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    Best CPU for EVGA GTX 1060 6GB

    I'm looking to change up my pc recently as i've noticed the performance I was hoping for hasnt really been happening. Hoping for a new CPU as i've just got a new GPU Current Specs: Motherboard: ASUS Sabertooth 990fx r3.0 CPU: AMD-FX 9370 Black Edition GPU: EVGA GTX 1060 6GB Looking for a...
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    Acer Nitro N50-100 Gaming Desktop Shows Up With Ryzen 5 2500X CPU

    Acer prepares its new gaming PC powered by AMD's upcoming Ryzen 5 2500X processor. Acer Nitro N50-100 Gaming Desktop Shows Up With Ryzen 5 2500X CPU : Read more
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    Portable storage 4tb

    Hi will this work in Windows xp. Want to store everything from old pc then get rid. Is it compatible Thanks sharon
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    Random black screen, i hear pc turn off and next thing is that BIOS texts comes and i need to login to pc again?!?!?!

    So i have had this problem now a along time and i have tried EVERYTHING to get it go away but nothing seems to be working. So when i play games or even idle on desktop my pc randomly shuts itself. There comes black screen and then all those BIOS texts (logo etc...) like when you turn your pc on...
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    gpu is running really hot. any ideas why?

    i am using a evga gtx 1070 blower edition and its been getting hot lately. especially after i play a game of fortnite but not as hot after LoL. I have two exhaust fans (one in the back and one at the top) and a kraken x62 on my cpu. of course on the radiator (which is mounted vertically) there...
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    RegAsm.exe Virus Help.

    Malware bytes keeps blocking a program that is trying to open a website Kissmecrew, (Still doing it now) I'm quite sure deleting RegAsm.exe would fix it but is it a smart idea to delete RegAsm?
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    Cant seem to get dual monitor to work

    I have both monitors plugged into my computer, both by a VGA cord. They are duplicated and wont extend my desktop. I went to settings to detect the other monitor, but it wont detect it and acts as both are one monitor. Help please!
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    I think something is wrong with my computer

    This month my computer starting having his first problems after a year and a third of use. So i had multiple problems this week: - When browsing google chrome(usually when watching youtube vids) my monitor says randomly no signal and the audio from the video goes robotic, than shuts, after...
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    New Gaming Laptop Running Games Poorly

    I just bought a new gaming laptop from Asus, the ASUS FX503VD-NH76, it has a GTX 1050 with 4 GB of vram, an i7-7700HQ, and 16 GB of ram, with all that said it performs poorly while running games, for example, playing rainbow six siege at absolute lowest graphical settings, it ranges anywhere...
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    Belkin USB n600 Connection Problem

    Hi, So as the title says I’m having trouble trying to get my belkin usb n600 wifi adapter to connect. When I look at the status of the device it says it’s working properly. It appears to be connecting to the wifi, but for some reason it’s saying it’s not connected to my computer, even though...
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    I need help

    when i open a game my mouse pointer doesnt show(unless they have a custom pointer) the mouse pointer still works but i can see it
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    Watercooling: 2 cables

    Hello I just finished installing the Thermaltake Floe Riing 360 and it works nicely, but - don't laugh too much - I have one rest cable and I don't know what to do with it: It's a cable from the pump with a 9 pins connector. There are two cables from the pump: I have plugged the 3 pins one on...
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    Laptop battery percentage suddenly not increasing + Unwarned shutdowns

    I woke up yesterday with this problem. I have an Asus Vivobook x540N. The battery can't be removed easily, and I am not good at doing it manually. It used to work perfectly, So this got me scratching my head because it's sudden.
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    Lost a lot of FPS for some reason I believe it's my RAM?

    I have been loosing FPS but I don't know what is wrong. I have Geforce GTX 1060, and I suspect my ram is the cause of this issue. I bought this computer pre-built and I only upgraded the PSU and the GPU the RAM has stayed the same and the brand is "ADATA". Any information you need ask me and I...
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    second Hard drive doesn't show up in bios

    I have been trying to install an old hard drive I had from my previous computer and am trying to get it to work. I hooked up everything correctly but it doesn't show in bios. The hard drive im trying to install is Western Digital WD10EZEX 1TB,and I am trying to install it on a pegatron 2acf...
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    why can i hear through my earphones but can't talk?

    So I was Playing My PS4 When I decided to go on YouTube on my laptop. I came Back to My PS4 and I couldn't talk into my earphones, it's not just my PS4 It's My Earphones in General. I can Hear Perfectly Fine I just can't talk
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    Random crashes / blue screens

    Hi, I have had some issues with random crashes, and I am unable to identify the issue: some help would be excellent! These are the three latest windows crash reports from windows reliability monitor: removed This is a detailed system report: removed Component list: GPU: Radeon RX 580...
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    Chrome overheating my CPU

    I have a i7 2600k that my friend gave to me recently, and for about a month it worked perfectly , and he didn't mention any problems with it. Since yesterday, when opening multiple chrome tabs, it goes to 90 degrees and shuts down on my and my pc freezes for a minute or two untill it...
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    Old aluminum heatsink for q8300 processor

    Will aluminum heatsink from duo e7500 be sufficient for quad q8300? I heard that q8300 is colder than higher number processors. Can someone confirm that? My current temperature from e7500 under max pressure oscillates in 55-61C range.
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    Ryzen 2200g - Framerate drops, stuttering, and GPU spikes

    Hi all, I'm having very bad stuttering/framerate drops on most games on my 2200g. Build is 2200g w/ Gigabyte AB350M Gaming 3 (latest BIOS F23d). Every few minutes or so, framerate drops from wherever it is (40-60 depending on the game) to about 10. This lasts for about 30 seconds and then goes...
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    What is causing my BSOD?

    Hey there I'm experiancing frequent BSOD randomly, but mostly related to using chrome, and I am puzzled as to what might be causing this. PC Config: CPU: Intel core i7 6700k Skylake MOBO: Asus Maximus VIII Gene GPU: GTX 1080 8GB Ram: 16gb ddr4 (11061mb used 14477 available) Please post a...
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    Insufficient SSD/HDD space in Case

    So I have just bought a new computer in an Fractual Design Focus G Case. Drives I have 1x SSD 500GB (new) 1x SSD 128 GB (old) 1x HDD 2TB (old) Issue 1 I have just noticed when I wanted to installed my old SSD and HDD is...
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    Dell N5010 screen doesnt turn on.

    I was browsing youtube when the screen flashed in interesting colours and then the laptop shutdown. On boot it beeped 8 times and then turned it self down again. I tried pressing d and power but nothing happend and now it doesnt even beep. What can be the issue and can i do something about it
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    Asus ab350 help

    This is my first build. I ran into a problem. I can't access the uefi setup or the boot menu. I've switched motherboards and nothing seems to change. I'm using Motherboard: Asrock ab350 gaming k4 Cpu: amd a8-9600 Ram: 2 4gb ddr4 ballistix sport gaming memory Psu: evga 500w
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    Microphones won't work

    Ok, so i noticed my microphone was not picking up any sounds at all. I've done everything you possible could do to fix this. Whats wierd is that when i enable the option Listen to this device i could hear myself and the mic is working perfectly like it did before this problem occurred. Also when...
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    Problem i have

    I am using iball 230v power supply and amd radeon r5 230 My processor is amd apu a4 3300 my game is running slower than before
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    Tom's Hardware login issue with 3rd party cookies

    I can only log in to if I enable 3rd party cookies in Firefox or Chrome on Win 7. This seems a bit sketchy. Even if I disable all 3rd party cookies and add exceptions for tomshardware it still doesn't worK. In either case I get the error message "AN AUTHENTICATION EXCEPTION...
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    Lenovo all in one won't boot after Windows 10 update May 2018

    I have a Lenovo B50-30 all in one computer. After most recent Windows 10 update (May 2018), my computer will not boot. I have been on the phone with Microsoft multiple times, tried changing boot sequence, downloaded windows file, but computer won't boot from USB.