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  1. R

    Question bluetooth headset sound only on highest volume

    Hello! My headset Ausdom ANC8 fall down off the table this night (must be cat). Charging indicator doesnt work nor i cant simply turn them on. You can hear sound on highest volume connecting it to both pc or phone via the cable but it stutter and the more bass the cleaner sound is. Headset was...
  2. ghoul96

    Question Headset works only with jack ports

    So i just bought a Gaming Headset for my laptop , The Headset have two 3.5 jack one for the mic and one for the sound and a USB port and the problem is my laptop has a single jack port and when i plug the USB port from the headset it doesn't work ,it works only if i use the jack wire so...
  3. E

    Question Headset not working

    Does someone know why the left side of my headset is not working when i use it via usb but when i use the cable it works perfectly.
  4. E

    Headset not working

    Does someone know why my AG 9 plus headset only work in the right side and not the left when im using with usb but when i use the cable it works perfectly
  5. I

    Question Logitech USB Headset Wire/Cable Issues

    I hate it when you get a new pair of headphones only to discover that there's only audio playing in one ear, but this is a slightly different problem. Only just a few days ago and including today, have I had an annoying problem. Ok, so basically, I was hearing audio just fine, until I slightly...
  6. R

    Question HyperX cloud alpha mic problem

    Ok so Ive bough a HyperX Alpha, all seems good. I connect the headset to the pc using a usb audio adapter and a splitter. Now heres the problem. The sound works, but the mic doesnt pick up anything, though something is recognised in the recording devices. So i then just tested the mic by itself...
  7. D

    Question Headphones randomly stop working for time to time.

    I have Corsair Void Pro RGB USB headphones and sometimes (happens only when I play games) they just stop outputting sound (they still glow) and the mic stops working too until I plug the usb again but when I do that in certain games they crash. This is my first forum post so please tell me if I...
  8. J

    [SOLVED] Razer Kraken pro V2 sound cuts out for around 3 seconds, then comes back on

    My Razer headset has been cutting audio in and out while playing games or streaming any type of video content. I've tried reinstalling drivers in device manager, to no avail. This is annoying due to the fact that most of the games I play require a full restart, to reinstate audio if cut out. I...
  9. Strawberryy

    Question HyperX Cloud microphone audio quality perfect on the phone and terrible with static and quiet on the PC(suddenly started doing this on the pc)

    Ok so, one day it decided to be very quiet and they could barely hear me in the voice chat , then static came randomly, itried everything, updating firmware of hyperX,updating soundcard drivers,updating windows,recover old drivers for soundcard,the hyperx comes with a thing that u put ur 3.5...
  10. C

    Can't get headset to work

    So when I plug my headset in it gives the option to use line in headphones or microphone when I use microphone the speaker part of my headset becomes a mic and not the built in mic. If I set it to headphones I can hear my computer audio through headset but mic still doesn't work. Using Windows 10
  11. D

    [SOLVED] How do I fix my front panel audio jack?

    Recently I started having issues where my headset only played audio through the left side. I have tested multiple headsets and all yield the same results. My front panel mic jack seems fine but the audio input is a little loose when I have something plugged into it. I can kind of play with the...