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  1. O

    [SOLVED] GT 1030 + Intel Pentium G630 (2.70Ghz)

    Im wondering how much fps i will get at some of the "newer" games.. like Far Cry 5....Or Assassins Creed Origins....Or Gta going to upgrade the cpu but for now i want to know how much fps..+ resolution
  2. News Et Tu, Pentiums? GPU-Disabled Pentium Gold G5600F Appears

    Intel's new practice of offering F-Series processors without integrated graphics seems to have worked its way down to the Pentium series. Read more here. PAUL ALCORN @PaulAlcorn Paul Alcorn is a Senior Editor for Tom's Hardware US. He writes news and reviews on CPUs, storage and enterprise...
  3. Selynelar

    Question Weird texture problem in games

    Hi all, I have a very weird issue and so far in my country nobody knows the answer. I hope someone has any idea about it. I have an MSI gtx 1080 TI gaming X videocard and all of the games has excatly the same texture issue. I can say that the card is fine because with the previous one had the...
  4. R

    Question Cheapest, minimal option for DIY media server

    Afternoon, Recently I grew tired of loading my media on an external harddisk on my laptop and hooking it up on one of my TV's in order to watch the media or bringing it with me. I've looked into Synology NAS solutions but I've always thought that a more powerful compact system could be made...
  5. G

    What should I do about small cracks on laptop casing?

    There are small cracks on the bottom of my laptop casing. Luckily I don't think the hinges are affected. Should I attempt to try and cover the cracks with something or should I just leave it be? (just in case you can't see the link above^)...
  6. A

    Death of my motherboard or Death of my SSD?

    So frequently my pc has been getting numerous errors and shutdowns and it's like having something flatline on you then come back to life. My ROG STRYX Z370-E Gaming motherboard is probably a little over a year old, While my SSD is close to 4 or something. The original problem was that at...
  7. gamerbrehdy

    GPU power problems

    So, today I was at my grandparents and something caught my attention: a MSI NX8500GT from 2007! I asked my grandpa if I could take it home, using it in a presentation about computers. But I also want to install it afterwards, for... some random reason. However, i’m afraid that i’ll fry it...
  8. T

    New SSD only works as an external device.

    I just bought a 4TB Samsung 860 Evo. My experience with SSDs and partitions is very limited, and my disk management will not give me any options to work with the new SSD. It will give me a single partition of half the SSD's storage, but I have no options to edit this partition, and it will not...
  9. J

    [SOLVED] Computer shut down while gaming and wont start back up

    Hi, My PC suddenly shut down while i was gaming. Computer had been running like a charm for years( since i upgraded it) . I am using two GPUs ( rx 580 8 gb for my main monitor and gaming and a gtx for my 2 and 3rd monitor for other stuff). I read online and did the following 1) pulled the power...
  10. N

    Computer shutting on and off in a loop

    My computer one morning decided to turn on and off like the bios went corrupt. So I used a jumper and nothing happened then tried removing the cmos battery and nothing happened. My last option was to use a screw driver and short circuit the 1 and 6 pin connecting to my bios chip so the second...
  11. A

    Thermal paste for OC?

    So, I am building this system for a coworker, and I am not going to be overclocking her system, however, I did order this thermal paste: Now, the CPU I went with for her build(web surfing, maybe some photoshop/gaming) is this...
  12. mandache.eduard48

    Microsoft remote desktop issues (?)

    Hi everyone. Recently as the title says, I have been experiencing issues with MRD; I used to have an android phone that worked with the app no problem , I really enjoyed it, but it happened that a couple days ago I lost this phone and got back to an older one (a lumia 635, on windows mobile...
  13. H

    how to connect EPS (cpu) cables to Asus Maximus xi hero mobo

    so the Asus Maximum XI Hero wifi mobo has an 8 pin (4 + 4) socket and an extra 4 pin socket for its cpu. Do i use an 8 pin (4 + 4) connector for the first 8 pin socket, and another 8 pin (4 + 4) connector but only plug in one of the 4 pin connector into the 4 pin socket on the mobo and leave the...
  14. M

    Dell SSD this computer hardware may not support booting.

    Okay so basically I'm having Dell N5010 model and I replaced SSD with the optical drive. I tried to install a new windows there and I got the famous problem of "windows cannot be installed to this disk. this computer's hardware may not support booting" in which I searched online a lot. Here are...
  15. D

    My window 10 pc can connect to my wife or my neighborhood router but why not hotspot... Earlier it get connected but that too

    I have tried by managing all wi fi names...Forget them..rebooting many time..Pc and phone both. Even reserved oob too in phone setting..But all in vain..Any do plz help
  16. T

    which PC is best (entry gaming level)

    hey, i found 3 pcs that look interesting, but all different prices and specs. i want others opinions which is the best to get. it will be my very first pc i own, so im not sure what i should look for. this is going to be used to play entry level games. but i also want a semi fast pc, so i can...
  17. M

    [SOLVED] Not getting 1gig through my router, but modem yes

    i own 1gig up/down speeds but when i connect via Ethernet to my router 5ft away from my PC i get 350-450 up/down mbps, its a Netgear r800 connected to my modem via 50ft Cat7 ethernet. but when i connect my PC straight to my modem WITH THE SAME 50FT ETHERNET i get 850-950mbps. HELP PLZ
  18. A

    M.2 NVMe + 860 PRO Compatibility

    So i bought both of these SSDs just wondering how to install them on a ASUS ROG Maximus XI Code. Is it just plug and play or do i put the 860 PRO on a different lane? Thanks!
  19. nozzy7

    Ryzen 2600 not out putting to monitor.

    I have a ryzen 5 2600 with a MSI b450m pro m2. I am using crucial ballistix ram 2 x 8gb. The EZ debug LED lights up on VGA and I have not gotten any display, the monitor doesn't seem to be receiving any output from the motherboard. I just put it together today. And I am not using a GPU. Do...
  20. D

    [SOLVED] First time PC builder! Pls help!

    First time Pc builder here, looking for opinions on this build I’ve assembled. I’ve been editing it and switching out parts now for a few weeks. If you have something to add or just want to say something don't hesitate in answering, I need other opinions because I'm still a bit inexperienced at...
  21. vinnyswin

    Low vibration, black screen on boot. Please help!! power supply issue?

    Two days ago, I opened my PC case to do a quick clean and some cable management. I then installed some magnetic dust filters on the outside of the case. I previously had motherboard issues which were resolved buy a professional. One slot will fry any stick of RAM that you put in there, but the...
  22. M

    Fortnite stutters.What should i upgrade?

    I have been playing fortnite for a while and i hover around 60-70 fps Sometimes it just drops to like 5 to 10 fps.What should i upgrade??? MY SYSTEM : Amd athlon II x3 405e 2.3Ghz(oc to 3.2) Gtx 1050 ti 4gb ram 5400rpm hdd 250gb I am upgrading to an ssd and 8gb ram next week.Will my game run...
  23. J

    Motherboard and RGB strip compatibility

    I am using this motrherboard for my build and these RGB lights will they work together?
  24. K

    [SOLVED] I7 8700K 4.7 all cores overclock help

    Hi all, I am very new to OC and would like to OC it to 4.7 for all cores. Below are my specs: nzxt kraken x62 aio cooler intel i7 8700k 3.7ghz asus rog maximus x hero gskill trident z rgb 3200mhz 32gb kit samsung 960evo 500gb nvme m.2 toshiba 2tb 7200rpm asus gtx1080ti o.c edition superflower...
  25. M

    [SOLVED] Need Help With My First Build

    As the title says I have decided to venture into my first pc build and was wondering about what I've got put together. I've done a lot of looking and am wondering if I can save money or fix anything with what I have. I'm trying to go for a RGB set up and...
  26. A

    RTX 2080ti OC degradation

    Hi Guys, I bought myself an MSI RTX 2080ti trio recently, I decided to OC it on the first day and it was stable at 2010Mhz Core clock and 7400Mhz at 110% power. I did not touch the Core voltage as I have no experience with OCing core voltages. That OC worked for the first day of gaming. The...
  27. J

    Cpu 93°c under load

    My i7-4790 are currently peeking at about 93°c under load. I find it kinda wierd that it becomes that hot when it idles at around 50°c. Is this normal, and if not, how do I fix it?
  28. C

    Is it safe to disable Intel HD Graphics card from the BIOS ?

    I got a new laptop, Lenovo Ideapad 330. It has integrated Intel(R) UHD Graphics 630 and also Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 2GB. I went to the nvidia control panel and set the global used GPU to be nvidia. I haven't tried any games yet to see what happens, while using google chrome the Intel GPU is at...
  29. J

    [SOLVED] 6 monitors from a laptop?

    Hello I want to run 6 external monitors from a laptop. I have the monitors and am willing to buy a 2nd hand or refurbished laptop. Will this be possible for under 2000AUD? Thanks edit - forgot to mention, high resolution is not important. It is just for stock trading so just be running 6...
  30. D

    Is there a program that will show you your computer's display's sRGB and Adobe RGB information?

    Hi everyone. Is there a program that will show you what your computer's display's sRGB and Adobe RGB information is? If one exists, would someone please tell me what it's called? Thank you.
  31. G

    RX 580 4GB - Opinion

    Hi, thanks for reading. I can't find reviews of Radeon RX 580 4GB. I know that the memory works in a slower speed when compared with the 8GB version. I can buy a RX 580 OC 4GB GV-RX580GAMING-4GD, with 3 years warranty for a very good price. I wanna know if this graphics card is enough to...
  32. F

    CPU Problem!! help needed

    When Im playing Rainbow six siege I have big problems with stuttering and fps with the intel i5 4670k, but if I change to my amd fx 6300 with another motherboard that performs better and more fps and no stuttering. But when I play like gta 5 I have more fps with the i5 but still stuttering, when...
  33. K

    Low fps with RTX 2080 Zotac AMP

    Hi, I am using a rtx 2080 zotac AMP graphic card and AMD Ryzen 2700x 8 core processor, i get around avg 77 fps on far cry 5 only while i see on the internet the average for rtx 2080 is like 100+ fps , is there anything i can do ? Or is the hardware problem? this is a image of the benchmark for...
  34. D

    Slow new-built computer, hight system interrupts

    Hi Everyone, Ive built a pc recently, but something is not okay.. I tried almost all troubleshooting from youtube, without success. So I would appreciate all kind of suggestions :) specs: MB: asus z370i, cpu: intel i5-8600k, gpu: asus gtx1080, ram: gskill 2x8gb 3600mhy ddr4, psu: bequiet sfx-l...
  35. M

    artifact or another display component problem

    recently my pc acting up weird, when i doing some games or watching videos my screen is kinda giving artifact (i say artifact because it nearest problem, i cant find what this spesific problem called) i tried switch hdmi from GPU to onboard graphic and it still showing up, so i can say its not...
  36. K

    I'm upgrading my Sapphire 7970, is 1070ti worth it?

    Or should I just go for a 1060 6GB just for gaming? Will it last for 2-3 years? Thanks.
  37. dexter254

    VMs in UnRAID Server OS

    Hi y'all, Say i have a system with i7 8700k, 3 Nvidia Gtx 980ti GPUs, 32Gb Ram and 1Tb 7200Rpm HDD x3. Now, I need to install UnRaid, Have 1 OS as my main and 2 others in VM for people to use. My questions are these: 1. can users access the other 2 OS VMs via a remote connection say Teamviewer...
  38. T

    pg279q vs pg27vq

    Which one is overall better though both have same resolution n framerate?? PG279Q PG27VQ
  39. P

    4k Laptop Noob

    I don't know much about 4k monitors.. Especially combining those with 17" laptop screens. When upgrading to a new laptop.. should I go with a qfhd 3840 x 2160 17.3" ips g-sync matte display _or_ 1080 144hz g-sync Combined with a 1080. I did some regular work on computers as well as...
  40. G

    What Is TDP? A Basic Definition

    What is the meaning of TDP? Thermal design power explained. What Is TDP? A Basic Definition : Read more