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  1. M

    Does my mothebroard support hyperthreading?

    My mobo is Asus p8h61-m-le and cpu is i3 3220.
  2. B

    my turning on and off repeatedly

    hi.i have a second pc that I built in the beginning of the year which is giving me some unexpected issues.i put the pc aside for a couple of days then I decided to setup my pc and plug it in the wall.unfortunately when I press start the pc turns on and off repeatedly. I have no idea why this...
  3. Q

    How to reflash B350 TOMAHAWK without Ryzen R7?

    My MSI B350 TOMAHAWK doesn't work with Ryzen R5 1600. I found on the Internet a similar problem and its solution was to reflash bios. How can I do it? I know that there are bios programmers, but I have never used them. What bios programmer should I use and how to reflash my motherbord?
  4. K

    Help please: Desktop to tv -vga to hdmi adapter

    I'm trying to connect a HP Pavilion a340n to my Sharp Roku TV LC-50LB481U via ONN HDMI to VGA adapter ONA17H0037. The TV detects the HDMI port but won't connect "No signal (is it on?)." Does anybody have a suggestion or fix? I've tried the troubleshooting steps, unplug, wait, port 1, 2, 3, pick...
  5. W

    No POST on an old machine. Worked 2 days ago

    Hello, I have a ~4 yr desktop that recently stopped POSTing (fans spinning but nothing on the screen). The last thing I did before the problem started was to reboot to install a Windows update. Since then, I have gotten it to POST 2-3 times after clearing CMOS, but it never booted because it...
  6. A

    how to reset bios password on toshiba g 20

    i got old toshiba qosmio g20-141 note book .when its turn on it ask bios password so pl tell me how to reset it
  7. K

    how to apply thermal paste to a direct touch heat pipes heatsink?

    ok so i picked up a used corsair A70 cpu cooler its my first non stock cpu cooler. it has direct touch heat pipes how do i apply thermal paste to it? do i do the standard pea size center method or the 2 line method below is a link to a review about the cooler so u can see what i have to work...
  8. C

    Would the new 580 play games on 1440p?

    Hey guys, Its getting time for me to consider upgrading my PC, and I wanted to know if the new 580 GPU would be enough to play most games on the highest settings at 1440p, or if I should wait for vega? While I definitely need to get a new PC upgrade, I could probably stand to wait a month or...
  9. F

    Internet connection dropping on Windows 10.

    Recently had a problem where my internet connection seems to drop out. I get thrown out of games. Cannot load web-pages ("no internet connection" messages). The normal no-internet stuff. However the network and sharing center during these periods doesn't think that I have lost connection to my...
  10. Q

    Games at about 20 FPS at low CPU, Memory, and Disk Usage

    Just as the title says, my games for some reason are running really slow, but in the task manager in performance, all the percentages are below 45-50%. Also, I have always been able to run these games, but stuff happened. Long story short, I reset everything, installed windows 10 again, install...
  11. K

    Better AMD Laptop integrated GPU

    Is the AMD A10 8700P or the AMD A10 9600P better for gaming?
  12. R

    lenova laptop motherboard

    I am asking for a friend who wants to know if a mother board for a lenova laptop can be succesfully replaced and what is the average cost
  13. V

    About core speed of GPU

    Hello!!! I'm new to this graphics card stuff. Can anyone please explain me the affect in performance of games if my core clock speed of graphics card is higher or lower? Thank you.
  14. M

    Help building/buying Comp

    Im looking to spend 1500$ give or take on a new build. im still deciding whether or not to go laptop or desktop. I need the computer for gaming/streaming and editing videos. Also need the computer to do all the basics with a lot of multitasking. I would appreciate all desktops builds and gaming...
  15. A

    Opinion about upgrading pc for best gaming experience

    Hello guys, I've recently bought a pc HP pavilion p6720de with this specs.. HP Pavilion p6720de i5-2500 QuadCore 3,3 GHz, 6GB Ram, 1 TB Festplatte, VGA Sapphire Radeon 6570 passiv, (1GB, DVI, VGA, HDMI), interner Kartenleser, DVD Brenner... So..if you guys have some advice on how to upgrade...
  16. N

    Good mobo for i5-6600k OC

    Title will tell you. I've been looking these, and they are good for my budget. Asrock Fatal1ty Z170 Gaming K4 Gigabyte GA-Z170X-Gaming 3 Asus z170 Pro Gaming Other suggestions are welcome too. I would like to reach something over 4,0GHz. Thanks for your time
  17. R

    PC works perfectly fine except CPU Fan never spins

    The PC boots perfectly, idle CPU temp is ~30°C and the CPU fan itself IS working, as I've plugged it into SYS_FAN 1 just to see if it works, and it does. I've also plugged a case fan into CPU_FAN and it was spinning just fine. Wouldn't that mean that both the CPU fan and its header are fine...
  18. GamesOn

    GTA V keeps updating and fails The rockstar update service is unavailable (code 216), downloads the new 714 mb update but can't install it straight up goes to this screen, have tried several times and few fixes but nothing works, verifying game files right now using that " verify " thing in " Target...
  19. X

    Razer blackwidow chroma Spring/ping sound problem

    So i just got the keyboard and 2 hours after i can hear a spring type of sound when i put my ear near the keys. Anyone experiencing this? 'Heres the sound
  20. B

    Need with GPU and Motherboard HDMI

    Hello!, So the thing is: I just got a GTX 1070, and it came with one HDMI, 3 display ports and a DPI port, my display is kinda old, so I got a HDMI to VGA converter, and it works just fine. I want to connect my TV to the computer, and the TV is also kinda old too ( I know, I know xD) it only...
  21. E

    Question re: ASROCK N68C-GS FX & CPU Compatibility

    I currently have an AMD Athlon 7850 Dual Core 2.8GHZ with 4GB DDR2. GPU is a GTX 650. I know the N68C-GS FX isn't the greatest board and is a bit dated, but I've been offered a free AMD FX-6300 CPU from a friend who has upgraded his CPU. He claims it will work fine with my board as long as I...
  22. B

    Work/GAming PC Build Opinions

    Hey guys, I am quite new to the pc scene and i want to make the transition right. I need this pc for my engineering softwares such as AutoCAD,Solidworks and MATLAB but i would also like to play games such as Forza Horizon 3 and Arma 3 on them at preferably ultra settings. I came up with this...
  23. H

    is evga gtx 960 4gb compatible with asus z170-a motherboard?

    hi, im not very good with pc specs so i need some help. i have a gtx 960 4gb and i want to buy an asus z170-a motherboard but i dont know if it is compatible, if anyone know please respond
  24. 4

    Building new gaming PC, how many watts should I have for PSU?

    Here's my hardware: Corsair Air 540 PC Case, MSI Computer DIMM LGA 2011-3 X99A XPOWER GAMING TITANIUM Motherboards , Intel i7-6850k CPU, Corsair H115i PSU Cooler, Corsair Dominator Platinum Series 32GB DDR4 DRAM 2800MHz C16 Memory Kit, Corsair Dominator Platinum LigtBar Kit, Samsung 960 Pro 1 TB...
  25. A

    Can i overclock my computer?

    I have a i5 6600 (Not the k), 8x2g of G.Skill ram and a Sapphire Radeon rx 470 4g oc on a Gigabyte H170 gaming 3 motherboard. Would like to know its potential and if its safe to overclock my computer, its going to be running all off a Evga 750w SuperNOVA p2. (which im still waiting for in the...
  26. A

    ps3 emulator exist ?

    ps3 emulator exist?
  27. T

    Since upgrade I can't use my CD/DVD

    Since upgrading to Window 10 I can't use my CD drive. It is listed in Device Manager but with an error - Windows cannot start this hardware device because its configuration information (in the registry) is incomplete or damaged. (Code 19). I've uninstalled it and rebooted but no change. I've...
  28. B

    Sound only from HDMI integrated graphics. Now no sound from audio jacks in either Windows or Linux

    Hi I have sort of unusual and frustrating sound problem. My desktop is an older AMD 955 Phenom BE with a Gigabyte motherboard. Yeah, it's old, but still works great for daily work. It has always been a solid reliable setup and until recently I have never had sound problems before. I've always...
  29. Saptarshi Mondal

    How to know if my Asus Strix GPU is brand new and not 2nd hand?

    Hi guys, After many researches and asking you guys, I finally decide to buy the Asus GTX 960 4gb Strix * from amazon or from a authorized store.. But there is a little thing that is bothering me. How am I suppose to know if the card is brand new and not 2nd hand.. I am asking this because...
  30. A

    Good or not? Is this PC good? I'm looking for a cheap PC that can run Arma 3, Dayz, csgo, maybe gta and from my knowledge it can but I don't know too much about PCs. If you know of a pc that's around the same price feel free to link it. Btw I don't know where to post this...