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  1. O

    Question Generic USB Joystick Analog sticks turn in a square pattern

    Hello , I am new here . The problem I am having with this joystick is this , when i look at the gamepad calibration on windows 10 both analog sticks have deadzones in 4 direction up down left and right. Firstly...
  2. Raydge

    Question X-Input controller is stuck on Player 2 when connected.

    Hello. I bought a Genesis P65 controller yesterday and I can't get it to work correctly. When I connect the thing it gets stuck on Player 2 and won't budge. As you can guess, this way games can't recognize the controller input and I pretty much can't use it for anything. It's worth mentioning...
  3. B

    Question Last hope at getting a controller to work on my PC. Any help is SO much appreciated.

    Hello everyone, this is my very first post on this forum. Around 2 days ago I bought a USB PS3 controller knock-off on eBay from a seller from China. It is wired and connected through USB. The thing arrived nicely packaged and all that during the specified time range. So I plug it into my...
  4. rcheulishvil

    Question Trover saves the universe - Can't see my gamepad

    Hi! So this game is basically dedicated to be played with a gamepad. I have 3 of them, all 3 function perfectly in other games (pes, RE 2, Tekken etc.) But this game doesn't even recognize them. I've used xinput on other games earlier, but even xinput can't help the situation. Does anyone...
  5. J

    Question Windows 10 Steam UI Build

    I am creating a gaming build for my father for father's day. He would like to use the system like a console where he would only need to use a controller to access his steam user account (different from admin). I'm wondering if there is a way to create a custom way to login to Windows 10 with an...
  6. A

    Question PC gamepads stopped working in some games

    I have a Logitech F310 gamepad that I use to play some games on PC. It worked very well for about a year, but then I noticed that in some games it either did not work or some buttons were swapped with one another. The controller worked perfectly fine with these games before but then it just...
  7. T

    Question Gamepad gives error after connecting (Power surge on the USB port)

    I bought a new gamepad ( Speedlink strike NX), and i have used it for around 2 weeks. One day i connected it to my laptop and had error saying that Unknown USB device needs more power than the port can supply. I went to the place where i bought because I still had warranty , guy connects gamepad...
  8. J

    Question Issue with RX 480

    Hello, I've been having a problem with my RX480 GPU. For some reason it's clock speed is locked down to 1220MHz and Memory Clock is locked to 7840 MHz according to GPU Tweak II. It is really bothering me as I cannot change my clocks at all now. I've also tried using Afterburner but cannot even...
  9. jozefeenie

    Allied 500W PSU with GTX 1060

    I want to upgrade my GPU from an MSI RX 460 2GB OC to an MSI GTX 1060 6GB, and my PSU should be big enough, but after searching online to see what power pins it had, I’m having some doubts about the quality/safety of the PSU. My computer was an iBuyPower pre-build, and I had no idea what PSU it...
  10. R

    RAM compatibility Issue

    Hi I just selected these specs for my new ryzen PC build! AMD Ryzen 5 2400G Gigabyte AORUS B450 Elite Toshiba 1TB HDD Sata 7200RPM now the last thing is the ram issue! I can buy them in Chile because my brother is there! I have selected these RGB rams by Crucial & only one by HyperX these are...
  11. A

    [SOLVED] i have high fps but screen is tearing need help I´m desperate

    Hello I need help I built new pc but as title says my screen is tearing, and audio is tearing with it. Here are few wids I recorded with phone they are all just few seconds long( at phone it is really hard to spot but at my 144Hz monitor these tears are horrible)
  12. D

    Cpu sounds loud

    Hello everyone Recently I cleaned my rig. Since then when I turn on the pc, it starts normal with less noise and as soon it get to windows login screen. I hear fans running at max (that's what I feel) and it stays throughout. I have attached a snap shot of my bios screen. Running games and...
  13. A

    [SOLVED] Computer won't start with 'new' GPU installed

    Hi, all! I have an interesting problem that maybe you can help me solve! I bought a used GTX 970 off of a guy for dirt cheap, and went to test it in my system - but my system doesn't start with the 970 installed. The lights flash in my system for maybe a quarter second when I press the power...
  14. W

    [SOLVED] asus strix 1080

    Hi I've ran a gtx 980 for a long time. I since just upgraded to a strix 1080. I've ran dual monitors on my gtx 980 with no problems. Now since I've started using the gtx 1080 my boot comes on my secondary monitor the only way I can fix it is by unplugging the monitors and plugging them back in...
  15. M

    No video output after bios screen. Video cards makes weird noise

    So I was helping my friend with his new build. It's a Ryzen 1600 with a Gigabyte 570. Any time we boot up after the bios screen goes away the video card loses signal and makes a weird noise.. Here's a link to a video on YT of it As you can hear it...
  16. M

    The new 2000's GeForce gpu

    So pros 20 percent faster not an issue for fps Can play any game Has some new technology that only they can tell me how it works? Cons Price 1.I can't think in competitive gaming where graphics will make u better 2. I remember when a little fps lag helped get hs in CS source 3. Ghost recon...
  17. D

    "infected computer" screen plus my OneDrive photos

    I have run across the "infected computer" screen before, but yesterday I got the infected computer screen with my OneDrive photo folder popup on top of it. I was concerned by this so I ran a root scan. Then I went back to the same place and sure enough along with the "infected computer" screen...
  18. N

    microphone wont work on my headset for PC

    I just bought a turtle beach Ear Force Recon 50 headset for my pc because the other headset i had, the sound worked but the microphone didnt. Now the same thing is happening on the turtle beach one and i dont know how to fix it, ive been trying different things for hours. UPDATE: it works when...
  19. B

    Internet extremely slow

    Hello So today i built a pc from my old one with new specs. I reinstalled windows 7 and wiped everything off ( my games and useless stuff) And when i downloaded the drivers and everything and also the updates windows 7 asked me, the internet was fine and all till i restarted the pc. When i...
  20. S

    Water Cooling issue

    Does anyone knows if there is an adapter or hardware to make a Deep Cool Captain 120 EX works in a AM4 system? Deep Cool technical support is a joke.