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  1. V

    Question MSI 3080 - No Display (System Boots) HELP!

    Hi All, about at my wits end with this and hoping someone can help figure this out. Received my long awaited 3080 yesterday (got lucky to get one so soon) and swapped the cards over as I would normally do and have done many times before. With the 3080 installed the system boots (I can hear the...
  2. E

    Question first time assembling a productivity only dual monitor setup + important specs ?

    hey y'all, so until recently i've been using my dad's old iiyama ProLite E2473HDS monitor in tandem with my lenovo yoga c940 - 14 " laptop. Because of their difference in screen size and me going to college to study computer sciences i've been meaning to upgrade to either a dual monitor...
  3. A

    Question Best Display on a budget

    I have been using an old iFFALCON 55K2A not its not working need to upgrade to a new TV as my primary monitor Looking for a cheap and good display(Will be primarily a monitor so faster processor or RAM are not a deal breaker) These are the cheap TVs I could find which could deliver to my Postal...
  4. HappyPorts

    Question No display sometimes

    Good day. I have the this problem with my pc suddenly, sometimes when a I turned on my PC no display occured nothing total black. then tried to fix (like removing the ram, CMOS, GPU) then it works totally fine and played games and used the pc likes nothing happen, then after and sometimes a I...
  5. L

    Question xb271hu bmiprz G-SYNC ISSUE

    Hello so I have an issue with g-sync I couldnt get it working and I was playing with it couple hours and I got it working only when im in windowed mode and it doesnt work in fullscreen at all any idea what could be wrong? Im running it with displayport on gtx 1080 I also tried running it in the...
  6. J

    [SOLVED] Everything stopped working but PC seems fine. Red light on MOBO. Display and usbs wont work.

    Hi! I ran into a really strange problem and i dont know how to fix it. My PC was working fine and suddenly the screen freezes. So i turn it off by holding the power button. When i turn it on again the display and all peripherals wont work (keyboard, mouse, not even rgb lighting on mouse or...
  7. SivamB

    [SOLVED] New LG22mk600m --- Is this normal backlight bleed for an IPS monitor or should I get a replacement?

    I just got my monitor delivery from amazon. LG 22mk600m Image link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1zVgN9fbpKZp4DxZSS1N-6EoJ8CEifVM0/view?usp=sharing
  8. ineedhelppleaseu

    [SOLVED] (Help) Pc suddenly turns off when being used ?

    Hi I created an account here for help, A month ago i built my pc with a help of my Cousin. A week ago, Saturday, I moved my pc to my uncle's home because i needed internet connection (yes i dont have internet connection because my isp havent installed it yet), after i installed everything i...
  9. Yousif567x

    [SOLVED] i was just wondering if anyone tried using a 32 inch tv as a second monitor and can u tell me ur thoughts about it?

    i want to get a Samsung LED TV 32 inch Series 4 as my second monitor for watching stuff on it not gaming, would u guys recommend that instead of a small monitor? and if u tried that can u give me the pros and cons of it pls?
  10. D

    Question Nvidia Control panel resolution won't allow 144hz

    I have an Asus VG248QE and it supports 144hz. I plugged my monitor with a DisplayPort cable 1.2 and when I entered Nvidia control panel->Change Resolution->2.Resolution that I have two options. There is a tab called Ultra HD,HD,SD and displays:"1080p,1920x1080(native)" which I know but it won't...
  11. Q

    [SOLVED] Newly built PC won't display image

    Hi, Just completed a setup: Ryzen 5 3600 16gb ram 3200 MSI B450M A Pro Max mobo 600W PSU No GPU yet, waiting for it to arrive and decided to flash the bios to support the CPU but whenever I boot it up I get no display but the keyboard gets recognised and changes lights for numlock/caps...
  12. xCqt_

    Question I can't connect my ps4 to my monitor

    Hi My monitor dosen't have an hdmi port so i had to buy a dvi-d - hdmi cable And my monitors res is 1680x1050 which is 16:10 well the problem is when i connect my ps4 to the monitor it says no signal Also my monitors model is : AOC 230Vw+ pleassseeeee help me