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  1. Jonathanese

    Upgrade: 3570K to 6800K?

    After I got my GTX 1070, I started realizing how much of a bottleneck my CPU apparently is. For a card that is supposed to be beating the Titan X, it is running at something like 40% slower. Now, I'm not sure how much of a bottleneck it actually is, because my GPU still shows high usage. But...
  2. U

    Any improvements/ suggestions??

    Any improvements?? This is my first intel build and am wanting to stay in the 600$-650$. Here is the link If their is any better bang for your buck cpu or gpu leave your suggestions below. Have a great day ^-^
  3. U

    No internet access after multiple virus removals

    My girlfriend's laptop was infected with dozens of malware of a lot of kinds like Trojans, adware, droppers and some of them were even located in C://Windows/ so I installed avast and did multiple scans including boot time scan and they removed every malicious file on the system, but after the...
  4. S

    Monitor screen went it the GPU?

    So I have been experiencing some random tearing/flickering on my monitor. Not during games but during just regular browsing such at watching videos on the internet (Chrome), watching my downloaded stuff, or just file browsing. Usually i just unplugged or switched to my other monitor and went...
  5. S

    Motherboard damaged after CMOS change

    Hello, I own a 2.5 Ghz core to duo machine with Intel motherboard (Not able to find the number on the board). I removed the CMOS battery and replaced it after 24 hours. Now my machine won' t boot as it used to. Now I have to remove the battery for say 10 min and then insert it to start the...
  6. twgamerbuilder

    FX-6300 gpu Reccomendations

    I'm just looking for some recomendations for a new gpu, as I currently have a r7 260x and i am experiencing bottlenecking. I would like to stay around the $200 range. Thanks!
  7. MyKeyblader

    What to do with extra GPU that is in the same series as the in-use GPU

    So I use two systems primarily for gaming and surfing the web. One of them has a GTX 650(non TI) installed and the other one has an HD 6770 installed. I have a GT 620 and an HD 6450 currently not in use. Is there a way I could use these cards to improve performance or for calculations or...
  8. H

    Can't restore Asus K52f-BBR5 laptop with restore DVDs

    I have an Asus K52f-BBR5 laptop. The original hard drive had the click of death and was discarded. I did make the restoration/recover DVDs (3 total) when I first got the computer, and made a second copy of that set. I had an old 320GB hard drive from my mom's Compaq CQ62-423NR after I...
  9. K

    Powering on issues!

    My Toshiba Satellite A205-S4629 will not power on. A blue light that looks like a plug is on and a yellow light that looks like a battery is on but it won't power up.
  10. B

    PC unable to detect Seagate hard drive from My Computer, Disk Manager, or BIOS

    Hi, I'm currently attempting to help a friend recover some data from an external hard drive. It's a Seagate Expansion 1 TB (model SRD00F1). When I plugged it into my PC I heard the classic connecting noise of a USB and my PC attempted to download drivers, but failed to do so. It should also be...
  11. B

    if someone knows my IP address, what is the worst he can do

    I don't normally turn off my PC and it's connected to the internet for 24 hours. I am not sure but I think my ISP provides me a static IP address that does not change usually. If someone knows my IP address, and I don't have firewall installed now, I am running on Windows 7 and I do Windows...
  12. T

    New pc cant install Windows

    ok i recently built a new gaming pc, it works fine i booted it up and proceeded towars windows 7 installation. but heres my problem, it loads the windows 7 file then freezes on "starting windows" My pc specs are: PSU: EVGA 500B 80+ BRONZE PC Power Supply MOBO: Gigabyte 970A-UD3P Motherboard...
  13. E

    Reformatting a *used Windows 8.1* SSD back to windows 7?

    I'm trying to remotely help my buddy install windows 7 on his computer. I built him a new computer this past weekend, but don't live near him and the SSD hadn't arrived yet so wasn't able to install windows for him. When he booted up, the SSD it still had Windows 8.1 installed and the previous...
  14. D

    Sounds and Video not working

    A couple days ago I thoroughly cleaned my computer and replaced the thermal compound on my cpu. Upon booting my computer up the sound does not work on anything. If I try to play a video on YouTube the video loads but does not play and if I try to play a video from my hard drive it will play but...
  15. R

    Gaming PC build? I'm clueless.

    I've read a ton of articles, wikipedia pages, and what each part does for a PC. There's just too many numbers and letters for me to retain any of it. I might just be a noob, but it's a lot to take in. This is my first time posting on any PC site, and this one appeared to be active. I apologize...
  16. B

    Worth Using Old ATi 'All in Wonder' Rage 128 to Archive VHS?

    After digging around online expecting to find decent, dirt cheap TV tuner/capture cards for under 20 bucks, and being put off by reviews, I wondered if it would be worth the effort to ressurect an old machine and put Win 98SE on there so I could use my ancient ATi All in Wonder Rage 128 PCI card...
  17. A

    Bricked Intel Motherboard

    Hi, folks! I'd prefer not to flood the post, so I'm gonna keep it as simple as possible. If additional details are needed, I'll provide'm when asked. ; ) My motherboard's an Intel DP55WB (A legacy board, but brand new. I installed it two days ago.). I tried to update the BIOS to solve a minor...
  18. TheForetold1

    Steam Console vs Mini PC?

    Hello, I have been looking at the Steam Machines for a while now and wish to purchase one. However, I have just realised that they are just Mini ITX towers with Steam OS inbuilt and the Steam logo on it. So now I find myself conflicted as to which one to get, so would like some help...
  19. M

    I have a budget of 1200 dollars for my laptop. Please find me a processor and a graphics card for my laptop.

    I am going to build a custom gaming laptop. I have a budget of 1200 dollars. I think that I should spend about 40-60% of my budget in processor and graphics card. Please find a combination for me.