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  1. M

    Do I Need a Z370 Mobo, or H370 Enough?

    I'm planning to get an i5-8400 to go with a 1070 (hoping to upgrade to 1080ti when 20xx out). Just for gaming/VR. Going for an mITX build. Not planning to use SLI. Is there any reason I need or would want a Z370 board over an H370 (or even B360) board? Is there something else I should be...
  2. pheonixrider501

    HIGH CPU USAGE while gaming. Bottleneck?

    Hey guys, My setup is: CPU: i5-7600k @4.2 GHz (Boost) GPU: GTX 1070 (Base clock) CPU cooler: Cooler Master ML240L 240mm. RAM: 2x 8GB 3200 MHz G skill trident z PSU: Antec HCG 750W 80+ Gold. So I just started playing AC Origins at ultra settings (Shadows HIGH, AA HIGH), I started noticing that...
  3. H

    Want to Upgrade My Motherboard Zebronics 945 socket 775 processor

    Hey, I am using an old pc which mother board is zebronics zeb 945 socket 775 whch processor is Intel pentium E2180 socket 775 LGA . I want to upgrade my processor to intels newest processor . Please suggest me a good processor which will support my computer .
  4. A

    Remove linux mint

    I am using single booted linux mint in my laptop but now i want to delete that OS and want to remove linux mint and completely install windows in my laptop. How can i do it because linux doesn't boot up my pendrive which has bootable windows 8.1 ? I'm still helpless to install windows platform.
  5. K

    Can't open ports using Google Fiber.

    For the past few months I've been on and off trying to port forward to my PC. I have a SSH server set up that my end goal is to be able to access while I'm not home. I am trying to port forward on port 22. -I have logged into my Google Fiber account and set the router to forward to my PC on port...
  6. S

    Gtx 1080 with 1080p monitor

    so i am currently building a pc with a gtx 1080 but since i forgot about a monitor i no longer have the money to afford anything other than a 1080p 60hz monitor. How bad of a performance should i expect will i see a lot of tearing or should i be fine for the most part. and also just in case i...
  7. G

    78lmt-usb3 r2 xp 32 install problems

    All the components I bought supports xp. The first problem is when I try to install xp it will blue screen with a 0x0000007b code. Iv tried putting it in ide mode but still crashes. I tried doing the install on a different pc and moving the hdd to it. And it worked but I was having trouble with...
  8. R

    A lot of hard drive activity

    I recently started having my hard drive sound like its reading and writing files constantly even when i'm idling. My rig is only a year old and it never used to do this, maybe on startup it would have a brief minimal amount but now it doesn't stop. I didn't think much of it until my computer...
  9. T

    Virus affecting ram limit for game?

    Hi there have been working through setting up a games server with a mate, finally got his side to work only for it to crash as he tried to enter the game, so I said he needs to change settings for games RAM allowance. If he sets it anymore than 1Gb the game refuses to run and puts up a error...
  10. R

    what usb wire do i need for this hard disk? help

    can you tell me which usb wire is this ? this is old samsung external harddisk and the connecting wire is not working, i researched online to get usb wire but no one fits as this is not normal wire (see it has a small pin inside the connector) can anyone tell me name of this type of usb. a link...
  11. M

    Over clocking 8700k with MSI z370 PC pro

    hello guys, Let just quickly point out im not very good when it comes to over clocking. I know the process to over clock but all the tiny details im lost. I just wanted to know if i would be able to over clock my 8700k to 4.5ghz (base) at 1.35 Volts on my MSI z370 PC pro MoBo. My cooler is the...
  12. H

    Got the TV/DVD/CD hook up. How to hook up auxillary speakers?

    Sorry I'm a 70 year old disabled female. I am clueless by what you mean by "Thread". Don't want to stream anything, just watch my own DVD and listen to my music. Help.
  13. rangafromtonga

    GPU Lifespan from Mining

    There are a couple of GTX 1080's on ebay that'd be a pretty good deal, but he has had them in his mining rig for about 6 months. How much will this affect my gaming performance, I game often.
  14. V

    Ram only works sometimes

    My PC components: AsRock N68-GS4 FX 2.0 AMD FX-6300 NVidia GTX 1050ti Thermaltake Smart 600W Corsair Value Select 8GB RAM 1TB WD HDD The problem: So basically everything in this computer is new, except the RAM and the HDD. So after the computer was built (like 2 weeks ago) it ran fine for the...
  15. K

    Epson stylus sx110 rattling sound after power on

    Hello! My Epson stylus sx110 gives a rattling sound for 15-20 secs after power on. It looks like the scanner unit's head is unable to move. At win10 when i try to print i recieve a "General error "message, and advised to check whether something is stucked in the printer mechanics, and manually...
  16. K

    i7 8700K is overheating

    PC Starts at 65 when PC is turned on and slowly goes up to 85C and max 100C, Radiator fans are spinning so they are working. Changed thermal paste but still has the same temp i own a H100i v2
  17. G

    msi gt72vr 6rd extra SSD Adapter!

    Hey guys, I own a GT72VR Dominator, and from what I've seen, they have downgraded its M2 slots from 4 to just one. My question is, is it possible to get the "daughter"card that makes it possible? You can see it right here...
  18. B

    Need help with picking a monitor stand? help please!

    OK guys i just got the last part i needed for my new build. A 40 inch 4K Monitor But i need a monitor stand thats vesa and i can push the monitor farther away for when i play first person shooters but also need to pull the monitor closer for when i sit on the couch and want to watch a movie as i...
  19. C

    How important is VRAM for gaming?

    I currently have a GTX 1060 3GB and I'm worried that I won't be able to run future AAA games as efficiently. I plan on gaming at 60 FPS 1080p with one monitor and I also have an i5 7600k CPU and 16GB of RAM.
  20. D

    no power on gaming computer

    my son is building his first gaming computer, he has installed everything when he turns the power on it only stays on for a second then turns off, we have replaced the motherboard, processor and the power supply any suggestions