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  1. B

    Question Daisy-chaining ARGB Fans ?

    Greetings all! I’m delving into ARGB for the first time, building a PC for my nephew and have a question re: how many fans I can daisy chain off one ARGB connector. The motherboard I’m using for the build, the Asus ROG Strix B550-F Gaming, has 1 ARGB header and the fans I’m using are the...
  2. M

    Question HP 500B Microtower won't display and the power lights are off ?

    good day My HP 500B Microtower which was working fine yesterday won't display. When trying to turn it on this morning the fans work, all peripheral's work (mouse, keyboard, and any other USB devices). The power button lights don't show and it's not displaying anything. After googling I have...
  3. Daniel00

    Question First time PC build, some components won’t turn on ?

    I dun goofed somewhere, I’ve really been saving up forever to build my first ever pc but my attempt was not successful. I spent all day setting up and building it and once I finished I decided to test out if everything worked fine before connecting a monitor and/or installing windows. When...
  4. devsess

    Question How do I connect 6 ( 2 different brands 3 each) RGB fans together?

    I just purchased the NZXT H6 flow RGB case which comes with 3 RGB fans. I also just bought an MSI MagCoreLiquid 360r V2 (cpu cooler) which comes with 3 RGB fans as well. How would I connect them to my case? I got the power connected for all 6 fans and when I turn my computer on they all spin...
  5. Onemanual

    Question My 3 front fans, stopped working.

    I have a CMP505 Cooler master that has 3 fans on the front. They do weird noises from time to time. I live near a highway so sometimes, when a truck goes by my whole shakes a little, so the pc sometimes shake as well. Today they made another wird noise, but then started to make some hard noise...
  6. H

    Question How do I restructure my fans?

    I will have 2500RPM 120mm fans and 140mm 1500RPM fans Do the fans with the higher RPM go to the radiator (AIO 360mm cooler) and the slower wider bigger fans to the case fan locations? Or vice versa? To maximize performace and minimize noise
  7. dmk1701

    Question RGB dimmed or off completely on Corsair fans ?

    Hi I built my PC back in 2020 and it has worked very reliably since then however in the past few weeks I've been having issues with my Corsair ll120 fans RGB. The fans spin fine, so no issue there, but the LED lights on 3 of the 6 fans are faulty. Two of them don't light up at all and one is...
  8. M

    Question Case fans stopped lighting up about a year into use

    As it says, after a year of no issues one day my fan lights stopped lighting up. They will also turn back on what seems to be completely randomly but I'm not sure. I've looked it up and the things I've already tried are; cleaning PC/PSU, updating Motherboard drivers, seeing if it's an app I...
  9. Ramiro.Giorgi

    Question argb fans not working on new mobo.

    So recently i bought a new motherboard (msi b550 pro-vdh wifi) and i cant seem to make my two argb fans light up with the msi mystic light software. I have the two fans connected via a coolermaster ARGB splitter cable yo my JRAIBOW1 connector of the motherboard. On my previous one it worked...
  10. Ramiro.Giorgi

    Question MSI Mystic Light and OpenRGB won't recognize my case fans ?

    So i just bought a new MSI B550m-Pro VDH WiFi motherboard and installed all my components. Everything works fine, except i have 2 argb fans (id cooling tf 12025 argb) and cant control the lighting on the fans not with msi mystic light or OpenRGB, the light wont even turn on. should this be an...
  11. M

    Question [ARGB FANS] Would 2,8A (out of max 3,0A for a connector) damage my LEDs? Or the MOBO?

    Title is quite chaotic so let me explain I have 7 Arctic P14 ARGB fans, and all of them daisy-chained connected to one slot would require 2,8A (per one fan - 0,4A / 5V / 12 LEDs) My MOBO states, that one (ADD GEN2_X) connector has the max rating of 3,0A / 5V / 500 LEDs So the LED requirement...
  12. Aliens-are-amongst-us-123

    Question RGB Fan help!

    Newbie here. Just upgraded to a different case. And it came with 6 RGB fans preinstalled. I had an old phanteks case with only two fans Now the problem. I have an MSI B350M bazooka motherboard with the 4pin RGB and two slots for SYS-FANS. Fans are working great now how do I get the RGB to work...
  13. D

    Question Best case fan upgrade for the fractal pop air rgb

    I'm looking to upgrade from the stock case fans provide with the fractal pop air as I'm not completely happy with the temps, looking at 2 140mm fans in the front but not sure about the back and just wondering what recommendations there are. With it having a thin mesh on the front I'm wondering...
  14. KayyIsHere

    Question Front chassis fans aren't spinning, dimly glowing and letting out one long beep.

    Build: Corsair 4000D Airflow Case ASUS TUF B450-PLUS Gaming ii Ryzen 5 - 3600x Nvidia RTX 3070 Corsair Vengeance RGB PRO 32gb (16 x 2) DDR4 3600MHz Corsair RM850x 850, 80 Plus Gold Corsair AF120, 120mm (Chassis Fans) Okay so, I replaced my old PSU (VS650) with my new RM850x. The PC boots and...
  15. S

    Question How to connect ARGB to non-ARGB mobo?

    Hello People :) Lately i purchased 3x Masterfan 120 Halo from Coolermaster which came with an ARGB Controller. (Please check the images). Unfortunately later i got informed that my Motherboard ( DS3H B450M rev.1) doesn't have ARGB header. My questions are: Will there be any damage if i connect...
  16. M

    Question NZXT Kraken Z63 fans not lighting up

    The fans suddenly stop lighting up, ive run into this issue before, where they just stop working then they suddenly start working. This time they're just not coming back. I can control them in the cam software; fan speeds. But RGB is completely out of the question, the fans dont even show up in...
  17. M

    Question No ARGB header on mobo ?

    hey guys so I dont have an ARGB header on my motherboard but i have an ARGB CPU cooler so what i was wondering was can i connect the argb fan header on my cpu cooler to the argb light strip header on my fan controller ? Your help will really be appreciated thanks.
  18. inkdrasil

    Question NZXT Fan Controller + additional fans not working? Advice appreciated!

    Hey there! Hoping someone here can help me out. I bought and installed a Kraken z73 with no issues (Cooler, LCD screen and included RGB fans are working as they should). I wanted some additional fans and lighting so I grabbed three AER 2 RGB fans and the NZXT fan controller hub. My issue is...
  19. bagofdonuts

    [SOLVED] RGB on case fans and CPU cooler don't light up ?

    I’ve just finished building my girlfriend a computer and upon starting it up both the rgb for the cpu cooler and the case fans don’t even start. The cpu and gpu fans work fine and I am able to access the computer no problem. I am fairly certain this is a wiring error could anyone tell me what...
  20. Ramiro.Giorgi

    [SOLVED] ARGB lighting cases fans not working.

    Hey people so a few weeks ago i purchased two id coolings TF-12025 ARGB fans to put in my nzxt s340 case. I had to buy an argb splitter cable from cooler master to install them directly to the motherboard and when i installed them it worked fine, giving full argb lighting and spining correctly...

    Question Cooler Master C700P - how to attach fan controller to motherboard?

    Hello, I have a new Cooler Master C700P case ( and so far it has been great. I have two issues: 1) There are four USB 3.0 connectors for the case, with two connectors. My motherboard only has one of these headers...
  22. TheHellTaykr

    [SOLVED] Fan Leds won't work unless I tap tower.

    Alright so this is "my LED fans wont work" number 874 but here is the synopsis. I bought some cheap GIM fans for my first tower. When I power it on all fans are working but the leds on the fans work for a split second before shutting off. Upon further investigation when I tap the power it turns...
  23. Vilqx

    [SOLVED] Issues with MSI ARGB fans showing up in MSI Center

    I just got a new case from MSI that comes with 4 ARGB fans, and I will list my specs below. Case: MSI GUNGNIR 110R (new) Mobo: Gigabyte B450m DS3H GPU: Msi Armor RX 570 8 gb CPU: Ryzen 5 2600 Ram: 32 GB Corsair RGB RT (4x8) So, my issue is that I don't know how to integrate these fans into the...
  24. ProPrimoz

    [SOLVED] Fan is spinning but rgb color is freezing

    Hello! I bought a PC for my friend a week ago. I built them and everthing is working perfectly but I install 3 rgb fans Chieftec Tornado, when I run a pc and it appear that rgb is freezing (some lights are on and it isn't change color, some lights are off and some lights are works normally). I...
  25. MrBuushy

    [SOLVED] Controlling RGB fans with motherboard

    Basically, I bought a 'KOLINK Observatory Lite RGB Midi Tower' and connected the fans to the hub it provided, then connected the SATA to my PSU and the RGB lead to my motherboard which is a Gigabyte B560 AORUS PRO AX ATX Motherboard . The fans can only be controlled by the remote and won't be...
  26. Zeekqtt

    [SOLVED] Will these 5 items work together CPU/MB/cooling/memory /gpu
  27. Twistfaria

    [SOLVED] RGB not working through 2nd Lighting Node Core

    I have 13 RGB fans utilizing these Corsair hubs: Commander Pro (x1) (not using the lighting channels on it at all as it only works with lighting node pro) Commander Core (x1) Lighting Node Core (x2) All fans are running but the 4 fans plugged into one of the lighting node cores are not lit...
  28. Twistfaria

    [SOLVED] 13 rgb fans 1 commander pro 1 commander core HELP

    Ok so yes overkill on fans and RGB I KNOW! Setup: three front intake fans, three bottom intake fans, 3 RAD intake fans at side of case, 3 top fans outtake and 1 rear fan outtake. I’m in the process of installing everything and am trying to think ahead for wiring it all up. I’m trying to figure...
  29. E

    Question Top case fans not lighting up all the time and power button flickering, related ?

    I built my first PC about a month ago and I've had some problems with the fan lights and the power button light. I have 3 RGB fans, but only the one in the front of the case lights up consistently. (it is in slot 1 of their LED hub). The other two, the top two, only light up sometimes. It's...
  30. Banana peel

    Question USB headers gigabyte b450 ds3h

    I’m installing new Corsair exhaust fans and I can seem to find if my mobo has more than one usb header for the controller all I see is one for the usb connections for the case could I remove those and be safe I don’t use them I would rather not but my 2070 super needs cooling
  31. VinceG.

    [SOLVED] HELP! Corsair LED Case Fans Connected to PSU not working!

    Case Fans: Corsair Case Fans AF120 Blue LED x3 Power Supply: XPG Core Reactor 650W Gold Modular Power Supply Cable used to connect to PSU: Molex to 3x3 Pin or 4 Pin Computer PC Case Fan Power Splitter Adapter Cable I was using the Molex adapter cable to connect the Corsair fans to PSU directly...
  32. C

    [SOLVED] Corsair 465x case question

    So i recently bought a corsair 465x case, and it came with 3 Corsair LL120 (rgb) fans and a Corsair Lighting node core. I noticed that the fans were pre wired to the lnc and the lnc was powered by a sata cable and connected to the mobo using usb 2.0. In the front (where the mobo goes) I noticed...
  33. C

    Question what do i need to buy to make these leds work

    So ive had this case for a while and i didnt really care about the leds, but i want them to work now, and i assume i need a fan controller or a header on my motherboard to plug these in also some leds work somehow my case is the aerocool shard and...
  34. menezeshda

    [SOLVED] Lian Li Lancool Mesh II

    Hello guys,i have a lian li lancool mesh ii case and a MSI Z490 a-pro motherboard,is there something i can do to control the rgb of the fans that come with case (frontal 3) ?? sorry im kinda noob xD, thx
  35. Ming60

    [SOLVED] How many fans can a coolermaster ARGB controller connects

    I already had a ML240L connected to the ARGB controller and I am looking forward to buy 4 separate fans of ML120 Halo which doesn't come with a controller, so am I able to connect those ML120 Halo to the ARGB controller? ARGB controller...
  36. Lucap208

    Question Pc randomly crashed and gpu fans no longer spin as well as no display

    I was playing my pc and all of the sudden it turned off. I then tried to start it again and the gpu fan wouldn’t spin and their would be no signal. I plugged my other gpu that also doesn’t display anymore into the same slot and the fans spin on that gpu but not the other. I’ve tried unplugging...
  37. omerdai

    Question Help Motherboard light problem

    Hi, I have my pc for a tear now and I don't usually have problems with it, today I wanted to check something with the RGB fans and by mistake one cable has disconnected and I reconnected it since then something really strange is happening, the front RGB fans are stuck with blue light the CPU fan...
  38. W

    [SOLVED] how many fans can i fit on this motherboard????

    hi i have a micro atx tuf gaming b450m plus motherboard and just wondering how many rgb fans I can possibly fit on it, trying to get as much as possible.
  39. Haydez999

    Question RGB Fans Flashing Red

    Hey everyone. Recently I noticed my front two fans have turned red no matter what color i set the overall lighting too, and now they have started blinking red. The fans are still active, but obviously the flashing lights are telling me something is wrong (pc doesn't seem to overheat still.) Help?
  40. L

    [SOLVED] ARGB fans just works 2 colors

    First of all, forgive my english, im brazilian... hope you guys understand. Well, i bought a new pc for video editing, but im having some issues building this machine. In this pc i have three rgb itens connected to the motherboard. -cpu fan -ram -2 fan cases The cpu fan and ram is working...