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  1. N

    Help With Watercooling Loop Configuration

    This is my first liquidcooling loop and I would like some help and recommendations on how I should configure my tubing. I'm aware that loop order hardly affects the temperature of components Aesthetically I don't really like how my loop looks except for the parallel cooling (GPU to CPU), but...
  2. S

    looikng for some help !!

    unfortunately i carshed my hard drive in acer aspire 5742z laptop now i replace a new hard drive with it but it doent show up in the bios due to which i m unable to install windows in my laptop
  3. K

    GTX 460 on Dell Precission 3400

    Hi. I have this old Dell Precision 3400 desktop but its video card has become a bit noisy. The rest of the machine is still going strong and the PC will be ok for my mother I guess. I am planning to replace the GPU with a 1GB Evga GTX 460. I know it's ancient but I really don't need to spend a...
  4. P

    Can i Upgrade m processor to i3?

    Can i upgrade my Processor To i3 or i5? In other words can my Motherboard Support i3 processor ? or i5???? MotherBoard Manufacturer Dell Inc. Model 0K83V0 (CPU 1) Version A00 Chipset Vendor Intel Chipset Model P45/P43/G45/G43 Chipset Revision A3 Southbridge Vendor Intel Southbridge Model...
  5. Tornik

    Disk usage hits 100% while gaming, games stutter and then freeze (SSD, more specs in post)

    This began to happen about a week ago, without me having done anything in particular I can remember either hardware- or software-wise. I play three games, two of which are FPS and racing simulation. After launching and playing these games for about 15-20 minutes, they start stuttering, which I...
  6. H

    Getting lower fps than a friend with a worse GPU

    My GPU: Gigabyte AMD HD7970 My CPU: FX-6300 (Trash) 8GB Ram I am getting lower fps compared to a friend who uses a 1050 Ti, even though on user-benchmark it says that my HD7970 is a lot better. Generally in fortnite I have to run all at low settings and generally lower the 3D resolution. I...
  7. T

    Upgrade from GTX760

    Hi & thanks for taking the time to look at my question, it's appreciated. I'm currently using a GTX760 graphics card with an i7 4770 processor and 16GB RAM (all about 5 yr old). I've also just bought a triple monitor setup & need to ugrade my card to run some games with better settings. Will a...
  8. D

    PC wont post with gpu in, no USB power, no power light, no beeps. Broken motherboard?

    Hi everyone A few days ago I found my PC wouldn't turn on, not even reaching the bios or anything. As well as this some of the system lights and none of the USB ports were powering on. The CPU fan was working though. I thought it could have been due to a power surge, since my house had had...
  9. T

    Cannot Install Windows due to an MBR Partition Table

    Hi, I have done my first build today (so I apologise if this is a stupid question :D) and all of the parts are new apart from the PSU and SSD (which I bought and put into my old desktop). When I try to install windows, using a USB, onto the SSD I get an error saying windows cannot be installed...
  10. M

    I can't find an Answer.

    Been searching all over, had different opinions but I still can't seem to find the answer I was looking for so I will type out my question thoroughly: First, my Build choice.... My 2018-2023 Build I want to use 2x NVMe SSD Drives on my new build. No wired SSDs ect. My Motherboard: Asus -...
  11. E

    usb xhci compliant host controller

    hello guys since yesterday im having an issue..i just updated some chipset drivees and when i restarted usb 3.0 are all disabled except usb 3.1..and also i checked my manufacture website there was no sign of this driver ..please help me im begging u..cant do anything tbh..and btw it says usb...
  12. C

    Laptop prying-off plastic panel problem

    Is it normal for the some of the plastic parts of a laptop panel to break? Whenever I open a laptop which is 3-9 years old, some of the plastic that holds the panel easily gets broken, I'm thinking maybe it's because of the heat and also the age of the laptop that causes the plastic parts of it...
  13. C

    Installing new kit DDR3 memory on G41

    Hi to all I have a system with mobo Gigabyte GA-G41MT-S2PT with E8400 and 2x2GB Corsair XMS3 I tried to install a second hand memory kit 2x4GB HyperX Genesis but the system doesnt boot even not beeping. I just can hear funs working and after 10-15 secs reboots and the same. My kit has 1600Mhz...
  14. I

    Fell for scam

    I got a call asking to remote into my computer because there was a problem and I allowed it. Removed. Now I know after reading posts here it was a scam. What should I do to safeguard myself?
  15. A

    CoffeeLake Motherboard opinions

    I'm moving to upgrade my current system. I had gotten an I5-8600K for Christmas even though I meant it as a joke when I asked for a new pc. I have been waiting awhile for the EVGA Classified K to come out, but I'm having second thoughts on it. What is the best Z370 ATX motherboard for...
  16. P

    will my cpu bottleneck my gpu

    i have an i5 7400 and am getting a gtx 1080 strix i know its overkill for 1080p but i want it to be futureproof will the cpu bottleneck??
  17. X

    MSI GeForce GTX 1070 Gaming X 8G Does Not Output Signal

    Hey guys! So I recently acquired the MSI GeForce GTX 1070 Gaming X 8G VGA (Part No. 912-V330-018). I installed it into my current system (with and without the previously installed RX 550), and the card showed signs of life: the fans were spinning, the LED's were lit up, and the motherboard...
  18. S

    Fortnite 20-30 FPS on my PC

    Hi I just recently got a new PC... specs: intel i7-3770 8gb ram 128gb ssd Radeon HD 8490 (temporary graphics card, getting gtx 1050 low profile next week) Fortnite lags big time on my pc atm. I'm not sure why, surely I can run it on at least 1080p low at 60fps? I feel like the game is using...
  19. C

    LG Stylo 3 Corrupted, Cannot Be trusted, Will not boot

    I have an LG STylo 3 and it Says That the lg device is corrupted it cannot be trusted and will not boot. And then it says ... Your device will power off automatically after a while. But it doesnt power off. It just goes to the lg logo and stays there... Any way I could fix this?
  20. kcarbotte

    Ossic Throws In The Towel, Won’t Deliver Headphones To Backers

    Ossic announced that it is closing shop. The company burned through its Kickstarter funding on product development and failed to secure investors to put the Ossic X 3D headphones into mass production. Ossic Throws In The Towel, Won’t Deliver Headphones To Backers : Read more
  21. S

    R9 270x Game crashes but sound continues.

    So I’ve been having this problem in which my game will freeze but the sound will continue. In task manager the resources for the game go down to almost nothing but I can still talk to mates in game. I recently upgraded my Ram,Motherboard and cpu. But I’m 90% sure it’s the graphics card as I’ve...
  22. M

    Motherboard inputs not working (USB 3.0, USB 3.1, HDMI)

    So this is a problem I have been struggling with for well over a year, and continuously re-surfaces whenever I upgrade my setup. The Problem: Since the day I installed my motherboard, MSI z170A Gaming Pro Carbon, I have not been able to use 6 out of the 7 USB ports. The one port that works is...
  23. M

    suddent fps drop

    first of all i want to let you guys know that im very not good in everythings about pc. here is what happened, i played a game with my friend everything was fine. went to sleep (i didnt close my pc). woke up and i had fps issues in every game, i cant even watch videos on youtube ifthe quality...
  24. judewilliams22

    Is my Gaming Computer Decent?

    I am going to be buying these parts and building my first gaming computer. Can someone tell me what they think of it? Mainly is it compatible. I like my case but it is somewhat smaller than other mid towers so i might need to change it but i mainly want to know what you think about the parts im...
  25. O

    Laptop Sreen Stuck On Low Brightness and Flickers when I try to Adjust it

    My Laptop(Dell Inspiron 15 7559) is stuck on low Brightness. Very dim screen but the laptop is still in a usable shape. This happened after I replaced a fault LCD cable on the laptop because it used to Flicker every time I moved the screen. Before I replaced LCD cable: - Screen worked on...
  26. N

    Will the Sims 3 work on my laptop?

    Hi everyone. I keep playing the Sims 2 for years, but i want to try a new one. These are my laptop especifications. Intel Core i3 CPU M 350 @2.27 GHz 3,00 GB of RAM Video ram 1.5gb Video card Intel HD Graphics The Sims 2 works perfect, but i'm a bit worried about TS3 not working on it.
  27. C

    Is my ram good enough for I7 8700k

    I'm thinking of buying an i7 8700k but I just wanted to know if Corsair 16GB 2400mhz (CMK16GX4M2A2400C14) is compatible. Thanks
  28. R

    Would 2 different GPU's in MDA mode work ?

    So I saw on Youtube from Linus Tech Tips that there are some modes of SLI and I noticed that they mentioned that you could technically game on MDA mode with 2 graphics cards that are different and it would all work...? Is that really true ? (He did mention as an example graphics cards like AMD...
  29. Mercy_1

    Internet keeps disconnecting but only when i am not playing video games

    My internet keeps disconnecting very frequently. I also get the message "TWCU: failed to load library file" everytime I boot up my computer. The strange thing is that it never disconnects while I am playing a video game. If I'm playing a game like overwatch for an example: If I'm just in the...
  30. C

    Internet TV help

    Hello. I`m wondering, I have a router with IPTV function in settings page. In the main room I have a smart-tv . How can I use the IPTV function to watch Internet tv from certain countries. Thank you . And if I cannot do that, is a tv box set the answer to my question ? I want to have tv...
  31. S

    powerlink stopped working..

    I have been using trendnet's TPL 408E/2K for years without issue. Router is upstairs and I have three powerlinks: One upstairs to the router, another powering another computer in the same room, and 3rd powerlink downstairs plugged into my ps3. Again no issues for a few years. Recently the...
  32. K

    best 2nd generation cpu

    i have a z67 mobo with a 2500k . if i was to upgrade the cpu what would be the best chip i could go to using the same chipset ? . as well as is a 980ti a good card to use with this cpu because that is what i'm thinking of upgrading to
  33. F

    Remote Port Forwarding to VPS

    Hi, I am under Double NAT from my ISP which causes issue when connecting to Plex and other locally hosted servers. I recently got a VPS which I heard from folks can help me to setup remote port forwarding and I can then access my Plex remotely through this method Can some one guide me on how...
  34. S

    Is 'Loaris Trojan Remover' Something I should install?

    This [Loaris Trojan Remover] has been recommended by a friend. Does anyone know of this service and should l pay to download and install it?
  35. S

    How To How To Install Kali Linux On MacBook Pro Virtual Box

    Designed for penetration testing and digital forensics, Kali Linux is an important tool for developers. Linux distribution is typically funded and maintained by a company called Offensive Security Ltd. Kali Linux is known to host more than 600 preinstalled penetration-testing programs, and is...
  36. T

    Only PNG Thumbnail previews in folder explorer not showing

    Hi, Recently, all my PNG files have started to no longer preview in file explorer (folders, desktop, etc) Since I work with image formats often, this is a huge deterrence for me and I really would like to figure this out. JPEG and other image formats still show in thumbnail previews, which...
  37. G

    Can i run pubg on high or medium settings

    So im going to buy a new pc with these specs Intel core i3 7100k GTX 1050ti 4 gb Motherboard Gigabyte H110 But my memory ram is only 4 GB will i be able to run PUBG atleast on medium settings?
  38. I

    Monitor will not come on after attempting to boot in safe mode.

    I am running Windows 10. I suspected that there may be some malware on my computer and I wanted to go into safe mode. I opened the system configuration menu and chose the option to boot in safe mode. When I restarted, the monitor would not turn on. I tried a hard reset, but it just does the same...
  39. DBZfreakMBB

    EVGA GTX 1080 Causing restarts.

    My EVGA GTX 1080 SC has starting causing restarts by just playing games, I stress tested every other component and they were stable, and then I ran furmark and bingo it started restarting eveytime I ran the torture test, I even swapped out the 1080 and put my 970 in and it was stable through...
  40. L

    Put on I7-4790K first or re-test I5-4430

    It's a long story but I'll try to shorten it as best as I can. At the beggining of this week I bought an I7-4790K second hand and it is in fully working condition. I opted to change it instantly as soon as it arrived. I then replaced it. For some reason when I boot up it goes into an endless...