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  1. F

    [SOLVED] SSD incompatible with Dell Inspiron [SOLVED]

    So I never knew compatibility could be an issue with storage devices but apparently it is. Computer is a Dell Inspiron 14 3451, original HDD had windows 10 installed on it. SSD is crucial mx500 250gb. Brand new, tested working in another desktop. Only the laptop will not get past post when...
  2. T

    Bought new HDD, low (35Mb/s) speed?

    So I've bought a new HDD a week ago, 2Tb Seagate Barracuda 5400RPM/256Mb cache. Tested it with Victoria and other stuff right after the arrival, got nothing suspicious. Now I'm finally using it and... well, the speed is kinda strange. I'm trying to move files from my 2Tb Seagate Barracuda...
  3. N

    Phanteks P350x Front Panel Connectors Routing (I'm confused0

    I'm planning on building a budget 1050 ti build which is fully listed out already. But, for the case which is the Phanteks P350x RGB, it comes with the USB 3.0 Connector, Audio, Power Switch, and a SATA Connector? I've been researching about the last cable on where that would go, according to...
  4. C

    game crashes after 5-10 minutes of gaming

    hi recently brought a new pc ive tried everything please help
  5. S

    [SOLVED] Best cooler for i7-9700k

    Could anyone suggest what a good cooler under 165mm in height would be for an i7-9700k to go on an msi z390-a pro?
  6. S

    Slow Running PC Question

    Hi all, About three years I got my wife a custom-built PC with the following specs: Asus B85M-E motherboard Intel i7 4790k 8 MB Ram 1 TB HDD Windows 10 No stand-alone gfx card. The PC is excruciatingly slow (much slower than the older one running on an i7 3770k). She is not running any...
  7. W

    Help Diagnosing PC problem(most likely hardware related)

    I'm not certain if it is hardware related, but from what research I've done most people attribute my symptoms with hardware. It's be fantastic if there was a software fix, but I'm not sure of any. The problem with my pc is that it keeps shutting off under heavy loads. Specifically games. I use...
  8. A

    Computer is only booting one monitor

    I have a Z170 Titanium and msi 1070 armor 8g. Everything had been running well beforehand. My cpu and gpu were running hot so I moved some fans around and moved the 1070 to pcl E5. Now when I start the computer only one of my monitors will load. If both are plugged in my acer will load, if I...
  9. saas1980

    Does the Dell XPS 8500 support mATX/ATX motherboards?

    I'm not sure whether the Dell XPS 8500 case is compatible with regular Micro ATX/ATX mobos. I'm looking to replace the failed pre-built mobo with a new one. Does dell use the same size specifications? Would this one fit From...
  10. T

    I think I broke my mobo. Is it safe to test?

    So I'm switching my pc case and while removing the motherboard I had a problem with the screw and the standoff. Managed to remove them, but now it looks like i've snapped some solders from the back. Now I'm wondering if I can safely try if it works? Not sure how to upload an image (using my...
  11. B

    [SOLVED] Zoonis h55 is good for over clocking

    I'm india and I only found zoonis h55 motherboard cheaper and best at its price I wanna have it for Xeon x3430, is this motherboard also overcloacks this processor??? Check this please
  12. A

    [SOLVED] will it bottlenck

    i am looking to upgrade to an rx580 8gb and wondering if the i5-2400 will bottleneck it also what about the i5-3340. i will play bf5 bo4 fortnite pubg so all the aaa games i have 8gb ram ddr3
  13. K

    What is the best CPU that is compatible with HP Pavilion DV6 2010sa laptop?

    I have a HP Pavilion DV6 2010 sa laptop and has a 2.1 GHz AMD Athlon II M320 CPU. I wonder what is the fastest CPU compatible with this motherboard. Specs here...
  14. W

    Question max boost for cpu? Have to set it up?

    Basic question, a new ryzen 5 2600x is running well, but how do I know the max boost frequency is in effect. I didn't see anything in bios about 4.2 Ghz only 3.6..I also checked system under control panel because I thought it would show regular frequency as well as the boost frequency but boost...
  15. A

    [SOLVED] PC Build Suggestions Help.

    So i'm trying to build a streaming/gaming pc with 1k euro budget , that's what i got what dou guys think of it . GPU > PSU >...
  16. J

    How can I connect a avgo 55 inch tv to my surround sound

    How can I connect my 55 inch avgo tv to my surround sound
  17. D

    Weird lag after overclock

    Hello i tried overclocking my memory so i Will get that advertised 3200mhz speed but after i did it i cant load anything in the Windows ... So when i start my Pc i log in to the Windows and then IT just wont load any program. IT doesnt freezes i Can move my mouse but programs wont load. Is there...
  18. Mike_368

    [SOLVED] How does the pentium n3700 stack up to older CPU's?

    Looking for a laptop to stream video only. Found an HP that has pentium n3700 with the Intel HD 405 graphics. Although a lower class, how much better is this than say the older laptops (10+ years) that run Core 2 2.1 GHz with the HD 4500 integrated graphics?
  19. P

    [SOLVED] PCIe speed - Bifurcation

    Hi guys, I'm currently using a Asus Rampage IV Formula with a xenon e5-1650, and just bought a Asus Hyper x16 m.2 adapter. The adapter works like a riser card for 4 m.2 cards, and should run at x4x4x4x4. After buying everything I noticed my mobo won't let me adjust the bifurcation, so only...
  20. D

    Constant ping spikes while in online game.

    I am desperate with this issue because it's been bothering me for 7 months now. I called many times my ISP and every time they say that everything is ok. But as soon as i start any kind of Online Game, in that moment my ping jumpst like on a trampoline, i get normal 10 to 25 ping and then BOOM...
  21. M

    Need Help Identifying fried Resistor on Electronic Drumkit

    I am trying to figure out what type of resistor I need to replace on the circuit board of a Simmons SD7K Electronic Drumkit. I've attached pictures. Part of it seems to be chipped/burnt off so I can't quite tell what color the rings on it are. Also attached are images of the circuit board in...
  22. K

    My motherboard has died?

    UPDATE: MY COMPUTER WORKS! I have absolutely no idea why but I decided to try a different CPU and ram, it powered on fine so I tried my ram, worked fine so I put my CPU in... It's working perfectly fine... I literally have no idea how, I have done EVERYTHING possible apart from try a different...
  23. A

    PC problem identification help!

    My PC suddenly started misbehaving.problems are like windows settings are auto closing,PC apps crashing.its not software for sure as my copy is legit and kaspersky is always running.but just to be sure I formatted os,it didn't help.reinstalled cleanly,it didn't its surely a hardware...
  24. S

    Are the cat 5e cables in my home already compatible for etherenet

    I realized I have cat 5e cables ringing through my home and i was wondering if i can use them for ethernet ports or if i have to buy accessories.
  25. T

    charging problem please help

    i have sumsung np300e laptop i charge my battery from my friends laptop after put it on my laptop and using my laptop as usual but when i plug in my charger the orange light switch on and shows charging but the battery doesnt increase it keeps going down as if the is no charger
  26. H

    Bringing Back the Family Laptop-Suggestions Please

    So one of the hinges on the family laptop was messed up and I decided to open it up and fix it. Started wondering what I could do to bring up the performance and speed things up as a whole. I dont have much experience with laptops but have built a few gaming rigs. Any suggestions from the pros...
  27. F

    Hard drive won’t boot

    My pc was showed up with an error when booting and said to press crtl alt delete so I did so it restarted and worked fine then the same thing happen the next day but this time the boot took 5 hours and was so slow I couldn’t even get the windows button to work so I ended up restarting and it...
  28. D

    Need compatability check

    I need to know if all these parts are compatible, and will work nicely with each other, especially the ssd's, since I took special care in picking them out.
  29. M

    Dell XPS 1530M

    Is it possible to install in a laptop Dell XPS M1530 processor Intel core 2 extreme 9300QX? Will the BIOS support it?
  30. C

    Build Upgrade Advise

    I have a very old setup and was looking for recommendations to upgrade my setup for 3D Animation and rendering using software like Maya, Photoshop, Premiere, After Effects, MentalRay, Arnold, Redshift. I know that this is a very old an old setup, so any advise would be helpful...
  31. P

    AsRock AB350 Pro4 BIOS

    So currently im on version 3.20 of the BIOS and im looking to get to the most recent version so that i can include a ryzen 5 2600 into my build. http:// The link above is one that shows which BIOS versions to update to and as seen it says to update to version 3.4 before going any further. Now...
  32. L

    Upgrading PC, need advice!

    Hey! I am looking to upgrade my pc. Here are the parts i have been looking at. I will reuse my old corsair 650w psu for now because it works fine. Mobo: Assu Rog Strix x470-F Gaming CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 2600x Cooler: Cryorig H7 Ram: Corsair Vengeance LPX - DDR4 3000MHz - 2 x 8 GB Storage: M2...
  33. C

    I have way many problems Need help

    I have a msi gl 72 m 7rdx gaming laptop I’ve only had it about 6 months And now anytime I play a game even idle I’m getting temps of both cpu and gpu over 90 .In task manger I always no matter what have cpu 100% Gpu 100% and Disk 100% and my memory is high too it’s getting worse over time can...
  34. anton_heidebrink

    Looking for bios rom dell optiplex 755 OPU 052

    hello people, i want to upgrade my intel core 2 duo to a intel xeon quadcore the problem is that i can not find the bios rom file of my computer and i know it is possible to extract the bios rom file from the bios exe installer but i am not able to do so : Fou: i am doing something wrong i...
  35. G

    upgrade my memory

    I have an ASUS X53E core i3. Is it possible to upgrade the memory and hard drive to accept windows 10 professional? I have a Hitachi 5.2 hard drive.
  36. H

    GPU not detected/no output at powerup and wake from sleep

    Hello, I've just completed my first build and occasionally at bootup I will get a GPU not detected/fail LED signal from my motherboard and no video output. It is resolved by a system restart. I also noticed today that when waking from sleep I had no video output but according to debug LEDs GPU...
  37. R

    How to use Recovery Mode When Your MacBook Fails to Boot

    If your MacBook fails to boot, there are some things you can do to retrieve your data and make your MacBook work. Recovery mode is specifically designed for this purpose. Using Recovery mode is quite similar to using your usual Mac interface. Here’s how to use it to rescue your system. How to...
  38. X

    To upgrade or no to upgrade (i5-4590)

    Hello, I recently bought GTX 1070Ti along with Dell S2716DG (1440p 144hz) and started to wonder about CPU upgrade. PC is being used for gaming only. Could you advise me whether or not i should upgrade my i5-4590 and what option to choose? 1. Stay with 1150 and buy used i7-4790k for around...
  39. G

    Is it worth upgrading my i5-4460 gaming pc?

    I have an older gaming pc that I want to either upgrade or get a new pc, heres the parts list: i5-4460 (3.2ghz/3.4ghz boost, haswell) Asus B85M-G motherboard Kingston Hyperx fury blue 8gb ram 525w Extreme 2 ATX cooler master PSU MSI gtx 660ti 3gb I am considering purchasing a msi 1070ti 8gb card...
  40. radinrahman26

    Motherboard compability !

    Is amd a8 7600 quad core compatible with asus EX-A320M motherboard? Have to get a new motherboard. A8 7600 is my present cpu. Will get ryzen 5 2600 later. So actually I need a motherboard that can run both a8 and ryzen 5.