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  1. R

    can i run corsair vengeance at 1066mhz !

    i have intel dp45sg mb and q6600 @2.4 (ofc no OC) i had 2x2gb old ram running at 1066 mhz with timing 7-7-7-20 so i bought corsair vengeance 1x4gb 1600mhz when i install it mobo beeps 3 times and no display nothing ! i think that its not downclocking the ram to 1333 or 1066! HELP ! Thanks !
  2. A

    USB extension ?

    Hi, my computer case is a little far from me and I am using Logitech G500s and the mouse wire falls short and I am unable to use the mouse conveniently . So should I buy any of those USB extension cables or what should I do ? Any link of anything product would be great. Thanks :)
  3. A

    Mayflower objective2 amp + odac

    Hello, I have recently been looking for a good DAC for under 400 and people have recommended the following. I just have a quick question between two products I have found. I do not know the difference. However one is more expensive than the other...
  4. D

    Good gaming pc?

    is this a good gaming pc to run high end games (GTAV, dayz, and other equivalent games) on ultra graphics at 60fps PCPartPicker part list: Price breakdown by merchant: CPU: Intel Core i5-4690K 3.5GHz Quad-Core...
  5. N

    Looking for help to fill in the gaps of PC build

    Looking into upgrading my PC, i got some of the parts that i can salvage from my current PC such as my GPU,CPU, Storage, im just looking for some help to fill in the few thing missing. I haven't bought the RAM or the PSU in the list yet so that can be changed, the parts that i need help picking...
  6. M

    ECS X79R-AX (V1.0) No video with GTX 960 SuperClocked

    I recently attempted to install an EVGA GTX 960 SC P42962-KR onto an ECS X79R-AX (V1.0) non-deluxe MotherBoard. The Monitor light shows a signal...but no video. Then I get 3 short, spaced out, sequential beeps. On the 3rd beep the Monitor will flicker as if something was being...
  7. Vihaan

    Does SMPS, intex techno 450 24 x 4 SATA support Radeon 5450

    I want to buy ASUS radeon 5450 1GB, So can I run it on Intex Techno 450 24 x 4 SATA SMPS. Thnx in advance
  8. kyuujo

    Remove thread please

    Please remove this thread along with my others lol sorry and thanks
  9. D

    Splitting a memory kit between 2 pcs

    This probably sounds like a stupid question, but if I see a good sale on a 16gb kit of RAM, would there be any issue splitting the set so that each pc uses 8gb?
  10. R

    MSI Z97 Gaming 5 Motherboard Audio issues

    Okay so I've read a lot of people having similar issues but after trying their solutions I haven't had any luck. My audo doesn't work at all. I've connect HD Audio to my JAUD1 port and I've connected the AUDPWR1 as well and windows still hasn't detected an audio device. I've installed the...
  11. C

    Keep i7-3770k, or upgrade GPU?

    Hey guys so I bought a 3770k and a gtx 960, the other day while I have my i5-2500k stored away. I can get my 2500k to 4.6ghz+ np and have reached 5ghz, and the temps are AMAZING. I swapped it to an i7 because I wanted to start streaming and for the future when games possible use an i7. I'm kinda...
  12. N

    I can't get over 60fps while recording skyrim with a 970! (Cant record in 1080p 60fps)

    I can not get over 60 fps on the recording when I'm recording skyrim.. Its still choppy when I use 30 fps.. I have an i5-4690k and a GTX 970.. I feel like I should be getting more power.. I simply don't understand.. I can't record 1080p 60fps with these components? also, would a second 970 help...
  13. C

    No recovery partition to do a complete system restore

    Hello, Because I had my laptop repaired, it was not until recently that II realized that my system recovery files were no longer present. I had tried the "Copy recovery partition to usb" option when creating a system restore to a usb, but the option was unavailable. When trying to conduct a...
  14. Z

    970 lag spikes

    Today I upgraded to a GTX 970 from a 7950 and the performance is great, but every 2 mins or so I get a lag spike lasting 7-10 seconds that will drop me from solid 60 to about 15-20fps. Im going crazy trying to find a fix but have had no success. Ive seen a couple threads around mentioning the...
  15. H

    Will This Laptop Run League Of Legends On Max Settings?

    Can this laptop run League of Legends on max settings? or at least close to it? If not is there any alternative laptops around the same price that will? Thank you for reading.
  16. S

    GTX970 Very poor performance

    Hi guys I need help I am really frustrated I just bought the new GTX 970 and its performing very bad I am getting like 30 to 40 fps in games example Assassins creed 3 Battlefield 4 assassins creed 4 is even worse and on. I tried updating the graphic drivers even download some of the old ones...
  17. MachX

    What do you think about my RIG? Please rate and leave suggestions

    Configuration: 1. CPU: Intel i5 4690K Processor 2. GPU: Sapphire AMD Dual-x R9 280X Radeon 3 GB DDR5 3: MoBo: MSI Z97 Guard Pro 4. RAM: Corsair Vengeance DDR3 8 GB (1 x 8 GB) 5. CASE: Corsair Carbide 200R Compact ATX Cabinet 6. MONITOR: Dell E2014H 19.5 inch LED Backlit LCD 7. HDD...
  18. blackdevilmt

    DDR4 vs Z97

    So my asus rampage 3 extreme has just died and I decided to upgrade. I will be rolling for a asus maximus z97 formula with the waterblock on mofset and a 4790k as I think the ddr4 is too much expensive. Should I go for DDR4 or z97? Mainly its gaming rig with overclocking intentions.
  19. Syama

    Special use of SSD

    What is the key benefit of using SSD? .Can I use SSD instead of HD??
  20. S

    laptop with gddr5 gpu

    I wanted to buy a laptop which has a intel core i5 processor (4th generation) or better and a gddr5 type gpu. Is there any laptop available which costs around rs .55000 (900$) and available in India? Preferred specs Brand: dell,lenovo,hp ram:8gb (min 4gb) hdd:1tb (min 500gb)
  21. W

    CPU not booting up, no BIOS or beep sound

    Hi All, I just install my new CPU, below is the specifications:- Asus Motherboard H87M-E Intel Processor i7 4790S Cooler Master PSU V550 Semi-Modular Kingston RAM DDR3 8GB KVR16N11/8 I have connected all the power cables and etc. Once power up, I can see the CPU fan start spinning and the...
  22. P

    Notebook or Gaming PC?

    Hello, I just replaced my old Gaming PC and build another one for $1100 (€840). I also bought a notebook.. What's going on? Well, I'm not using my PC because of my notebook, it plays games on low/medium settings.. I'm thinking, should I sell my PC and Notebook and buy a better one especially...
  23. S

    compatible graphics card for hp 500-205t

    just got this computer. and came with a geoforce GT705 graphics card.. which i heard is pretty slow.. what graphic card can i get for this that is faster.. and can play games? Thanks for your reply.
  24. G

    Is this setup Good enough for playing future games on ultra

    Cpu Intel I7 4790k 4.0 Ghz Gpu Msi Gtx 780Ti Gaming LE 3Gb Motherboard msi z97 g45 16 gb ram 250 gb ssd 1tb hdd Windows 8.1 64 bit Monitor ROG Swift PG278Q 27-inch G-Sync Gaming Monitor I would like to play on ultra at 2560 × 1440 144 Hz Gsync Enabled I will be PLaying Bf4...
  25. P

    Recommend a PSU

    Hey guys, I'm currently about to go through with the following build: i7 4770k 2TB HDD 240gb SSD GTX 770 (obviously I could be more specific but it relates to the PSU) Currently I have a PSU (OCZ 650 modular thing) which powers a i5 2500k and a GTX 560ti - now I'm not...
  26. W

    What is the best External harddrive

    Hi guys, i would like to know what the best External harddrive is. I need a hard drive that can have a capacity of up to 2TB, is reliable and still a good price. right now i am looking at the WD elements, Seagate backup plus slim, Seagate expansion portable or a Internal SATA hard drive using a...
  27. M

    Looking for advice on a new system [OVERKILL]

    First time posting on Tom's...I have been reviewing the site for quite some time, gaining as much knowledge as I possibly can before making my next purchase. Very impressed with what I have read so far, but would like some additional help/clarification before going forward. I will be using...
  28. Joris

    FSP ATX-350PNF help needed

    so i have this power supply that outputs 350W but in the specifications on the chassis and in the manufacturers web it says it provides 12V1 - 18A and 12V2 - 16A so does that means it's capable of 18A+16A=24A per 12V rail or does this mean it there are 2 12V rails? because other PSU makers only...
  29. I

    Stuck between 2 Gigabyte motherboards to buy.

    I need help deciding which mobo I should buy for my first gaming pc build. They are both the same price but I'm not too tech knowledgeable. My current power supply is 600W if it matters and my case is a Corsair Carbide 500r. I plan on using a i5-4670k cpu, kingston blu 8gb ram, and put on a gtx...
  30. J

    ASUS GTX 760 OC Black screen after install

    Hello, having a nightmare today! I've bought a Corsair CS650m psu which is working fine, installed the GTX 760 and I get no signal through my HDMI lead. I've looked in bios to change it to pci-e that didn't fix it, checked all the leads and have taken it out put old gpu back in same slot and...
  31. K

    wifi driver problem

    i am using cq43 300TU os windows 7 64bit. i am installing all the wlan drivers from hp website but after installing, i cant see them under device manager!! which means my computer doesnt have any wifi drivers installed, although i downloaded and run them. Also in device manager under other...
  32. R

    windows 7 boot manager corrupted or missing

    Hey guys!!!! I've got this worst nightmare for my beautiful pc. My OS is windows 7 (pirated) 64bit. Everything was fine until suddenly automatic recovery has started and found that boot manager was missing. This happened a month ago and it started normally without any problems. But yesterday the...
  33. J

    Is this a decent mid-level gaming rig for the price

    This is my first build and it is on a bit of a budget - ~800 not counting moniter and OS. My question is if this is an efficient use of limited funds that will play recent games well. Im not looking to get 50fps on maxed settings playing BF3 or anything, a more reasonable goal would be 30-40...
  34. E

    R7 260x crossfire on a 500w?

    I already have the card so don't reccomend buying a different one. i don't really care for it, i just want to know if i could buy another card and crossfire with corsair 500w.
  35. B

    Photo/Video Editing Build: i5-4570 or i3-4130 + gtx 650

    Been a long time lurker, and finally I have an important question to ask. I can't seem to find the right answers after 2 weeks of searching the interwebs. I'm doing a photo/video editing build for my sister. She'll be using Adobe Photoshop and Premiere Pro CS6, as well as Vegas Pro 12...
  36. G

    Doom 3 loading options and pda question

    Archived from groups: (More info?) Is my system showing it's age or does Doom 3 load very slow from the options menu and PDA screens?
  37. M

    Help needed - very early wand of wishing

    Archived from groups: (More info?) Disclaimer - I posted this a few days ago via Google's beta interface, and have yet to see it show up on that or the old one, so I'm reposting. If this really did propogate, my apologies. --- I'm in a situation I've never...
  38. H

    ATI vs. Nvidia.Which is best?

    Hello, I want to buy a new GAMING CPU, but I have a confusion with the GRAPHIC card..So my question is Which is the best graphic card ATI or NVIDIA.....Also tell me the difference between both company's graphic cards......! Thanks! in advance.
  39. P

    How to set up dual monitors in Windows Server 2008 R2?

    There is only 1 display card which has both VGA and DVI. I have no problem having both monitors displaying the same screeen. However, how can I have two applications side-by-side? When I go to control panel and adjust screen resolution, I only see 1 not 2.
  40. M

    Using integrated graphics and graphics card

    Hello, I just built a system asus F1A75V-Pro MB and AMD A8-3850 installed Asus HD6670... I want to hook up 4 monitors.. three to the HD6670 and one to Integated Grapics on MB.. Is this possible? Thanks Bill