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  1. A

    Question Is my MOBO compatible with GPU?

    Hello, will B360M BAZOOKA and GTX 1660 Super work together? Are they compatible? GTX 1660 Bus type is PCI Express 3.0 x16.
  2. Kirbewtwo

    [SOLVED] Does the 1660 Super Asus Evo Dual Support passive adapters to VGA?

    Hello there, I recently got this Graphic card for my kit, thing is my monitor has only one VGA Port while the graphic card has 1 HDMI, 1 Display Port and 1 DVI-D Ports. So I need your help knowing whether I can use a passive adapter or not and which of the ports from the graphic card should I...
  3. S

    Question Does Intel i5-4570 bottleneck GTX 1660 Super

    Hi , I want to know if my i5-4570 would bottleneck the GTX 1660 Super. I am playing on 1080p. Thanks for responses.
  4. O

    Question Will GTX1660 Super work with my system

    Hello everyone! I have been using my gaming computer since 2013 and I decided that I should upgrade it little by little. I decided that I should upgrade my gpu first cause when playing I never get high fps or high quality visuals and also while gaming I never see my cpu being used 100% so I...
  5. HaMzAxSaRaB


    Im about to build a new pc and i cant choose one of two build 1) Ryzen 3600 with GTX 1660 Super 16gb ram DDR4 3200 OR 2)Ryzen 2600x with rtx 2060 or(RX 5700) 16gb ram DDR4 3200 also i know that rx5700 is better then 2060 but its super hot, and is ok to play long hours on a 75+C or...
  6. pridefulgore

    [SOLVED] Is it worth having a 150 ti and 1660 super installed??

    Would i gain anything and i mean anything even 10% or would i lose performance with having them both installed, or will it just do nothing. If it wouldn't gain performance would i lose performance if i used it for a second monitor or is their no point to that also. Sorry if its a sill questions :)
  7. Lil’bertz

    [SOLVED] GTX 1650 Super vs RX 5500 in prices (not US based)

    I know that the 1650 Super is the best but that is not the case in my country here are the prices based on my local online store just like amazon and newegg 1650 is around 140 to 160 USD if convert it from my local currency 1650 super is around 200 USD 1660 is almost the same price as its super...
  8. T

    [SOLVED] Used GTX 1070, GTX 1060 or New GTX 1660 Super

    I'm going to put some graphic card on my itx build, so far I only use the integrated vega graphic, there are these option i find online: Used Zotac GTX 1060 6gb Amp for $135 Old stock (new but no warranty) Zotac GTX 1070 mini for $192 New Asus GTX 1660 Super phoenix 6gb ddr6 for $250 My...