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  1. ntzntz

    Question RGB not synced

    Hi. I hope i posted into the right place. Recently i did a build for someone that even if i told him im not yet into rgb and lights setups he wanted to do something. I failed of course on syncing the pump with the lights from the fan and that is the reason i am here. First here are the...
  2. C

    [SOLVED] Can someone explain fan connectors?

    So I have a Aorus B450 Pro WiFi motherboard, recently I have bought 2 Corsair L20 rgb fans, I have 5 different fan headers I can plug into. The problem is that my NZXT H700 case came with the stock front fans, which all connect in to one fan connector, so one of my fan headers is powering all...
  3. S

    [SOLVED] My molex fans are working but the rgb part isn't.

    I have musetex molex fans (4) and I bought a molex to 3 pin fan adapter, and the fans spin but the rgb isn't working.
  4. R

    [SOLVED] RGB Fan Help

    I have a MSI B450 Gaming Pro Carbon AC motherboard and a Corsair Carbide Series SPEC-DELTA RGB case. I hooked it up and everything works and runs fine but I can't figure out how/where to connect my led fans to on the motherboard. I've done some research and am thinking I need the corsair fan...
  5. Corionreed

    [SOLVED] Special fans aren't working

    Hey so I just built my first pc. Everything is working great. Temps are good, the only problem I'm having having is that the LEDs on my fans aren't working. I thought I found the problem, being that i had to connect the a controller box to the power supply but whenever I do that the pc then...
  6. D

    Question Motherboard not drawing enough power to ll120 fans??

    Hey everyone, so I've been having issues with my ll120 fans that are directly connected through my motherboards system fan headers while another two ll120 fans are connected to a separate header that is not related to the motherboard, however they also power system fans. My problem is that the 2...
  7. charley beamish

    Question Pc case fans.

    evening all, yesterday i bought a new PC case and i built my PC inside of it. (First time) and ive done it all correctly and its working fine. However, my front 3 PC fans dont light up. They spin and work fine but dont light up. My mobo is atx and the fans are powered from molex. Can anyone try...
  8. calebscedeno

    Question Will these fans work with this Motherboard?

    I wanted to buy these fans, but before I do i want to make sure they work. I know my motherboard cant control ARGB, but i was wondering if i can still control them using the controller or something. (I don't know too much about all the different numbered pin connectors and all the wiring, that's...
  9. W

    Question Do I need a fan hub? feat. ARGB

    Hey, first of all, I've read a few forum questions about this topic but I want to be absolutely sure, not to have any unpleasant surprises. I have 3 Alpenfohn ARGB fans, and plan to buy another 3. I want to connect them all in a daisy chaining via one ARGB header. My mobo is Asus B450-E Gaming...
  10. CrooKIDinK

    Question can all fans on an Ender 3 printer share a common ground?

    Want to reduce the number of wires for fans at 3d print head.
  11. M

    Question Will RGB lights work with my motherboard?

    Hello guys.. I'm really lost right now. I want to buy RGB fans for my first PC that I built, but I don't know if my motherboard supports it. It's ASRock Z170M Pro4S Reading the manual didn't help as I found no mention at all of RGB. Put my PC part picker build still lists RGB fans as...
  12. ihavetheworstpc

    Question Question about fan hubs

    I'm going to buy the MSI B450 Gaming Plus MOBO, and I'm wondering if i can plug a fan hub into a 5050 RGB LED Header for my fan hub? im going to buy these fans
  13. JTBell94

    Question Fans and RGB run when the system is off

    I recently updated the CPU, Motherboard, and RAM on my system. I am now running a Ryzen 7 2700x on an MSI b450 Tomahawk with 16GB GSKill Ripjaws DDR4 3200. The system boots and runs without error. However, when I shutdown the system all fans and RGB's on the entire system run at full blast; even...
  14. Arno__Dorian

    Question RGB Fans

    Hey guys, I recently switched from the Redragon Sideswipe casing to the Cooler Master H500P Mesh. I installed the fans which came with the Redragon casing into the CM one. The thing is, those fans have led strips around them and the lighting features are controlled by a wireless remote. The...
  15. G

    Question Swapping CULLINAN MX RGB fans with Kraken X62

    First PC build ever, and I'm as dumb as I am good. Using a CULLINAN MX RGB ATX Mid Tower Gaming case and wanting to install a KRAKEN X62 cooling system. I bought the case in part for the LED aesthetic of the fans, but it's looking like I have to replace the fans with those of the Kraken. Is it...
  16. G

    Question corsair 570x asus strix rx580 sync rgb

    Hi i was just wondering if there was a way that i could use any software or any fan controllers to recognize my 4xsp120 fans that are on my case. Currently they are operated by the fan controller on the front but is there a fan controller e.g corsair commander i could buy so that asus aura can...
  17. A

    Question How many ARGB Fans can i connect into a single ADD PORT (MOBO)

    So basically if i had 6 PCCOOLERS CORONA fans (they come in a 3 pack with a 1 to 3 connector for ARGB) if i buy an extra 1 to 3 connector, can i connect the 6 fans into the MOBO? Or i need a HUB? If that is the case, how many is the limit of fans one single ADD PORT can handle? If you need the...
  18. M

    Question Cheap RGB Cases

    I plan on building a new pc for the first time in a few years in around January time and I've been trying my best to find/source all of the components that I think make sense for me however I am struggling on 1 piece. The case. My current PC was built shortly before all of the RGB fans and...
  19. T

    Question Fan Keep raving up on small CPU load

    I have just build a new PC with the aim of making it as quiet as possible. Everything works fine except for the fans which rev up every time the CPU has load even if the load is for like 2 seconds and the CPU at 25" running cold. This makes using the PC rather annoying as it keeps raving up and...
  20. L

    Question RGB fans not working after messing in bios

    So I wanted to turn down my fan activation limit ( so they speed up when the temp is lower) I did that and it works but my RGB's stopped working. It's a deep cool liquid cooling system where the water pump also lights up. I've tried reverting the changes messing around with PWM and dc power...