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  1. N

    PC Gaming Build

    I need to build a pc .. I have a budget of $700. I am really confused here.. Guys which option to go for : An old intel-based build with a better gpu like the gtx1060 or a powerful ryzen build with a less powerful gpu like a 1050 ti or RX560.. I am only looking to play some few games like dota 2...
  2. J

    Purchasing new Gaming and Game Development laptop.

    1. What is your budget? 5000 NZD 2. What is the size of the notebook that you are considering? 17 inch 3. What screen resolution do you want? 1920 x 1080 4. Do you need a portable or desktop replacement laptop? Desktop Replacement 5. How much battery life do you need? It will be plugged...
  3. O

    I need an advice

    Hello curently im using nvidia 9800gt i know its an old gpu but i was thinking about its time to change it. So ive been thinking and i dont really know what type of case it is cause the case is pretty old. Could you recommend me a gpu for about 70€. Thank you.
  4. H

    Stutter every few seconds

    I have a pretty powerful PC, with 7700k and 1080ti, and yet whatever game I play, at whatever resolution or settings, I get an FPS stutter every few seconds, to the point of making most feel unplayable. If I play a game such as AC:Origins with v-sync and 60fps limit it happens at 4k...
  5. P

    Dell Inspiron 7000 screen very, very Dim

    Booted up my laptop this morning and after about 10 minutes it began flickering to the point it was impossible to read. I rebooted a couple of times with no change. After I booted one more time the screen just went black. Well extremely dim really. I can just barely make out shapes on the...
  6. T

    Is this a good combi?

    Hello, I'm going to build my first PC and I'm wondering if it is really dificult to build one. Another thing I want to know, is or my pc parts are compatible with each other. These are all the things I want to put in my PC: I5 8400 MSI Z370-A Pro Seagate Barracuda ST2000DM006 2TB Seasonic...
  7. Q

    Need to take my Windows 10 OS and put it on another drive.

    I need to find out what the simplest method is to move an OS (specifically Windows 10 x64) to a new hard drive. I believe the problems this computer has been having is that it is using an old SSD (that my friend had) for the OS and the drive is failing. The computer in question always has...
  8. J

    Connecting RBG fans to RBB Header?

    Hello, my name is jacob. My specs: Ryzen 3 1300x GTX 1050 TI SSC PSU- 450 watt bronze EVGA My motherboard is the MSI B350M Pro-VDH it does not have a rbb fan header. I was wondering if there was a way to do that.Maybe a splitter or something where the fan connects to SYST_FAN1 or something then...
  9. X

    Serial port and terminal errors

    Just built a computer with all new parts. MSI Z370 Gaming Pro Carbon Motherboard i7 8700x CPU Corsair Vengence DDR4 (2 8GB) MSI GeForce GTX 1060 Graphics Card Corsair H60 liquid cooling fan When I turn it on, I get this: How can I fix this?
  10. Z

    What do i upgrade first so i can play games like cs go?

    my pc specs: asrock g41m-vs3 nvidia gefore 9400 gt 2gb ddr3(i think its ddr3) pentium(R) dual-core cpu E5200 @ 2.50 ghz] 32-bit pc its a really...REALLY old pc and i dont know what to upgrade next...the ram or the gpu or cpu?
  11. B

    Loud noise and 15 minutes to boot

    So i've been having this problem for a few months now but i just got enough of it when i used the computer today at my parent's house (i'm a college student). Basically everytime i turn on the pc, it would take me to the dell screen thingy and after it loads up it gives me a black screen. I...
  12. M

    Cpu idle 60 degrees, gaming 90-92 degrees

    Setup PSU : Corsair HX750W CPU : Intel Core i7 4820K @ 3.70GHz MB : ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC. RAMPAGE IV EXTREME (LGA2011) GPU : 3071MB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780 (Gigabyte) RAM : 8,00GB Dual-Channel DDR3 @ 534MHz CPU Fan : Corsair Hydro H60 Case : CM Trooper Been running fine for 4-5 years now. I was...
  13. V

    What games can handle Intel HD graphics card

    Hello, I'm new here and I do not know much about the computer and the game so I want to ask what game I could play with the Intel HD graphics family thank you. My other hardware requirements: 4 GB of RAM Intel Core i3-3200 (3.3 GHz) thanks for the anwers.
  14. T

    Practicality of Upgrading Refurbished Desktop

    How practical is the following scenario for playing games at normal settings. Buying a computer similar to this one: HP ProDesk 600 G2 - SFF - Core i5 6500 3.2 GHz - 8 GB - 500 GB, and pairing it with a GTX 760. The graphics card is free, and the computer would be between $300-$350. I...
  15. S

    Core i3 or amd a8

    Should I go for intel core i3 6006u with 4gb ddr4 ram or amd a8 7410 with 8gb ddr3l 2133 mhz ram? Note : for normal use and light gaming like telltale games , paladin dota 2, etc etc
  16. W

    Upgrade Ram on Laptop

    I have an HP laptop with an AMD A6-6310 APU with AMD Radeon R4 Graphics processor (Quad-core) clocked at 1.8ghz with 4gb ram. Can I increase the ram and if so, by how much ? and also would it be worth it and make it run faster/smoother. Thanks in advance.
  17. S

    Is the JL Comfurni Office Chair any good?

    Hi, I'm looking to buy a desk chair that will enable me to sit at my desk comfortably, without any back pain, for over 8 hours a day. I work from home as a computer programmer and after work I like to spend more time at my desk working on programming my own game. They have this one on...
  18. J

    Circuit board for sharp stereo

    Do you guys know of anyone that sells circuit boards for older sharp stereo systems. An sc 6900 made around 1989 to be exact. Also are their any reputable repair services out there where I could ship my stereo to if I cant fix it myself?
  19. T

    Recommended GPU ideas please

    Wondering what a good GPU for good price is.Nothing AMD.
  20. V

    What power supply for Gtx 1080 in laptop with 8700 i7

    Hey, i finally found great site for laptops. Pcspecialist company will make me notebook for best price. Right now im interested in laptop with 120hz g sync, i7 8700 and gtx 1070. For this laptop would be 330w power supply enough. But, if i pay lil bit more euros, i can get gtx 1080, 120hz...
  21. A

    the power went out in my house, could this have damaged the gpu?

    Hello, I bought a 1080ti and a few days later the power went out in my home. Now I wonder if this could have somehow damaged my gpu.. is there a way to see if its working to its full potential? also I installed and ran gpu-z and I noticed the "VDDC" kept changing anywhere between 0.6500 and...
  22. A

    New gaming rig, future proof for at least 6 years

    Hello, as the title suggest i wanna build a new rig which will last, now im in the dilemma of either going with 75hz 1060 or 144hz 1070. my budget was 1100-1200, now its 1300, and idk if its worth going for the 1070 im planning on OC on the cpu btw so current thoughts on rig ryzen 5 1600 gtx...
  23. P

    Getting CLOCK_WATCHDOG_TIMEOUT Error Suddenly

    Just as the title says I haven't had this issue ever before but two days ago while streaming and playing GTA V my PC bluescreened with this error. This was after about 10 hours of play so I assumed it was due to so much stress for such a long period of time. Yesterday I did the same with no...
  24. Quigglypoo

    Us Cellular Samsung galaxy s7 edge work on metropcs

    hello, as the title sugests im trying to figure out if the S7 will work with my carrier. The us celluler says that the device is unlocked but ive run into issues before and im finding conflicting results.. can anyone confirm that this phone will work on metro? thank you for your time.
  25. S


    I have a 450w PSU rated 132W at 12v rail and 40w at 5v rail. my cpu TDP is 54W and Gpu TDP is 100W my system is runiing perfectly but according to the fact that cpu,gpu uses 12v rail only my 12v rail is insufficient to provide 154w combined.So how how is my system up and running? does my...
  26. K

    Need help with Case selection

    Hello all, As the title says I'm needing help with selecting/determining which case will work with my build. I've been slowly buying parts as their prices drop or don't rocket up... My I7 build My old 2012 NZXT Phantom has been a good servant for me but it can't accomodate the 280mm AIO of the...
  27. mrgrunts

    Need some info on swapping out HDD on old build

    ok, this is what Im trying to do, My son is trying to keep my old build running ( just until he builds his own ) money ya know. Well everything works but the HDD is a 250 GB WD and is super slow at booting up and for that matter its slow at everything. Now My oldest son did home school and when...
  28. S

    Is my PC build/upgrade compatible?

    Hello, I want to know if this build is good and if it's compatible: CPU: i5-8600K MOTHERBBOARD: MSI Z370 Gaming Pro Carbon RAM: 16GB-DDR4-2666MHz-CL13-Kings XMP HypX Predator (2x8) CPU COOLER: Noctua NH-U9S POWER SUPPLY: Evga 650 gq PS: I already have EVGA SSC 1060 6GB
  29. S

    Cpu changed magically

    I had i5-6600k now i checked and its magically changed to i5-6500 how is that possible? I checked in bios did i got scammed?
  30. M

    32GB DIMM DDR4 clocked @ 2747 MHz NOT 3200 Asus ROG MAXIMUS X HERO

    Hello all, I have 32GB DIMM DDR4 clocked @ 2747 - with cpu-z, . I wanted 3200 mhz, which the ram can do (and MB supports 3200(O.C.)) So the Asus bios auto set the ram @2747 with xmp settings enabled. I changed it to 3193 mhz, and it did not boot?? Should i just leave it alone? I am not gaming...
  31. T

    delete content of packages directory

    I have to recover space on a server. I can delete the contents of the packages folder?
  32. X

    New PC big perfomance issues

    Hello, i've had this pc for a while now and it's suppose to be a better pc than my older one but to be honest, even the most low end games lag(freezing, sturrering).Also i've noticed the fps is always somewhere near 30-40 fps(doesent matter if i set it to low or...
  33. B

    new pc wont pick up mic sound

    i got a new cyberpower pc a few days ago. after fiddling with it i got the sound to work however no matter what i try i cant get the pc to pick up sound from my mic. i have regular earbuds a few pairs actually. i plan to use them until i get a better headset but for now its all i have. i plug...