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  1. Envelion

    Internet cutting out when computer comes out of sleep mode

    I've been having some annoying computer issues starting about a week ago. My set up is a a desktop Windows 7 PC, which is connected to the modem through the router. I've noticed that lately, if I put my computer to sleep, and then wake it up later, the internet cuts out. The only sure fire way...
  2. B

    any freeware to browse images?

    Currently I am using the default image viewer of windows 10, however, it doesn't seem like I can zoom lock the image which is an important feature I need. Is there any free alternative that I can use? Thanks
  3. O

    Bent radiator fins

    I just dropped my phone on the radiator fins and it bent in the middle, and I just got them... What do I do???? I don't have money to get a new one. Please help... I tried bending it back and it made it worse. Will it affect the performance or will it cause the cooler to leak? I am using a...
  4. S

    Display going black again and again during gaming!

    I set up a very low budget Entry level gaming PC with Gigabyte GeForce GT 1030 2GB GDDR5 with HDMI and DVI-D as outputs Dell E2016HV Monitor (1600*900) with VGA as only input As you may have guessed my problem, I cannot connect these two. So i bought an inexpensive HDMI to VGA converter (does...
  5. M

    New ASrock z370 Taichi build. Dr Debug 00 16 4c. No display

    Just put together a new computer. I've built about 5 in the past, no issues. Now that I've spent the most money on one, of course I'm having issues! I've rebuilt this thing from scratch twice now. Everything is plugged in where it needs to be. The fans all run, the RGB on the mobo/pumps/gpu/RAM...
  6. S

    My Pc isn’t booting with a HDD with Linux installed on it.

    I have a Dell PC which works fine with a Windows 10 HDD but I wanted to use a Linux software for my PC, I put the files required to install the Linux (ubuntu) onto a usb flash drive. I removed the Windows HDD, installed a clean formatted hard drive into my pc, plugged in the USB flash drive back...
  7. R

    I have an Acer laptop - 1tb HDD ,18gb SSD windows is not installing in HDD ,only installing in SSD .

    How to install in HDD and make SSD as cache ,please help me out
  8. B

    How much watts would i need

    Hi im looking to massively upgrade my pc so im wondering what power supply i would need for all of this Specs: i3-7100 kaby lake, I want to get a gtx 1070, 16 gigs of ram, and a ASRock B250 pro4 motherboard What power supply would i need for all of this
  9. S

    Better cooling for PC

    Hi my PC is I think it is a little bit too hot, my graphics card occassionally gets to 80C, should I get more case fans, or replace default case fans with better ones. how much cooler would my PC get if I did that. I heard BE QUIET fans are...
  10. A

    What power cord to buy for my Corsair VS450 psu?

    I bought a VS450 only to find that the cord has US plug. I am from India. The plug says it has a 13 amp fuse. I want to buy a replacement cord but what should the ampere rating be on that?
  11. T

    Should I buy AMD Ryzen Threadripper 1950X or buy a GTX 1080 ti?

    Question is in the title. I currently got an i5 6600K OC to 4.7GHz, GTX 1060, 16gb RAM. I am wanting an upgrade for something. If this were your build, what would you upgrade? EDIT: I know going with the ryzen cpu and new mobo will cost more but that's ok.
  12. L

    Is my hard drive dead?

    Hey guys, so I built my own gaming pc around november-december last year, and it was running smooth. But yesterday I noticed that my Hard Drive (WD Black 2tb) is not recognized on my pc. it didn't show on disk management either. I wasn't able to access my BIOS since I had fast boot on, so I...
  13. N

    Ram slots for GA-B150M-DS3H.

    I am using the GA-B150M-DS3H mobo and want to use two 4gb ddr4 2133, which slots do I put them in? (Black or gray) Thanks
  14. Marshall Honorof

    Amazon Ditches Encryption, Leaving Users Wide Open

    If you have a Kindle Fire device, Amazon has given you two stark and highly insecure choices: lose encryption, or stop updating. Amazon Ditches Encryption, Leaving Users Wide Open : Read more
  15. S

    How I Solved "Display Driver has Recovered" & Blue Screens with GTX 670 and Windows 7 x64

    I've been lurking on this forum for quite some time, but I wanted to share another fix and sets of steps to take that might not be out there for this very frustrating and sometimes mysterious issue that has plagued me on and off this year and the last. If you don't know/understand what this...
  16. D

    My build with AMD A8 7600 and R7 250

    Hi, I try to build my very first PC for gaming and multitasking I'm on budget so I try to keep it around $800. I read around and I see that I can use AMD A8 7600 with a R7 250 card together for dual graphic. Please see if my build works. Thank Here is my build CPU: AMD A8-7600 3.1GHz Quad-Core...
  17. D

    Do I have enough power?

    So I'm getting a i5-4690k here shortly and I want to make sure I have enough power to run everything, an then OC the i5. I have the Evo 212 cooler to add on, and here's the rest of the list. I was thinking I should be good but it never hurts to double check. Also, I am considering an upgraded...
  18. Rooks_

    Testing out CPU/Motherboard, do I need to install stock cooler?

    Hello all, First time builder here, I was recommended to test out my motherboard/cpu on my monitor before installing it inside my case. My question is, for this test, do I need to install the stock cooler for just a test? I will not be using the stock cooler (I am using a aftermarket cooler)...
  19. J

    Quick help with steam please

    I am new to steam so please ignore my newbness.....I have added my friend that I want to play with on the actual steam app and she has accpeted. Now though when I open far cry 3 and try to add friends its says that I don't have any friends although she is clearly added on steam. Very...
  20. G

    pc overheating, please help

    Okay so my graphics card and cpu have been overheating since the longest. All my graphics cards have been reaching up to 100c and my cpu goes up to 80c until it shuts down. I have since switched out my motherboard 3 times. changed my cpu 3 times also. All amd chips its the 8350 And i have...