micro atx. I dont care about aesthetics or leds just a simple cheap motherboard will do. Thanks
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    deffrance between 4k Panel & IPS Panel

    what are the deffrance between 4k panel and IPS Panel?
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    My PC crackles!

    Hello everyone, 2weeks ago I bought hardwares for my new PC.I had problems building it up, but in the end, I figured out everything, and It worked well. Yesterday, I was playing Overwatch with my friends. There was no problem. Today, when I wanted to check something in the game, I heart a loud...
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    disk array to fit my needs

    hi everybody. i have a bunch of files that i'd like to keep on a raid array, or something of the sort. the only issue is that i barely know anything about raid, and i've never done it before. here are the requirements i would prefer to meet: - works with mac - can use any size disk - allow...
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    Question about g2a

    Hello i know there is a lot of talking about this website, but my question is, if the seller have good rating, is ts safe to buy? for ex, battlefield 4 on this link secound question, i dont have paypel...
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    Nvidia GeForce 1070

    I was on my PC yesterday when suddenly the monitor went blank, and I heard a SPINNING sound I think where the GPU card is. Now my system cannot detect my GPU. Does this sound like a fried GPU? or a power supply that went bad and ruined it?
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    Ryzen 1700 temp shows 0 C in all programs

    I just completed my build last night with a Ryzen 1700 and ASUS Crosshair mobo. At first the temp was showing fine in Bios and Ryzen Master. At some point during updating the drivers and BIOS the temperature stopped being reported. I now see 0 C in every program that reports the Ryzen CPU...
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    Is it possible to put the EVGA ACX 2.0 cooler from a GTX 970 on a reference GTX 980 TI?

    If anyone knows if this whether or not this is possible, please let me know. I have an EVGA GTX 970 with the ACX 2.0 cooler on it and want to try installing it on a reference GTX 980 TI from Gigabyte. Thanks!
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    CPU Fan 2 and CHA Fan 3 Stuck at Max Speed

    When I use any type of fan utility my CPU Fan 2 and CHA Fan 3 are stuck at max speed. Here are some screenshots: They are creating a lot of noise and nothing I do to slow them down works. EDIT: I have another fan that's connected to CHA Fan...
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    overclocking a good idea

    Is overclocking a good idea on these boards. going to be using a 6600k
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    Intel 6th gen 6700k or 7th gen 7700k

    Hello Every one. I want to upgrade my Intel i5 4570 to intel i7 as currently my cpu bottleneck with my zotac 1070 amp extreme edition so i don't know should i go with 7th gen or stick to the 6th gen i7.