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  1. P

    Question Interleaved vs. Fast Path for gaming

    I've been having major packet loss and latency issues on my home network for the last month and a half. I've had absolutely no problems for the last 6-7 years, then all of a sudden out of the blue one day these problems started, almost as if someone flipped a switch. I'm on a very old copper DSL...
  2. U

    Question High FPS but Choppy Gameplay

    I get high fps on games around 250-280 but when i look right and left it feels heavy and choppy. I have a 240hz monitor (im sure its at 240hz ) a GTX 1080 , 16 GB RAM and i7 7700k CPU. What is causing this ? Games are unplayyable tried formatting windows etc. Whatelse could you guys suggest me ...
  3. T

    Question Best possible upgrade for higher frames and better performance

    Hello, recently ive been experiencing frame drops while recording games with obs (this is only with higher demanding games like forza, for honor, and fortnite.) aswell with very high cpu/disk usage in task manager. instead of lowering my settings i am looking for hardware updrages i can buy for...
  4. Gabriel9999

    Question Application port on Windows

    I have installed the an application which will work over the network. I can not connect this application from other computers. I need to open some port on windows firewall. How can I find this application listening port?
  5. J

    Question HP Probook 450 G1 laptop. (DDR3L 1.35V SDRAM 1600 MHz)

    When multitasking computer slows. Would upgrading memory help with this? Noticed some are CL 11, CL 9. Which best for this computer? i5-4200M at 2.50 GHZ Would G.Skills Ripjaws -DDR3L 1600 (PC3L 12800); CAS Latency 9: 1.35V; Dual Channel Kit
  6. Salternative

    [SOLVED] r9 380

    I'm looking for a GPU with similar performance to my old R9 380 for a gaming PC, hopefully I can find one by next week some time. Currently using it for Sekiro and Resident Evil II. I don't really feel the need to go beyond what I had beyond performance-wise and the AMD Radeon RX 580 8GB seems...
  7. A

    Question Which one should i buy i3 8100 or ryzen 2200g help me

    I need help
  8. K

    Question Gpu overheating rtx 2070 strix

    I'm relatively new to this, my problem is the following, I recently got an rtx 2070 strix and I'm a little paranoid about the temperature of the gpu because it reaches 78 degrees and being a strix I think it's too much, or I'm wrong? I have to worry or everything is fine? First of all, Thanks...
  9. N

    Question Monitor recommendation

    1. What Is Your Country Of Origin? USA 2. What do you plan to do with this monitor? Gaming (WoW/Starcraft 2,) general use, software development, remoting into my work VM (I’m a software developer obviously) 3. What resolution and screen size do you want? 4k. 34+ 4. What refresh rate do you...
  10. Erik00007

    Question Laptop is turning off and then on

    Last when laptop was working well I shutdown it . After a couple hours and I wanted to turn it on but it did turn off and on itself with completely black screen . I tried to remove the battery and press&hold the power button for 30 sec and then for 60 sec but it didnt work for me. I captured...
  11. saadzqr

    Question Using a laptop for streaming

    Hi , currently i have two systems 1 - i5 8500 with rx 580 8gb 2- i5 6200u with intel 530 can i use the laptop just for streaming and use the PC for gaming ? will be laptop be able to handle it?
  12. M

    Question Need Suggestion for GPU upgrade

    Hi, Currently I am using GTX 970 on 6th Gen it with gigabyte H series mobo. Also I've zowie xl2411p 144hz e sports monitor. My question is Should I go for 2070 rtx or will that be too much power which I can't utilize due to my monitor? Don't have that much budget to upgrade everything atm...
  13. FreakList22

    Question Need help planning out a gtx 1060 build 400$

    Is it possible? I already have a monitor (1360 x 768 resolution, I don't wanna upgrade it yet), peripherals, a 240gb Kingston SSD and a 1TB WD Blue. All I need now is a Case, PSU, RAM( 2x4gb DDR3/DDR4 , mobo and CPU to pair with a GTX 1060 3gb, and that's where I need help. Thank you in...
  14. A

    Question Dell Inspiron 5110 no display only light on power

    Hello Everyone, I need help on a laptop dell inspiron N5110 whose not getting any display and not even making the windows sound. i tried to reset the bios still the same. Can some help me with this?
  15. Z

    Question Are these parts compatible?

    Hi i need to know if these parts are all compatible I am building a PC for my brother and i don't know much about pcs if anyone could help that you be great thanks. View: https://imgur.com/a/cjZnCoB CPU...
  16. K

    Question PC rebuilt... Fresh OS but freezes after internet connection

    Hey Folks, I just rebuilt my pc by upgrading the motherboard, cpu, GPU, and RAM. I use to have a Athlon II 640 x4 with 8GB ram, AMD 7850 GPU, Samsung EVO 256 gb, generic SSD 480 gb, MSI AMD 880 board and 750 watt powerspec psu (only few months old, replaced a 650 watt antec earthwatt after it...
  17. J

    Laptop Suggestion for school

    Hello, I am looking for a laptop for school, and there are so many models I don't know which one to choose. I am a freshman and currently I have a older Dell Xps 13 laptop with core i5 4200u, the battery is not that good, only like 3-4 hours max,the performance kinda sucks also. As of right now...
  18. yorudamaru

    Question Does my motherboard support booting from NVME?

    Hi there. I'm really new at pc components and I'd like to build myself an entry level "gaming" pc, just a budget one. My motherboard is Biostar Racing B250GT3. (https://www.biostar.com.tw/app/en/mb/introduction.php?S_ID=862) This motherboard does have an M.2 x4 and an M.2 x2, but my question...
  19. F

    Question Keybord & Shortcut problem

    Hey there, I have a problem with my new keyboard. I bought (5 months ago) a new keyboard -motospeed ck 104- and everything was fine. Today i formatted my pc and clean installed Windows 10. After that some keyboard shortcuts does not work. For example, when i try to change language the shortcut...
  20. M

    Question My Camera recorded 2 mins of video but 14 mins of audio?

    So I went out on a day trip with the lads and I bought a camera for the day, it seems it's corrupted or broken because when I skip to the end of the clip the timer keeps going up till about 14 mins or so, it seems it recorded audio only after the 2 mins of video. Here is the link to show you...