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  1. N

    Question Which cooler to get for new Ryzen r5 3600?

    Title says it. Picked up a new ryzen 5 3600 recently and its running a bit warm on the stock cooler/settings. Hit top temperatures in the upper 70s and low 80s Celsius. Not the end of the world but hey I would prefer lower temperatures and I would like to try my hand at overclocking. Anyway, I'm...
  2. T

    [SOLVED] Heatsink size

    Hi fellas, got a question for people with a little experience surrounding heatsinks for your CPU. I'm looking to start a build in a Fractal Design Node 202. For those not familiar with this case, it only provides a maximum cpu cooler clearance of about 56-58mm according to what I have read, and...
  3. T

    Question Corrosion on GPU heatsink

    So I bought a few graphics cards second hand online and they have a lot of corrosion on the heatsink, which increased temperatures and caused the card to thermal throttle greatly. After looking into it, apparently the corrosion can be cleaned off and should not happen again if I use an anti...
  4. M

    Question On board graphics heat sink

    The motherboard I have doesn't have a heat sink over the onboard graphics . I'm going to be using a graphics card . So will it matter ? Effect anything etc . Thanks as always
  5. C

    [SOLVED] Why no fins on VRM heatsinks nowadays?

    I've been looking at Asus Z390 boards, but other brands are similar. The VRM sinks have no real fins, more like a few grooves. What hapenned to the importance of surface area? (Asus WS Z390 Pro pics below.) I'm aware that chipsets do not get as hot as they used to, du to their high-speed...
  6. velocci

    Question why do we need thermal glue?

    HI all, I know this is a stupid question, but why do we need thermal glue between the cpu and heatsink? the bottom of the heatsink is flat and so is the cpu. why not just put the HSF directly on the cpu?
  7. P

    Question Help with taking heatsink out

    Hey guys quick question can anyone tell me how to take my heatsink and fan out to clean the dust out of them picture attached. View: http://imgur.com/gallery/kv6FdEg
  8. F

    Question 2080 ti custom AIO cooling project

    Hi everyone I'm a owner of a 2080 ti FE. It's a good card but I want improuve : Noise Temps Performances So I was thinking about a project and I was wondering if is too mad (or stupid) or if is moreless sensed and safe I'm planning to buy a kraken g12 (should be compatible with a 2080 ti) and...
  9. F

    Question Adapting Heat Sink to AM4 Socket?

    Hi, I have this very old heat sink, as shown in the picture below, that I would like to adapt to my AM4 motherboard. The heat sink is aftermarket so it has detachable mounting brackets, and was previously in an LGA775 socket. Can I buy mounting clips to fit this heat sink to my new motherboard...
  10. R4DIO4CT1VE

    Question CPU cooler with no back plate

    have a i5 4670, on an OEM PC that needs a cooler. Any suggestions for a budget cooler that doesn't require a back plate(so not requiring the removal of the motherboard)? Removing the mobo in this OEM case is a glorious pain in the rear so I'm not all too interested in having to do that.
  11. Jebeansprout

    Question (Beginner) Overheating PC. What Should I Do? Help/Tips?

    (Hi, I'm pretty new to PC maintenance and have never built a PC before so apologies for any noob moments in advance. :ouimaitre:) PC specs I could find - G6 Fusion 600 X2 - 6 Core AMD Gaming PCCase: G6 Vantage Red (ATX) Processor (CPU): AMD FX 6300 (6x 3.50GHz) AM3+ Motherboard: Asus M5A97 LE -...
  12. X

    Question HP Z400 Liquid Cooling Replacement.

    Hi, I currently have the 6-DIMM version of the Z400 workstation. I also have the liquid cooling solution (LCS) inside of it. I was wondering if it was possible to change the liquid or whatever they use inside the LCS. And also the liquid inside of it is most likely over several years old. And if...
  13. Max_Pare

    [SOLVED] Intel i5 7600 fan: high pitched screeching/whining at specific RPM

    Hey everyone. So, in the past few weeks i've noticed my CPU fan has been spinning a little faster than usual and the temps have overall gottne higher. Not a big deal, i took cpu & fan off, and got a bunch of dust out of the heatsink and carefully cleaned the actual fan, then, i cleaned heatsink...
  14. T

    Question Fitting large CPU heatsinks in the INWIN 805 case

    Hello everyone, so I am curious has anyone actually tried this so they can tell me their results. I hAve an inwin 805 case, and currently I have installed the bequiet Shadow Rock Slim CPU cooler in it. The manufacturers site says that the maximum CPU cooler clearance is 156mm in height (to be...
  15. LordMikeus

    [SOLVED] Suitable Motherboard and Heatsink for an i7 8700?

    I currently have a Z270-Gaming K3 Motherboard which seems to be incompatible with an Intel i7 8700 processor. I'd like to get the 8700 sometime soon so that my PC is up to scratch for Ray Tracing requirements. I'd also need a suitable heatsink to fit the 8700 too as I'm unsure if the one on my...
  16. xAstroz

    Question Is it possible that my CPU is giving a false temperature reading?

    Replaced a CPU fan on an HP Pavilion g7-2325dx and the whole install went smoothly, I even cleaned off the CPU and the heatsink with an alcohol pad and applied some new Arctic Silver MX-4 thermal paste. Everything is running just fine and showing no signs of system issues other than it being an...