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    Question GigaByte B360N WIFI boot from M.2 SSD

    Hi, I would like to know if GigaByte B360N WIFI (2018 version) is able to boot from a M.2 SSD (SATA or PCIe based), Thank you!
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    [SOLVED] New B450 Build Hangs Pre-Bios

    Just finished my upgrade to the MSI B450 Tomahawk motherboard paired with a Ryzen 5 2600X. Booted fine first time, installed all the usual MSI software through LiveUpdate. Have yet to do any serious overclocking beyond pressing 'game mode' However at every following startup, the system will...
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    [SOLVED] Will my Be Quiet Dark Rock 4 fit my corsair 275r case?

    Hey there! I am creating my first PC build and I am super excited about it. Here is a link to all my PC components I am getting if it helps My biggest concern is that I am not entirely sure if my CPU cooler is going to fit into my case? and if it does is...
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    Question 450W PSU Enough for 1660 Ti?

    So I'm planning to upgrade my system ( r5 1600 @ 3.65 GHz, 1050 Ti G1 Gaming Gigabyte, 8 GB RAM @ 2400 MHz, AB350 Gaming Mobo and Corsair VS 450 Series ). On Nvidia site it says that the recommended PSU for 1660 Ti is 450 W, but my PSU is not with Gold or Platinum Certification bs. Therefore, my...
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    Question I have a few questions

    Well i wanted to buy Asus p8h67m-pro MB , I5 2400 cpu , GTX 760 2gb gpu. Well i have a few questions 1.Will my MB support my GPU 2.What PSU do i need.i was thinking to buy 550w psu. 3.How good is it for gaming? (fortnite,csgo)
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    [SOLVED] Connecting cable to motherboard.

    Hi! I'm having problems with connecting this front panel cable to my new motherboard. My PC is Lenovo Erazer X310, and the new mobo is MSI MAG Z390M MORTAR. Do I need an adapter of some sort? I've heard that pre-built PC case's front panel connectors...
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    [SOLVED] Is this a worthwhile upgrade right now?

    My current build is this CPU: i3-6100 GPU: GTX 960 2gb RAM: 8gb 3200 But I would be changing to this CPU: i5-9400F GPU: 1660TI or 1660 (when it comes out) RAM: matching set of 8gb to bring to 16gb With a new mobo this would all come to $550-$600 depending on the GPU I get and any price...
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    [SOLVED] Dual channel question

    Hi! I'm planning to build 2 budget gaming pc. I want them to run in dual channel, supposedly 2x4gb (total of 8gb). In our store they only sell 1 stick 4gb and 1 stick of 8gb same brand, not in pairs. Is it ok to buy two 4gb for each pc even though it doesn't come in pairs, will it run dual...
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    Question Which CPU upgrade is better?

    Hi, I'm currently running an i5-4670k OC to 4.00GHz, but even after the overclock I'm starting to notice my CPU falling behind on most recent games. I've been looking up benchmarks, comparisons for some CPU's Due to the fact i gotta replace ram, mobo and CPU i need to find out what will last me...
  10. Question Asus P7H55 motherboard ic

    Hi, I just started a build for my little brother who doesn't have much money to spend. So I was searching through a second hand site and find quite a sweet deal on a motherboard, cpu and ram. However the owner said it came out of a pc that wouldn't turn on anymore, however I took the risk. Now...
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    Question MB and case/chassis for 4 Intel Xeon E5-4650 v2 and 2 Geforce 2080 Ti

    So, at my university's research lab we got our hands on 4 cpus Intel Xeon E5-4659 v2 and on 2 top-notch gpus Nvidia GeForce 2080 Ti. Nonetheless, it has proven hard to find a proper motherboard and server/workstation chassis/case/tower to fit all that. That is my question to you all experts...
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    Question Installing used ssd with data to a new pc

    Hello. I was wondering if there are any repercussions i should consider when installing an old M.2 ssd into my new computer since it hasn’t been wiped clean and has windows and some other stuff on it. Also, my motherboard (Asus prime z370p) manual says “When a device in SATA mode is installed...
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    Question Screen off center after installing new GPU

    So I recently just installed the Radeon r5 240 graphics card into my system, and everything is working fine except for the fact that my screen is off center and about an inch of it is cut off. There is a black bar on the left side of my screen and the right side is cut off. I cannot move the...
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    [SOLVED] Upgrading From a 4.5 year old Gaming PC

    Hi, I'm looking to upgrade my gaming PC from this build: PCPartPicker Link (actually still performs surprisingly well, just struggles with the likes of pubg at 1080p, although is still playable) Looking at purchasing a Ryzen 5 2600x MSI B450 GAMING PLUS Motherboard Corsair Vengeance LPX (2x...
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    Question Kingston A400 HP probook 640 - can install Windows but not boot

    Evening all, I'm running a HP ProBook 640 with a 128GB Lite-On SSD and recently bought a Kingston A400 480GB SSD as I was running out of space. Having put the new drive in the laptop, I booted up the Windows 7 DVD (same one used for original install) and everything seemed to install ok up to...
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    Question Best rtx 2060

    Hi , next month i planning to pick rtx 2060 . I have 3 choice Msi rtx 2060 ventus xs - $373 Zotac rtx 2060 amp - $403 Galax rtx 2060 1 click-oc - $368 Which one is better and good quality ?
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    Question i7 8086K 24/7 OC

    Hi i want to OC my i7 8086k to 5GHz. I need advice if its safe to do it on a non delided cpu. I have never oc cpus so im not familiar to high temps so i need to know what would be a limit and what would be the sweet spot. Im currently running stock at 50C while gaming with a 240mm Corsair AIO...
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    Question PC crashing after installing 16gb module

    So recently I decided to upgrade from 8gb to 16. I heard that mixing two different modules could cause performance issues so I just took out my old 8gb and put in the new 16. After doing that I started experiencing crashes with the Wattman Radeon software. I researched it and found that...
  19. Most of TomsHardware screen is useless

    Here is a screenshot showing how little space is left for content. I have a PC, but it feels like having a tablet TH should consider that, for legibility, users do not use standard zoom. The cross to close google ad at the bottom goes out of the screen. The menu bar at top should be...
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    Question My pc seems broken

    Hi, Background story: RTX 2070 Asus in October-November. All was totally fine with It. Couple of days ago I downloaded metro exodus and started playing. No issues. (I am having Eset Smart Security and Malwarebytes AMW. Nothing found.) So I cant really.alt tab in the game It froze...
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    Question FirePro M5100 in Elitebook 8560W

    Hi all, I hope someone can help me out... I've seen a few videos online of people installing the AMD FirePro M5100 into the HP Elitebook range - 8540w, 8540p, 8560w etc. I've got an 8560w, and have just bought an M5100 to upgrade it, but when I start the laptop, the screen is black. Sometimes...
  22. [SOLVED] Bad stability of my new PC build.

    Hello all, This is first time I asking for a help. I was able to fix things by myself until now. A few weeks ago I builded brand new PC (components are bellow). First, I installed Win 7 x64. I experienced crashes during gameplays, freezing programs etc. Because of this, I bought Win 10 x64, I...
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    [SOLVED] Will my 600w power supply be sufficient for my system?

    Hello, first post here :) I am planning on changing my i5 6500 and I made the decition to buy a Ryzen 7 2700 for 257€ + Gigabyte-x470-aorus-ultra-gaming. As I have to change both components I fear that my 600w power supply will come short. Other components I have are a GTX 1070ti, 2x G-skill...
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    Question Is the HP spectre x360 gem cut 13 inch upgradable in terms of ram, ssd, and wifi card physically?

    Hey guys, I need help choosing the right ultrabook for me. I am in cst major in college as a freshmen, I am a IT Specialist for a small nonprofit part time. I also have the CompTIA a+ and network+ so that's my background so you guys can help me choose based in my wants and needs. So I will be...
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    Question What GPU memory do I need for a 1080p video editing PC?

    I want to go with Nvidia as the brand, and I'd prefer to get a graphics card for less than $300 CND. I don't think I need more than 4Gb memory, but I wanted to ask what your opinion is? Any advice? Thank you!
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    Question Game using 95% of only 1 core - RE2 Remake

    I'm playing RE2 remake, and I just upgraded to a 6 core Ryzen 2600, with 12 threads. When monitoring using Afterburner, I'm seeing most of the load one one of the cores (or threads, as in this particular example it's CPU7). Screenshot Is this normal for a modern game? I thought the CPU...
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    [SOLVED] Computer will not turn on anymore.

    My PC Specs - CPU - Intel i5 1660k GPU - AMD Radeon R9 390 RAM - 2 x 4gb Crucial Ballistix Sport DDR4 BLS4G4D240FSA Motherboard - ASUS Z170 P Power Supply - Corsair CX750M So it started off about a week and a half ago. I was playing Fortnite and had Discord and Google Chrome open, then...
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    Question Ultra cheap low profile video card for light gaming

    Hi everyone. I'm going to upgrade a preassembled core i5 (6th gen.) Trust desktop, which is going to be used for everyday usage and for very light gaming. So, the rig is: Core i5 6th gen(as mentioned before); Trust 1151 mobo; 8gb ddr4 ram; 128gb kingston ssd; 500gb hdd (for storage); 250w psu...
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    Question Please need help

    Hello guys i ve been having this problem whenever i try to play apex legends And i was wondering what this means. I used to have this white tiles when i was playing ARK survival evolved years and years ago and now i am having this in APEX Legends game. What can be causing this problem? View...
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    Should i keep laptop on charger all the time if i have conservation mode on

    I have a LENOVO ideapad 320 and i have installed the energy manager which allows me to use conservation mode. I set it up to charge only up to 60%. Should i let it discharge to 30% and charge it to 60% or keep it on charger at all times? I use the laptop quite often since I am a Web Developer...
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    Couldn't reassemble power button ribbon cable

    I recently took apart my HP laptop to clean four years of dust from around the fan, but putting the laptop back together again I noticed that I could not reconnect the power button to the main board because the ribbon cable was too short. It was running from the power button, *above* the metal...
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    Is 600w psu enough for my system?

    Hi I have FSP Hydro 600W Bronze+ PSU. Is this psu enough for these components? Sapphire Nitro+ Rx590 Ryzen 7 1700 3.65ghz 2x8 gb 3000mhz corsair ram asus b350m-a ssd hdd zalman z9 neo plus with 5fans(connections with molex) I want to buy Rx590 but i do not know. Should i buy a Rx580 or should...
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    Installing Graphics Card With An APU Query

    Hi All Hoping some of you might be able to help me out with a query I have regarding installation procedure for a graphics card into a motherboard with an AMD APU. I'm building a budget PC for my brother, and its currently using the integrated graphics on an AMD A10 9700 APU. He wants me to...
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    Low gpu usage and stuttering Sapphire rx 580 nitro+ 8gb

    I have low gpu usage and stuttering when i do the benchmarking i see that the gpu usage is 99% then it goes to 0% to 30% to 60% ..... etc (not stable) My specs 4gb ram Cpu I5 3340 Hdd 320 500w Motherboard msi h61
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    Cant Figure this out.. PC Hardware Question. Please help a newbie out.

    Long term reader, few time poster here. Here are my specs. ASUS ROG Strix-F X470 Motherboard Ryzen 5 2600X @4.2GHZ all core 1.39V (Fractal S36 360MM AIO Cooling) (Stays very cold) 16GB DDR4 3200 B-Die G.skill 500GB Samsung 960 EVO m2 ssd 6GB RTX 2060 using latest drivers as of 2-1-19 Corsair...
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    No Hdmi signal

    Hi, I recently bought a gaming pc and everything was just fine but sometimes i have no image "no hdmi signal" , one time it worked to reconnect the cable but usually I have to restart the pc , i changed the cable but same story , It never happened while browsing or watching a movie, usually it...
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    Asus R6E and 2 small questions

    Hi, i am building a new pc and since it has been over 14 years from the last i built i am a bit rusty. I bought below parts and i am starting to put them together 1- Asus Rampage VI Extreme 2- Dual Asus Strix 1080TI OC in SLI 3- Samsung 1TB NVMe 4- Delidded I9 7940x 5- 32GB DDR4 3200MHZ Ram...
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    OBS Lagged Frames after fresh System install

    Specs: i7 8700k @ 4.8GHz GIGABYTE GTX 1080 G.Skill Trident Z RGB @ 3200MHz Samsung 970 Evo 250GB (Newly installed, OS and Program storage) Samsung 850 Evo 250GB 2TB HDD Yesterday I installed a new M.2 drive for my OS and program storage, I fresh installed Windows on it. I tried going back to...
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    [SOLVED] 12 year old motherboard works with any gpu?

    if I have a 12 year old motherboard that says the gpu is 25 watt or something limit can I put any gpu and would the motherboard ruin my gpu I also want to know if I can put any psu in my pc with the motherboard or do I have to change it it is an optiplex 390 mini towers motherboard Thanks
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    [SOLVED] Can't Disable Turbo-Mode

    So I'm trying to Overclock my CPU, but for whatever reason I can't disable Turbo-Mode. I have a 4690k and a Asus Sabertooth Z97 Mark 2. When I get in the UEFI I set it to Manual, and then I disable Turbo-Mode. However when I change the Core Ratio it automatically turns Turbo-Mode back on...