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  1. J

    Laptop wont turn on, please help.

    Hi there, im not sure this is the right location for this post. if not apologies. I have an Acer travelmate 6594 series. I turned it on fine about a year ago, then opened it up and realized i didn't have a good enough screw driver to take the cpu guard off. so i half put it back together and...
  2. R

    Which one to buy? Laptop with i7-7700hq with GTX 1050ti vs i5-7300hq with GTX 1060

    I want to buy a gaming laptop next month and I can't decide between these two: Core i7 with 1050ti Core i5 with 1060 I want to mostly game, do a bit of work and do some light video editing (maybe vr). I'm decent at recognizing computer parts but i can't decide between these two. A laptop with an...
  3. F

    CPU 100% usage everytime I enter a particular site?

    So, today, I realize whenever I enter this torrent site, my cpu usage will increase to 100% (Im using Task Manager and Speccy to monitoring it) and when I leave the site, it will back to normal usage. I always go to that site to download things and just realized this problem today. So, what is...
  4. wuubb

    Recover storage spaces pool?

    I made a striped array with 4 Samsung 1TB SSDs in storage spaces in Windows 10. At last boot up, the combined drive doesn't appear in file explorer. Going to disk management say I need to initialize disk, but either MBR or GPT results in "Windows cannot find specified file" error. From what...
  5. G

    How fast (144hz) is my monitor running? How I tell?

    Is there a simple way to tell how fast my monitor is running? I have a Acer Predator 15 w/ a nvidia 1060 w/ 6gb running via display port to DVI-D on my BenQ XL2411 1920x1080 144hz monitor. Is there an easy way to tell the current speed rating on the monitor since I switched from a standard...
  6. J

    Thinking of upgrading my old system for both rendering and gaming, is there anything worth changing with this choice?

    I've had my PC since 2011 and the CPU has definitely become a bottleneck (I even got the achievement "Your GPU is ready to rumble, but your CPU doesn't want to play" in 3D Mark). I occasionally use some programs that use all cores, but also play a lot of games, so both single and multiple core...
  7. L

    Max Temp on my pc decreases my cpu performance

    The problem started out of nowhere, every time my cpu reaches 53.5 degrees the usage is set to 30% limit so that the temp on it decreases, but so does performance. I have tried to mess with the BIOS, even update it, but the problems still carries on. You guys have any ideias? My pc specs...
  8. G

    Fried my motherboard?

    So I just built my first computer today, everything seems or seemed to be working, it booted up the first time and the bios came up and went to the desktop home screen like it’s supposed to (I used my old hdd with windows already on it) only thing that wasn’t working was my case fans, my Strix...
  9. L

    Is my power supply enough for Rx 570

    Hi I'm going to buy a new graphics card today Rx570 8gb i just want to know whether my power supply is enough for it here are my specs Intel i5 first gen 950 GB hard drive 2* 4gb ram Max load of the power supply is 430 w My current graphics card is a Gtx 750ti 2gb Will it be enough for the...
  10. T

    Good cooler for ryzen 1500x

    I need a good and kinda cheap cooler.
  11. O

    ASUS R9 290x OC edition stuck in 640x480 resolution

    Phenom 2 x6 Radeon 290x OC Edition 16gb vengance ram Crosshair IV formula Win10 Recently my GPU became stuck in 640x480 resolution. The card has been running in factory settings and not OC’d. The problem followed my 1yo cat finding great amusement in squeezing in the small space behind my PC...
  12. N

    Best Possible CPU for Budget.

    So what is the most best cpu i can get for under 200£ the best for gaming?
  13. joselu.02.tdhd

    ASUS MAXIMUS X FORMULA release date

    Hello, how are you? I would like to know when the Asus maximus x formula will appear on Amazon I need to buy it now and I wanted to have the idea, when will it go to the market? First they said at the beginning of November, then at the end ... But now we are at the beginning of December and I...
  14. P

    PCI e slot provides power but does not recognize graphics cards

    So recently I was switching out the fan in my PC, and had to take out my graphics card for a bit. When i plugged it back in, and booted up my computer, nothing showed up, but the gpu fan was spinning, so I connected the DVI cable to the motherboard and have been using onboard graphics ever...
  15. R

    Is the Lexus Rx300 is priced too much

    How much do you guys think a 1999-2003 Lexus Rx300 should sell for. The prices in my area are around $4,000 to $8,000 with over 230,000 miles on most of them.
  16. R

    Question about configuration compononents fitting together.

    Hello Guys, I need help with figuring out whether the components for a configuration i chose would physically fit together on my motherboard (VGA and CPU Cooler). I am mainly concerned for space, as the motherboard i bought has a steel reinforced slot which i want to use, but it is the closest...
  17. A

    Mobos that support newer CPUs and ddr3 ram?

    I'm looking at Intel's new x series and amd's threadripper line up and it seems that all the motherboards these CPUs require can only support ddr4 ram. Is there one that can support ddr3 (not ddr3L)?
  18. E

    MSI Z77 MPOWER can't detect my GTX970

    Greetings, I've bought me a GTX 970 since my GTX 780 is toast. And it seems that this MB can't detect Zotacs GTX970 Graphics card. The card works flawlessly on other boards but not on mine. I've also tested another GPU on my board and it posts. I've tried UEFI boot, UEFI+Leagcy boot nothing is...
  19. R

    Problem with external hdd

    Hi there, I got an orico docking station and I put my 1tb 3.5" HDD on it, I can see it on device manager and on external device only as a disk drive not in my computer or disk management, I tried everything to no avail, can you help, the drive is full of important info.
  20. B

    Ryzen 1300X or 1500X?

    I am going to build my first PC and, if interested, here are all the parts: http:// So I want to know if I should go with the 1300X and spend a bit less money even if the 1500X won´t break the bank, or go with the 1500X even tough the 1300X is probably enough for me. I know the specs of both...