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    ihave motherboard z87- hd3 can i get 4790k and overclock on this motherboard ????

    ihave motherboard z87- hd3 can i get 4790k and overclock on this motherboard ????
  2. B

    Audio not working

    I recently built a pc and everything is working fine and I have a headset with a mic already in it and the headphones work for hearing things but my mic is not recognized and I do have an adapter plugged in for them both to be in. My mic just won’t be recognized. Please help.
  3. S

    upgrading my cpu and i need help

    hello guys i have an hewlett-packard 3032h motherboard lga775 socket , i want to upgrade my cpu from core 2 duo E8400 3GHZ to a core 2 quad Q6600 i just want to know if my mobo supports the cpu and also if i can upgrade to a better Q cpu like Q9400 Q8400(these uses ddr3 ram) and does my mobo...
  4. S

    PC Randomly shutting down then rebooting

    Hey guys, Recently my PC has run into a bit of a weird problem. Over the last few days my PC has started shutting down without notice. At first it happened once, maybe a day or two would pass, then it would shut down again. And now it is shutting down anywhere from once every few hours to once...
  5. D

    Can I run crysis 2 on windows 10 64bit os? I have the recommended system requirements

    Can I run crysis 2 on windows 10 64bit os? I have the recommended system requirements Please answer.
  6. H

    Far Cry 5 Performance on GTX 970 - Low FPS

    Intel Core i5 6500 3.2Ghz Asus Strix GTX 970 4GB Gigabyte H110M-A Ballistix 2x4GB DDR4 2400 EVGA 600B Western Digital Blue 1TB Nvidia Latest Drivers Resolution = 1680x1050 Game Settings: Ultra Resolution Scale: 1.0 Windowed Mode FPS Lock: 60/Off VSYNC: On/Off With all these settings i'm...
  7. N

    does the Asus Strix GTX 960 2gb will work on my PC?

    I want to upgrade my graphics card and I don't know if my computer can handle it... Thanks for any help Specs: CPU: Intel Core i5 750 2.67GHz RAM: 8gb (4x2) Motherboard: Intel Corporation DP55WB (LGA 1156) Graphics Card: EVGA GTX 750 ti 2gb Power Supply (PSU): 400w with 6 pin connector. Image...
  8. T

    Certain Games Causing Crashes

    Whenever I play certain games, my computer what seems to crash at random. My computer is about 3-4 years old, I forgot the exact model but the closest match I've found is the Asus ROG G20AJ. My problem started about 2 years ago while I was playing Chivalry: Medieval Warfare. I'm not exactly sure...
  9. A

    CPU/GPU Enough for a high$ monitor

    Im looking at dropping some serious money on a monitor and I'm worried my rig may not be enough to justify such a monitor. Monitor: ASUS ROG SWIFT PG278QR CPU: Ryzen 1600x @ 4.0mhz Mem: Ripjaws@3200 14-14-14-35 GPU: Strix 1070ti a8g @ 2.0mhz Gpu mem: 9000 Cpu cannot be returned...
  10. W

    Difference between SSD and HDD for storage?

    What is the difference? I'm going to buy a new PC, currently this one has 1TB storage and the one i'm thinking of buying has 240SSD.. But i don't know the difference and it sounds like very little space. Can anyone explain this to me? Thanks in advance.
  11. S

    Amd ryzen 3 2200g

    Is this good for gaming? Can it atleast give me 40 fps in battlefield 1 and cod ww2? Amd ryzen 3 2200g Msi B350m pro vd plus Build in radeon vega 8 Kingston hyperx 8gb ddr4 2400mhz 1tb hdd
  12. J

    Need help on picking a camera for Distant scenery photo taking

    Hey Guys, I have recently come up with a plan of travelling and visiting famous mountains around the world and would like to purchase a camera to take photos for each mountain I set foot on... I have never learnt any knowledge about photographing and the only devices I have used for photoing so...
  13. M

    Ryzen CPU Fan

    Hello, I recently built a system mainly based on RGB lighting. I purchased a CoolerMaster MA610P which did a poor job at cooling my Ryzen 1600x for the price and the 2 120mm fans. I swapped it out for an Artic Cooler Freezer 7 Pro, which was only $25 and did a better job than the CoolerMaster...
  14. george p66

    i7 3770 OC 4.1GHz with watercooling, getting high temps

    Hey guys, I recently got a new water cooler (coolermaster ml240l) to use with my i7 3770 (OC to 4.1GHz). The temps are really high (around 70-76C) on full load with prime95, and around 32-42C on idle. My case is well ventilated and dusted, also I have set the radiator fans to run at 100% when...
  15. M

    how to configure 3 linksys routers (each with static ips) connected to a uverse modem/router

    I have been using the same config for years, but recently have had trouble seeing more than one of the other devices on the network. The other servers or pcs can see devices that I cannot see from my pc. (sometimes I see 1 pc and other times, several). This is tough when you want to copy files...

    front fan set up

    I have various types of fans on my custom built pc , the build is housed in a cooler master haf x tower. if I put my hand across the front of the pc I can feel a very cold blast of air coming out. I can also feel cold air coming out of the vents in the top of the case , this air is from the cpu...
  17. A

    Does using udimm or dimm matter ?

    Hello there smart ppl. I am paranoyed right now of the fact that I've just bought ddr4 4gb ram udimm. I am on a tight budget so to punches this ram I gave like 90$ ( that would be the price if you lived in my counter) but w/e! I am using the MSI B250M Bazooka motherboard and will there be a...
  18. S

    PC started shutting down upon firing up a game

    As the title describes, I turned my computer on today and something that I've never had happen before started to happen. Every game immediately crashed my computer the moment I turned it on (within 3 to 10 seconds). I ran a CPU/RAM benchmark and it came out without a problem but when I ran a GPU...
  19. M

    WD 500GB hard drive.

    I don't know where the hard drive came from, can I plug it in my Toshiba satellite
  20. I

    Front Panel Audio produces static while gaming

    So I have a small issue with my front panel audio on my Corsair SPEC-01. When my HyperX Cloud Core headset is plugged into my front panel on the case I get constant static in my right ear and faintly in my left. however, it only happens while a game is open. Watching videos or anything else is...