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    [SOLVED] I have a GTX 1050 and a Ryzen 3 1200 and My Gpu Usage is Low and Cpu Usage is High!!!!

    I have a GTX 1050 and Ryzen 3 1200 and My CPU Usage is High and GPU Usage is Low on CSGO? I have tried many fixes but none seem to be working anyone have a solution??
  2. M

    Question Client server runtime process and Desktop window manager

    So two days ago these two processes showed up on my task manager consuming 10%gpu usage each while watching streams.Note that i have read that they are there by the windows for a purpose but my question is saw them for the first time now. I monitor my pc all the time using cpuid even when i am...
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    Question Gpu Usage 100%

    I have a gtx 1080 brand new and when i play games like rainbow 6 or overwatch where i don't have the settings maxed out and my gpu shouldn't be at 100% usage it is. I know some people are probably going to say thats its good my gpu is being fully used, but it makes a loud buzzing sound when it...
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    Question GPU usage drops to 0 while gaming

    I ve been losing my mind over this, i cant find a fix for it, maybe a month or two ago i started notecing fps drops while playing games and also if i have a game open and i browse the internet (opera) it will sometimes stutter when the gpu usage drops. Please i need you help. My pc specs: CPU...
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    Question If I add another RTX 2080 Ti in NV-Link, will that also double my CPU usage?

    For example, Currently, with my 4k 144hz monitor, my PC usage is as follows under full gaming load: 9900k CPU usage: 30% RTX 2080 Ti GPU usage: 100% If I add another RTX 2080 Ti in NV-LINK, will that also double my CPU usage under full gaming load? 9900k CPU usage: 60% RTX 2080 Ti GPU...
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    [SOLVED] Sudden low Gpu usage while gaming (Lag spikes

    Hi, recently i upgraded my cpu from a fx 4300 to fx 8350. When i launched some games ( Gta V/ Far cry New dawn) i noticed my game started getting lag spikes about every 20 second for 5-8 seconds long. So i monitored my cpu and gpu usage and i noticed that every time i had a lag spike my gpu...
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    Question RX 580 8GB GPU USAGE 100% TO 0%

    Hi,people,i Have a problem with my rx 580 8gb,that is very annoying,When i play games like Devil May Cry 5 i had gpu usage drops from 100% to 0% this causes the game freezes for like 1-5seconds. My Specs are: I3 9100F 3,6GHZ(NOT OC) RX 580 8GB WD 1TB Thermaltake 500w Ram crucial ballistix 1x8...
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    [SOLVED] Gpu isn't going above 40% usage with low fps, Not using full potential.

    I have a HP Pavillion 15 gaming laptop with a I7-8750H and a GTX 1060 max-q 3gb, 8gb ram. On Kurtzpel with high settings i get a constant 30 - 40 fps in the lobby, during gameplay i get 60 - 80fps, sometimes drops to 30 fps and the max fps is 120. I know this gpu has a lot more power but the...
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    Question GPU usage goes down the more there is on the screen

    Hi, so basically my GPU usage goes down the more stuff there is on screen. It's like that on Fortnite and Watch Dogs, I want to know why. I feel like it's a driver problem. The CPU, RAM and VRAM does not go down, it's only the graphics card usage that drops, thanks!
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    Question GPU Usage Low!

    I recently upgraded from a GTX 960 to an RTX 2070 and ever since my GPU Usage while under load is like 20-30% Is there anyway of increasing it without upgrading other components? CPU: i7 3770 RAM: 16GB DDR3 1600mhz PSU: Corsair 650 Wats MOBO: Some old intel one
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    Question GPU Usage Low!

    I recently upgraded from a GTX 960 to an RTX 2070 and ever since my GPU Usage while under load is like 20-30% Is there anyway of increasing it without upgrading other components? CPU: i7 3770 RAM: 16GB DDR3 1600mhz PSU: Corsair 650 Wats MOBO: Some old intel one Edit: I generally use my PC for...
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    Question Low GPU usage causing fps drops

    Everything was fine a day ago, then today I suddenly started getting really bad performance on games. I got 40 fps on League of Legends and I'd get more on that with an Intel HD Graphics, so it doesn't really make sense. After checking a few things, I realized that the gpu usage was really low...
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    Question Brand New Ryzen PC Build Struggling in Premiere Pro

    Well, after two weeks of editing on my new PC build, and actually being kind of disappointed with the Performance I'm getting out of it, I finally decided to write to you guys in order to know if there is something wrong or the performance of my PC is just fine. Weeks ago I had a Mac Mini late...
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    Question GPU usage is not maximum

    I have Ryzen 7 2700 stock cooler 16GB Ram (Single stick) B450 motherboard Zotac RTX 2060 (o.c to +175 on base and +600 on boost) 1600x900 (will upgrade to 1080p in near future) When i play games like gta 5, battlefield V ,pubg or apex i see that frames are like 70-90 or even 100 in some cases...
  15. vicektriz

    Question GPU usage jumping from 0 to 100 every 2 or 3 seconds while playing Far Cry 3.

    Hello, let me give some context. Recently I started playing Far Cry 3 again with my new GPU, all was going good but in one moment I opened MSI Afterburner to see how temperatures were going due that the GPU fans started making noise (by default they don't work until GPU reachs certain temp)...
  16. TigranEkin

    Question strange drops in usage gpu, or power.

    Hi, If not this section I'm sorry. I have such a problem that during the game or even without gaming, just watching youtube for example I have strange drops in usage gpu, or power. In general, it's like everything just turned off for a second and suddenly it started to work again. During...
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    [SOLVED] Sorry if this is the wrong forum but can anyone tell me what this is? I heard something rattling in my case and found this at the bottom.

    View: It looks like some sort of plastic nail but I have no idea what it could have come from.
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    [SOLVED] I5 8400 with 2400mhz ram

    Hey tomshardware community, I am planning to buy i5 8500 that runs at 2666mhz ram . If i use a 2400 mhz ram will it affect the clock speed of the cpu. Like i5 8500 can go upto 4.1ghz at max ,but if i use a 2400mhz ram will it go upto 4.1 ghz on boost or not. When i was a kid i used to...
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    charging a HP is 14"sleekbook battery externally

    My sleekbok power cord has disappeared (about 2yrs ago) and I need to find out if battery will still charge and hold charge.
  20. Envelion

    Internet cutting out when computer comes out of sleep mode

    I've been having some annoying computer issues starting about a week ago. My set up is a a desktop Windows 7 PC, which is connected to the modem through the router. I've noticed that lately, if I put my computer to sleep, and then wake it up later, the internet cuts out. The only sure fire way...