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    AMD Radeon Software Adrenalin Edition Update Boosts Performance Up to 17 Percent

    AMD's latest driver boasts improved performance in "F1 2018," "Fortnite," "Shadow of the Tomb Raider," and "Star Control: Origins" at varying resolutions. AMD Radeon Software Adrenalin Edition Update Boosts Performance Up to 17 Percent : Read more
  2. Z

    Intel 3168 Bluetooth

    I just installed an Intel 3168 with BT into my HP 15-bw032wm. The laptop was manufactured with only a single antenna. I installed the card and hooked up the single antenna. The wifi works just fine on both the 2.4 and 5g signals. The bluetooth is enabled and works but it only picks up...
  3. L

    High allocated memory

    Hi, I'm having some problems with my pc running on windows 10 with 16GB of RAM. When I'm using programs that need a lot of RAM (~8GB) I run out of memory, but looking in the task or in the performance manager I can see that the allocated memory is 100% but the physical memory used is under 70%...
  4. L

    Potentially Faulty RAM

    I've ran a memtest a couple of times and it states its detected hardware issues each time and that my computer has poor memory. More so, Windows 10 updates have failed for the past year and certain games have issues during play, such as a "Trouble Reading Game Content" error which may result...
  5. P

    $20 Flea Market Gaming PC

    I found this PC, it looks nice. Subtance abusers were all over it. One was stoked to get it and was dusting it thoroughly. It was reserved for two people. I was the third one in line to get it, but hey, I guess you can get a lot of other things for 15€ too because I ended up getting it... Come...
  6. M

    How do i go back from Windows 10 to Windows 7 ?

    I have been trying out Windows 10 on my laptop and have decided I prefer Windows 7 but I do not remember how to roll back to the point when my laptop was Windows 7
  7. K

    Upgrade Server 2003 R2 STANDARD Service Pack 2 200GB RAID1 SATA drives

    Looking for best way using to take a Windows Server 2003 with a pair of WD2000JD drives running as a software RAID1 which is almost out of hard drive space and replace those with a pair of new 1 TB WD SATA drives to gain some needed space. Thank you. Info: Server is: Intel SC5295UP; Xeon...
  8. E

    Corsair Strafe RGB not working

    My Corsair strafe rgb just out off the blue stopped working. The keyboard turned of and the side lights and the lockkey lights is the only thing that lights up on it. i can't write on it either . Please help! Sincerely, Emil
  9. R

    High temps on OC I7 8700k

    So I did my first ever overclock and pretty sure everything is working out fine! I had the oc on 5ghz but it crashed my pc when I was rendering so put it down to 4.8ghz. I'm rendering a video now and i can see that its at 80c - 90c. I'm a bit worried as i have a good cpu cooler ( corsair h115i...
  10. RyGuy409

    Trying to set up a vpn to get around school firewall

    Hey, I’m trying to get around a vpn block that is on my school WiFi/ Internet. I have set up my own vpn with a raspberry pi with no problem. There is this one app called Sky VPN that is able to get past this vpn block. I would like to set up my own vpn server that will use the same protocol. All...
  11. D

    Different types of windows 10

    Windows 10 pro vs enterprise which is better?
  12. A

    Problem with either ram or mother board, thousands of errors in memtest

    So about a week ago my files started corrupting and I was getting many bsod’s. I ran the Windows memory test and it said there was a problem with my memory, so I then proceeded to check it with memtest. I got about 5000 errors which i assume is not very good. Since I have a mini itx motherboard...
  13. M

    Blurry image problem

    Hello i have problem with blurry image while moving camer in games or on desktop while scroling etc. Is the a chance that my response time in the monitor is ''broken''? i have 144hz 1 ms monitor
  14. N

    toshiba satellite c55- b1186 do not turn on after plugged in adapter.

    when i plug in adapter my pc doesnt power on unless the battery is pressed allone it power on. but now my battery is low so it can no more power on if i try to charge it it fail what should i do
  15. G

    When i tried booting up my new built pc with usb flash drive bootable windows i took out the usb too early and now i can't fix

    my usb flash drive wont work because i took it out too early. Windows disappeared from the drive and now i can't download a new version on it because it of some 0x2909282 error.
  16. S

    Windows 7 system - tried installing ubuntu and failed miserably.

    I desperately need your help with this: 1) Before this mess started, I was running two HDs (500gb<--Windows 7 on here, and 1tb<--- storage). 2) After repartitioning my 500gb to 398 gb to install ubuntu on the difference (~100gb drive, which I formatted to G::) I went ahead and tried to install...
  17. M

    DHCP via router but not via switch

    Vigor 2860 router and TP-link 24 port unmanaged switch. Multiple devices, pc's 3 NAS, printers etc connected via switch to router. All work fine. Recently added a 3 year old HP Pavilion all in one pc. This is for a single purpose (cctv monitoring although by connecting to dedicated nas). This...
  18. H

    Computer Booting straight to bios and hdds not showing

    Hello, I have just replaced my psu after it received water damage whilst replacing water cooling, I have now replaced it and now when I boot my PC it goes straight to bios with no options and both hdds are not visible, nowhere to be found, any ideas? Could the water damage have fried my hdds?
  19. K

    Did a major hardware upgrade, any problems to look out for?

    So I upgraded from an intel i5-3330 (extremely old I know) to a Ryzen 5 2600. After a few hours i got everything all plugged in and everything where it should be I went to put this upgrade to the test. Now I have had issues with OEM copies of windows before so I knew a reinstall was highly...
  20. S

    obihai 100 tcp error when setting up google voice

    I'm trying to set up my (EOL no longer free tech support out of warranty) VoIP adapter. I keep getting this bs error: SP1Google VoiceBacking Off : TCP connection to failed WTH?!?! how do i fix this???? i don't wanna buy a THIRD adapter or a more expensive one if i don't have...
  21. B

    Looking for a low budget system build that could handle vr!

    Hey, could someone recommend me a system/ pc part picker list that can handle games like overwatch, fortnight, tf2, Rocket league and medium to high-quality steam VR with a htc vive? Preferably, the whole thing would cost under £500 (Even if I have to buy some parts of eBay/second hand) and...
  22. G

    What Is an IPS Display? A Basic Definition

    What is the meaning of IPS? In-plane switching display panels explained. What Is an IPS Display? A Basic Definition : Read more
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    What Is WUXGA? A Basic Definition

    What is the meaning of WUXGA? WUXGA resolution explained. What Is WUXGA? A Basic Definition : Read more
  24. S

    Hoping someone is a genius out there?

    I'm having an issue with my Element brand monitor, ELFW4017 is the model. I'm running a GTX 1060 with current drivers. (the previous driver version also showed the same problem) When I look at my desktop for example I can see the problem very clearly with shortcut text, like "Recycle Bin". If...
  25. R

    Is possible to turn on PC without CPU and memories?

    Guys, I know that this question sounds a little stupid, but, let's go. I'm building a new gaming rig and today I started to build it up. I have all the componets, except CPU and memories (I hope they will arive next weekend). For curiosity I tried to power it on and for my surprise, nothing...
  26. M

    Should I buy a GTX 1070 ti now or should I wait?

    I'm looking to upgrade my graphics card to something that is more capable of 4k gaming than my current GTX 980 but with a budget of around $450. I found an EVGA GeForce GTX 1070 Ti FTW ULTRA SILENT on Amazon for $430 and I was wondering if I should go ahead and buy it or wait since Nvidia will...
  27. K

    Reset my OS on NVMe SSD

    Hi, I got a new Metabox Alpha N850EJ delievered yesterday without any storage. I added an Intel 760p NVMe PCIe M2 512GB as primary OS location and Seagate 2.5" FireCuda SSHD for storage. With a bootable USB I installed Win 8.1 and all good, but WiFi etc were not visible in settings. So then I...
  28. N

    600w psu for i7-8700k+question

    I want to buy i7-8700k (i also have a dark rock 3 from be quiet) or ryzen 7 2700x with a 1070.Now my question! Is this enough? be quiet! Pure Power 10 CM, 80+ Silver, 600W And for a 144z monitor with freesync for gaming and streaming csgo from the same pc should i go for 1070 or 580 8gb?(there...
  29. R

    Black ops 4 pc beta early access now available

    Black ops 4 pc beta early access now available
  30. N

    SSD samsung 850 evo 500gb not detected by MSI X99S

    Hello and thank you in advance for anyone that'll take the time to help me here! I work in audio production, my setup is Motherboard : MSI X99S SLIP PLUS Processor : I7-5930K Ram : 16go Storage : - OS : Samsung SSD 850 evo 120GB - Archives : external hdd WD My Book 3to - Samples and data ...
  31. 9

    Does Traditional SATA-III and PCIe SSD works together?

    Help-Seeking Post: I have a GIGABYTE B360M HD3 Motherboard and it has both M.2 port and PCI express port. I want to know if I connect an NVMe PCIe Gen3 x4 2280 M.2 SSD then will it work together with SATA-III HDD? I know it sounds stupid because NVME & AHCI are not the same platforms. But I now...
  32. P

    Asus laptop wont start

    My laptop will not start. I have looked through many threads and tried different solutions but had no luck. I am currently in Japan, i bought a japanese power cord for my Asus GL552V and it has been working great when Turned on however, if i turn it off and leave the power cord in, it wont start...
  33. Blitzkrieg808

    Computer won't turn on sometimes

    Hello, Before I get into the story, here is the full parts list: Processor: AMD RYZEN 3 2200G Motherboard: ASRock X370 PRO4 Drive 1: PNY CS900 2.5" 480GB SSD Drive2: WD Blue 1TB Desktop Hard Disk Drive - 7200 RPM PSU: Seasonic FOCUS Plus Series SSR-550FX 550W 80+ Gold RAM: CORSAIR Vengeance LPX...
  34. A

    Games that can be played without a disc or internet?

    I recently went to volunteer at a festival, staying in a caravan on a field. I had electricity but obviously no internet. I worked 2- 3 shifts per day and quite often at the end of an evening I really fancied going back to my 'van and just spending an hour or so chilling out playing a game...
  35. chibamarco


    The title says it all. Planning to get an Define Mini C and I'm stuck in the motherboard part. I really care about temperatures and USB ports. For the case fans I will use an hub. But which one of them has better VRM phases, better VRM cooling and better overall quality? So, what motherboard...
  36. R

    graphics card possibly fault on arrival

    bough a gtx giggabyte 1080 from ebuyer been having crashes since i possibly need some help with this got a asus aura 970 board corsair pro vengance ram and a fx 8350 cpu with a 850i platinum corsair psu tried updating the bios and the gpu drivers also tried swapping 8 pin connectors and...
  37. J

    What type of port for a GPU is this?

    Please be exact if possible. Im fairly certain its a DVI of some sort, just cant pin down the exact type. Thank you everyone for any help you can provide.
  38. 1

    Is freesync worth buying an amd gpu?

    I have a 60hz freesync monitor and am running an amd r7 370 2gb, I'm planning on upgrading my gpu and since my monitor has freesync I was wondering if it was worth buying an amd card like an rx 580 over a nvidia card, since I've been reading that amd cards aren't doing that good right now when...
  39. M

    Corsair cx650m power supply making noise

    Yes I know Corsair cx series are crap power supplies because they are meant for budget, but it’s way better than a insignia 450watt power supply which blew my motherboard when swapping cpus. Okay so back to my cx650m I’ve bought a month ago brand new from eBay, it was unopened cause the seller...
  40. Yarkoo

    Will my ram fit with my case&cooler?

    Hey everyone, I'd like to ask if my stuff will fit before I actually upgrade my pc. I've linked more ram in the link below however the size (dementions) of the sticks does not change and I wanted to tell ya guys that 4 slots of my ram will be taken. I haven't bought the other 2 sticks of RAM...