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  1. bentejas10

    [SOLVED] Memory clock speed a lot faster than motherboard support

    I have G.Skill Aegis 2x8gb DDR4-3000MHZ sticks and my motherboard is an Asus H170 Pro Gaming. After having this system for 3 years, I did some digging and realized that my ram is running at 2133MHZ as oppposed to the 3000MHZ. I think my motherboard only supports up to 2133MHZ unfortunately...
  2. OrdJk

    [SOLVED] What is the best 8x2 ddr4 ram out there ?

    I mean in terms of performance and aesthetics
  3. Codyh1414

    [SOLVED] XMP Crashes games, and in rare cases, the system

    I have trouble shot this system and finally determined that xmp does not work on these components. I have clean installed windows, updated chipset drivers from AMD, i habe updared bios, i have tried the xmp profile from the ram stick and the "levels" from the bios, i habe entered the timings...
  4. G

    Question Gigabyte B450M DS3H compatibility with G.SKILL SniperX 3200 (F4-3200C16Q-64GSXFB)

    Hey everyone here, I want to ask a compatibility opinion about my build. I'm upgrading my micro ATX build to a Ryzen7 2700X with a gigabyte ds3h (this MB seems simple and stable, that's why I chose this) and with 64GB of ram. I found this SniperX ram in a good price but this is not on the MB...
  5. benjam2000

    Question How do I get my ram to work at 3200Mhz on a ryzen 7 2700x

    My specs: Ram: -2 stick of Gskill Trident Z RGB 3200 Mhz -2 stick of Thermaltake toughram (white) 3200 Mhz CPU: Amd ryzen 7 2700X Motherboard: Asus B450-F Case: Lian-li pc-011 white Graphic card: Zotac RTX 2060 super. M.2: samsung 960 evo 500gb Hi, I am trying to add my new ram that I got from...
  6. SOlidwire

    [SOLVED] What does the last character in GSKILL Part Number REALLY mean?

    If you are searching for RAM using both mobo and CPU QVL's you know how hard it is to get exact matches... While searching I looked up GSKILL's naming convention which is NICE, relatively easy to follow... Sometimes the last letter might be different then what you searched for, an ADDED A, B, or...
  7. matthew_nicho2

    Question Need new RAM for Ryzen 1600

    Hey there, I had to RMA my faulty RAM and got store credit. Great news because I got the HyperX 16gb kit in the bad old days so I have £200 to play with! Bad news is I have a Ryzen 1600 and there are no B-die sticks. I have checked the QVL list for the sticks they now sell and none of them are...
  8. D

    [SOLVED] CPU for a 2080 ti?

    I AM CANADIAN BY THE WAY SO MY DOLLAR VALUE IS POO Boxing day is coming up AND Thread-Ripper JUST came out and I currently have an i7 6700k cooled with a Coolermaster 212 EVO and a z270-k board with 16gb of lpx vengence ram, anyways. I believe the time to upgrade is NOW and i would love to...
  9. J

    Question Which RAM for Ryzen?

    Hi everyone, I'm looking at purchasing a Ryzen 5 3600 or similar CPU and matching it with appropriate RAM without breaking the bank. I'm based in New Zealand so my options are quite limited. B die kits are out of the question as they have a massive premium here. The kits I am considering are...
  10. T

    Question Asus Prime X470-Pro suddenly stops posting when using two memory modules

    I have two sticks of memory I've been using since 2017, 1x8 Vengeance LPX @ 2400 and 1x8 GSKILL AEGIS @ 2133 OC to 2400. I was running them in B1/A1 (First and Third Slot). One day I go to boot and it no longer boots, just outputing no signal to monitor. Now all I can use is my one Vengeance...
  11. C

    Question No way to make my ram work as it shoud.. G.SKILL - RYZEN 7 1800X

    i've already tried everything so i came here to see if anyone has the same problem and has sollved it or has any recomendation... mi specs: Ryzen 7 1800X gigabyte x470 aorus gaming 5 wifi g.skill 2x16gb 3200hz model :F4-3200C16D-32GTZRX gpu asus rtx 2080 strix OC the rams work but only boot...
  12. H

    Question 64GB(4x16GB) 3200MHz C16 vs. 32GB(4x8GB) 3200MHz C14?

    I am trying to choose one between these options: G.SKILL TridentZ RGB Series 64GB (4 x 16GB) 288-Pin DDR4 SDRAM DDR4 3200 (PC4 25600) Desktop Memory Model F4-3200C16D-32GTZR $271.98 G.SKILL TridentZ RGB Series 32GB (4 x 8GB) 288-Pin DDR4 SDRAM DDR4 3200 (PC4 25600) Desktop Memory Model...
  13. yullbarez

    [SOLVED] Not ethernet after BIOS Reset

    Hi i've reset my workstation PC's BIOS. After resetting bios i couldn't connect the ehternet ethernet . I've checked all drivers reinstalled but can't solve it. İt looks like causing bios settings. Mothetboard model Asus X99 Rampage V Extreme and i didn't know where the lan settings. I can't...
  14. G

    Question RAM RGB lighting twitches when putting load on CPU

    So, Basically, I tried OCing my 3900x to 4.125 ghz all cores and when I click apply and test the ram modules' lighting twitches, on and off but really fast. happens in different modules each time, happened when I benchmarked my cpu in userbenchmark (with the ryzen master OC applied), is it...
  15. A

    [SOLVED] Are B450 Motherboards compatible with GSkill 3200GHz CL14 memory?

    Hello, I'm planning on bulding a PC with Ryzen 5 3600, and I've read that in order to get the best out of it I should be using either 3200MHz CL14 or 3600MHz CL16 memory (I'm going for 3200 because it's a bit cheaper and easier to find). The thing is, I was looking to get an MSI B450 Tomahawk...
  16. E

    Question What kits of rams should i buy??

    I have ryzen 5 2600 and msi b450 tomahawk max.So what of 2 these kits are better to buy? or its the same whatever of these 2 i buy anyway G.Skill TridentZ 16GB DDR4-3200MHz (F4-3200C16D-16GTZB) G.Skill RipjawsV 16GB DDR4-3200MHz (F4-3200C16D-16GVKB)
  17. X

    Question X570 Taichi and GSkill Royal 3600 Problem

    Hi to all :) I'm new to this forum but I've seen that your collective knowledge has helped thousands of people, so I'm here humbly asking for your help I have a big problem with my new config I bought AMD Ryzen 5 3600, ASRock X570 Taichi and GSkill Trident Z Royal 3600 CL18 Problem is that...
  18. K

    Question Help with getting RAM to run at 2133

    I am currently running a old build (long story as to why but, I built this computer with all used part mostly from Q3,Q42014 and Q1,Q2 of 2015 so the specs are as follows Asus maximus extreme VI i54460 (upgrading to i7 4790K in the next week or two I just bought on Ebay) Gskill RipJaws X 2x8G...
  19. V

    Question Is this RAM Compatible? Should I buy this RAM kit?

    Hello, I have ordered this RAM: G Skill Flare X 16GB (2x8GB) DDR4-3200MHz CL16-18-18-38 1.35V SKU Code: F4-3200C16D-16GFX On the G Skill website: it's mentioned that it is compatible with B450 Tomahawk MAX motherboard. LINK But on MSI Website: this RAM is not mentioned. LINK Though it is...
  20. S

    Question Gskill Trident Z RAM crashing computer and not posting.

    Hello. So I was playing games the other day and for some reason my computer froze in place mid game and unresponsive. I found this odd but this stuff happens so I just restarted the computer. The screen wouldn't turn on, the PC would start, idle then restart and the loop that over and over. Let...
  21. AMDynamic

    [SOLVED] G-Skill DDR4 overclocked to 3060MHZ

    hi, im trying to find some answers but not having much luck. ive overclocked my ram from the base 2400MHZ to 3060MHZ before the highest it let me was 2933MHZ but checking the "use odd ratio" option let it goto 3060MHZ using 1.3v the orig timings are 15-15-15-35 can i adjust these timing to...
  22. I

    [SOLVED] computer wont start after upgrading CPU and motherboard

    I am upgrading my PC's CPU and motherboard to a ryzen 7 3700x and a asus Prime X570-p motherboard. This is my first time upgrading. after putting everything together and trying to boot the computer, all the components, IE, the GPU, CPU cooler, and motherboard's RGB light up except for my trident...
  23. R

    Question Is 51C too hot for DDR4 RAM under load?

    Hey guys, New here - but I'm turning to the TH community in the hopes that they can help me out. I've been researching online about DIMM temperature for the past couple weeks, but I can't really seem to find any 'solid' answers (perhaps because there isn't a "end all - be all" answer). I'm...
  24. CBunn

    Question I installed an AIO, now I cannot boot with DOCP turned on.

    Hello, I just upgraded from the stock cooler provided with Ryzen 7 2700x to the H115i Platinum. After doing this I went into bios and set CPU fan to ignore and enable the AIO pump. Saved changes and reset then my system posted into safe mode. I have cleared CMOS and reset all defaults and tried...
  25. K

    Question RAM not accepting DOCP

    I just put a system together yesterday Specs Ryzen 7 2700x Asus ROG X570 gaming e 32 gb (4x8) G Skill Trident Z RGB 3600Mhz Asus RTX 2070 When I got into the bios I tried to enable the DOCP preset for my RAM (3600 MHz at 1.35 volts) and it wouldn’t post after that. RAM continues to run at 2133...
  26. Question Legit or Fake : G.Skill F4-3000C16S-16GVRB

    So , I ordered this RAM off one of G.Skill's official suppliers for my country. The SKU is F4-3000C16S-16GVRB , however, I am unable to find the RAM on the official website. Could this be a Chinese/fake module...
  27. S

    Question Corsair LPX and G-Skill Aegis

    Hello, This is my first post on Tom's Hardware so hi to everyone here :) I am currently running 32 gigs (16 x 2) of Corsair's Vengeance LPX at 2400Mhz (stock speed) and would like to upgrade to 64 gigs. I know that ideally I should just get a matching kit but it's not available where I am and I...
  28. teidybugi

    Question Can't run my Gskill DDR3 at 2400mhz without freezing my PC

    Hi! My specs are: i7-4790 @3.6 (boost 4.0) gigabyte Z97X-SLI-CF (latest bios) Ram G Skill TridentX F3-2400C10-4GTX 2x4gb, I have additional corsair 2x4gb, which I am not using for this problem GPU: EVGA gtx 1080ti FTW3 PSU: CS750M — 750 Watt 80 PLUS® Gold I would like to get some help or...
  29. A

    Question adding more memory

    hello guys, i have z390 aorus master mb with 2x8 tridentz rgb 3200 mhz kit installed i got another kit of tridentz 3200mhz is it okay to install them directly and i will get stable 32gb of ram or its not recommended do i have to used 4x8 kit or 2x16 like most of manufacturers recommend i'm...
  30. T

    Question Abkoncore Spider Spectrum fans

    Hey guys Im planing on buying 10 of the abkoncore spider spectrum fans with the abkoncore 350m case I've heard the fans are bad and the case has bad airflow. I just wanna clear it out, if it's really that bad... My setup will be: Abkoncore 350m 10 abkoncore spider spectrum fans 1080 asus strix...
  31. winncootMKD

    [SOLVED] Dual Channel Ram

    Hello, I'm planning to get another ram to have dual channel because I have read a lot of threads that Dual ram makes Ryzen faster. So I have 1 RAM in my PC now, it is 2133MHz G.SKILL F4-2133C15S-8GNT And I wanna get another one to have dual channel. My question is do I need the same RAM to...
  32. C

    Question Something weird with my ram

    I bought a F4-3200C14D-16GFX (GSkill Flare X 2x8gb , cl14, 3200mhz) kit last year and one of the two memory modules in seems to have stopped working. When i boot with both modules on, i only get 8gb available whereas the other 8gb are listed as hardware reserved on windows resource manager. When...
  33. A

    Question Is this compatible?

    Is the ASRock H110M-DGS 3.0 compatible with the Pentium G4560 and G.Skill Aegis DDR4 2400Mhz 8GB , even though I will only get 2133Mhz speed on the ram stick?
  34. N

    Question Wich RAM to buy (timings and speed)

    Hi guys! Im interested in buying either Gskill Aegis 2x8 (3000mhz) CL16-18-18-38 or Ripjaws (3200mhz) same CL and timings. Ripjaws cost 35 dollars more. Is it worth it for that extra speed ? Motherboard: B450 Fatality k4 Processor: Ryzen 5 2400g
  35. AMDynamic

    Question Ddr4 Ram overclocking timings auto or manual

    Hi, I've just overclocked my ram ddr4 from 2400mhz to 2933mhz with voltage upped to 1.35v from 1.20v The timings I left it as auto as I couldn't find guides on what numbers to input for timings. Am I better with this setup auto or adjust the timing numbers? I plan to have another go when I...
  36. Feature Memory Overclocking on Z390 Coffee Lake: What RAM Speed Do You Need?

    The secret to building an optimal computer system is the correct selection of its components. Careful selection not only ensures that all your components play nice together, but it also helps avoid bottlenecks that hinder performance and impact the user experience. It goes without saying that...
  37. L

    Drivers Subject To 'Textalyzer' Scanning Without Consent In New NYC Bill

    A New York City bill would allow the police to scan smartphones for activity when their owner is involved in a car accident. The bill implies automatic consent from the driver and refusing the scanning would result in license revocation. Drivers Subject To 'Textalyzer' Scanning Without Consent...
  38. R

    Monitor says "no signal", when i click it comes back then 2nd click it goes blank again

    i5 6500 8GB DDR4 Kingston ASUS B150M 2TB Seagate HDD Corsair VS650 Viewsonic VA1912w My monitor randomly blinks and says Analog but yesterday it goes blank saying "no signal" while the pc is on and monitor orange light is on. When I press any key on the keyboard monitor display comes back but...
  39. ___P___

    Thermaltake Riing rgb fans. Yes or a no no?

    Hi guys, I want to change fans at some point for my radiators. I will use at least 6 fans, and I liked these a lot. But I was wondering how they perform compared to corsairs'. I mean want to still have good fans and not just some bad...
  40. D

    SLI usage dropping

    This has happened in multiply games were my fps drop below 60 in games like bf4 were they shouldn't drop because using one car I don't see any drop below 60 ? I do notice when watching msi afterburner that the usage on both cars drops under 90% This has happen on far cry primal also so im left...