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    Question How can I make my CoolerMaster H500 RGB lights work?

    I have a Coolermaster H500 RGB case, paired with an MSI b350M Gaming Pro , and I have the attachment Coolermaster provides to control the lights but I don't know how or where that hooks up to to make the lights RGB. They're just glowing red right now like my motherboard. Any help would be...
  2. [SOLVED] Running RGB Fans without Computer/Motherboard

    Hey everyone, I am a bit of new guy here when it comes to PC related stuff so thanks for taking the time to try and help me out. What I am trying to do here is I am building a custom monitor riser for my desk and want to install some RGB fans on it to help circulate air flow in my office (I...
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    Question My motherboard has a 4 pin led strip connector but rgb fans I want to install require a 3-pin. What should I do?

    The mobo I have is the MSI X370 Gaming Pro Carbon. All RGB fans require a 3-pin but I do not believe it has any. What was included with the motherboard was a RGB extension that allows me to split two RGB LED Strips, both having 4-pin connectors. Please let me know what I have to do. Thank you.
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    Question PC doesn't fully turn off when i Shut Down

    Hi. I recently built a new PC running on Windows 10 OS. The first week or so it ran perfectly with no issue at all. The only problem now and it has lasted a few weeks is that when I Shut Down properly from Windows itself, the case fans, cpu fan and the RGB lighting all stay on unless I hold...
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    Question Fans spin 2 second then stop

    Hello , i used my pc for 3 months today i playing games pc is shut but slowly after that i try to start pc but fans spin 3 sec then stop and phase leds light green green orange red Motherboard: GA-P55-US3L CPU: Xeon X3440 Grpaichs card: Gtx 950 Ram: 4gb 1333mhz
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    Question Need some RGB experience

    Hello all, I am planning on a massive upgrade to my whole computer in the next two or three months. I will have a custom liquid cool loop which i have experience in but i am trying to jump on the RGB bandwagon but i am confused a bit. The simple question is i want to put a ton of rgb fans (I...
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    Question 5pin to 4 pin and how to connect more fans

    I've got a cougar vortex FCB 120mm fans and i got a MSI x470 motherboard I try to connect my 5 pin fan connector to my motherboard 4 pin as i heard that it works but it doesn't fit it looks like the 5 pin is too small to go plug onto the motherboard. also I have 5 fans but my motherboard only...
  8. hyperjcm

    Question Can i plug 5 fans to one header?

    I bought some cheap 120mm led case fans off eBay and connected it to one system fan header using fan splitters. so far it works fine in pwm mode, but in dc mode the fan leds blink like it stops for a sec and turns back on which made me worried if the fans require more power than what the header...
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    [SOLVED] Do I need the Corsair Commander Pro?

    Hi, I’ve recently built my first pc and I’ve installed two Corsair LL120 RGB Fans and Corsair RGB Strips. Can I just use the Node pro and fan hub for my strips and fans rather than by the Commander Pro? If so, how do I got about this? Thanks
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    [SOLVED] Can I connect these fans to my motherboard?

    Hi! I'm building my first computer and I would like to ask if these fans are compatible with the Asrock B450M Pro4 or the MSI B450 Gaming Pro Carbon AC. It says that these fans are for a radiator but I do not intend on water-cooling, so I don't know if they can be used as just case fans. Thank...
  11. byler47

    [SOLVED] 5v & 12v RGB Headers

    I'm pretty new to the RGB thing, but I just bought a 6 pack of RGB fans to bling my PC up a bit. The hub takes a 4 pin fan and 3 pin 5v RGB header. My motherboard is a B350M Bazooka, and I'm not seeing a 3 pin 5v RGB Header anywhere, but I do see a 4 pin 12v one. Did I screw up? Is there an...
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    Question Why did my case fan stopped working?

    I have a Zalman I3 series case. The last 2 months everything was fine, but suddenly the leds and fans stopped working. Is there a way to solve this? Thank you in advance.
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    Question Are these fans and controller compatible with the motherboard?

    Hi! I would like to ask if these fans and controller work with the Asrock B450M Pro4. I searched in the Thermaltake website but I didn't find anything saying it was Polychrome RGB compatible. Thank you in advance! Fans <---
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    [SOLVED] Are these fans compatible?

    I am building my first PC and I would like to know if these RGB fans are compatible with the motherboard and case. I would really I appreciate you guys’s help! Morherboard: Asrock B450M Pro4 Case: Meshify C TG Fans...