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  1. Majestic Bear

    Question upgrade monitor or gpu first

    Hello guys i was wondering if i should upgrade my monitor first or gpu since i use a 60hz ips monitor and also a gtx 1050ti by asus. Was wanting to buy ACER PREDATOR XB252Q 24.5" GAMING MONITOR (240HZ, G-SYNC). To mentioned that i am only interested in playing in 1080p resolution and i play...
  2. S

    [SOLVED] Importance of Samsung B-Die for Ryzen

    I've had my new PC up and running for a week or two now, and I've been encountering consistent hard freezes during use, entirely out-of-game, usually on Youtube. My system crashed about once a day at 3200MHz, once in six days at 3000, once a day at 2666 and once a day at 2133 under equivalent...
  3. F

    Question No sounds on 945GCM5F-V2 (FSB1333)

    I have a very strange problem. I was playing on my computer but suddenly the was no audio anymore(I have the 945GCM5F-V2(FSB1333), at least I think because it doesnt stand on the mainboard itself, but my BIOS version is 17.2) .But my Volume was set to about 75% on both my computer and my...
  4. FD_NI

    Question better Motherboard

    Which one better. 2600X in AsRock X470 Master SLI or AsRock B450 Pro4
  5. A

    Question Wifi Device freezes my PC

    Hey guys, i just bought a new TP Link wifi device and installed it on my pc, when i turned my pc on everything worked just fine until the windows logo appeard. The loading circle stucked and my pc freezed for like 2 minutes and it got me to a blue screen. I tried restarting my pc like 5 times...
  6. J

    Question new build mobo not recognising gpu

    HELP,!I am building a new computer, it's mobo- gigabyte z390 aorus master Cpu-Intel i8700k Gpu- gigabyte rtx 2060 gaming Oc pro6g Evga 750 watt gold Samsung970 evo m.2 mvme nand ssd 500gb Samsung 970 evo nand mvme m.2ssd 250 Gb Updated the bios on mobo . The mobo doesn't acknowledge the gpu...
  7. C

    Question Component Choices

    My current setup is a GTX1050 FX4300 CX450 GA78LMT R2 Mobo. In the next years i will be saving up a lot of money for new pc parts. First (somewhere around August-December) should i get a Ryzen 3 or Ryzen 5. I have a budget of around 800£ to spend on parts. If something i will get a B450...
  8. J

    Question Corsair H45 Cooling sufficient for i7 - 9700k

    I recently saw a post where a moderator said that he didn't think a Corsair H45 AIO cooling was sufficient enough for a i7 - 8700k cpu. I also have the Corsair H45 AIO Cooling but I have a newer cpu of i7 - 9700k, which came with my prebuilt PC. In idle its between 20-30 degrees and during...
  9. H

    Question Sounds fade away slowly then it turn off until

    Hello guys i really hope u can help me with this cause this is drving my crazy... When i play i have sounds for like 30 secounds, then the sound starting to disapear, its getting lower and lower until there is no sounds at all, and when high sound apear i get sound again for like 30 secounds...
  10. J

    Question which cpu ?

    I am thinking to buy ryzen 5 2600 or ryzen 7 2700 which one you recommend? My main occupation is gaming Thanks
  11. A

    Question 1080p resolution format

    What is the difference between 1080p(.mp4) and 1080p(.mkv)?
  12. marek_shields

    Question GPU for dual 1440p monitors

    Hello folks, I am in the process of assembling my new gaming rig and I am down to just choosing a new graphics card. I currently have an RX580 from my old box that I installed before the motherboard decided to die on me so I started building a new box. I am looking to get 2 1440p monitors to...
  13. T

    Question Corsair Vengeance 750M vs TX650M vs RX650M

    Hi.. Could someone help me to choose the right psu? I know that the Corsair's RXm and TXm series are best in quality. But, Unfortunately in my country RXm are priced too high and TXm are not available. The vengeance series are available at a lower price range. But i couldn't find any reviews...
  14. Info How to find the BIllboard and other charts

    There are 3 different types of stats recorded on charts around the forums, I will show you how to access them all The 3 pages are: Notable Members Page - this shows the scores of the top 20 people at that moment, based on different measurements. Billboard - Page that shows current top 20...
  15. S

    Question PC will only flash light once

    This is the first PC I have built, and whenever I try to turn the PC on the motherboard LEDs will flash white for a second. This only happens when I turn my power supply on. If I try to turn the PC on through he power button, nothing happens. After the flash nothing will turn on and no light is...
  16. A

    Question Change cable on HyperX Alloy Elite RGB

    Hi guys, I recently bought the HyperX Alloy Elite RGB keyboard and am absolutely blown away. Coming from a cheapo keyboard, the board is an absolute revelation. However, since I'm big on cable management and customizing stuff, the incredibly thick and stiff cable is really bugging me. Is there...
  17. Excess1001

    Question Teqnio netbook by Epik Learning

    Hey guys, I have a netbook made by Teqnio (Epik learning) and I'm having issues restoring it. It looks like it has a locked bios so I am unable to boot to any external devices and the drive has been reformatted so I cannot access windows recovery. Any ideas on how to restore this? It claims to...
  18. I

    Question EVGA Gt 1030 Compatibility

    So I bought a EVGA GT 1030 for a build i was planing and realised I had an old Advent SE2102 (specs are on http://www.uktsupport.co.uk/advent/pc/SE2102.htm) lying around running Linux Lite but for some reason when ever I plug in the GPU and try and boot the os the screen freezes and nothing...
  19. J

    Question Ryzen 7 2700 with Asus ROG strix x370-f gaming

    I see a cpu motherboard combo posted on newegg this morning which is the ryzen 7 2700 with the asus rog strix x370-f gaming. I was looking to upgrade my current build and this is the perfect opportunity. The only thing i'm concerned about is if the cpu and mobo would work with eachother out of...
  20. Z

    Question Amazon warranty/return policy helping request / MWE 650 cooler master

    So I've tried to request an rma to amazon,the thing is bought from 3 mounths ago (10/12/2018). I found a guide and cant find the option Return or replace items. And thats it my PSU just died and I cant rma it,cant get anything done on my pc. HELP and thanks.