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  1. M

    Build Advice Gaming + Streaming Build

    Right now - CPU: i5 7600k CPU Cooler: be quiet! Pure rock 2 MB: Asus Rog Strix 270-F GPU: Asus Strix 1070Ti RAM: 2x8 CL15 Ripjaws G.Skills 3200Mhz PSU: be quiet! Ddark Power Pro 11 750W +80 GOLD HDD: Seagate 2TB + SSD: 500GB Samsung 960 evo M.2 + 1TB Samsung 860 EVO Case: NZXT S340 (2 fans...
  2. K

    Question Temperature Quickly Spiking i7 10-700K

    Hi guys I have a i7 10-700k being cooled by a Corsair H150i which is a 360mm rad. When benchmarking using XTU my CPU is hitting thermal throttle limits and can see temperatures up to 99 degrees. I have checked that the pump is connected, that the fans are blowing through the rad, I've changed...
  3. Z

    Question 10700k customization

    Hello everyone. Just start with my new 10700k with asus z490 prime-a motherboard, and need some advices how to fully use cpu potential. Do i need to change any settings in bios? I don't want to overlock but want to use all 5100mhz when playing games.
  4. H

    Question NZXT H510 Front Panel Audio (Mic) Not Working

    I recently upgraded CPU, mobo, and RAM from an i7 4770k (MSI Z87 MPower Max) to an i7 10700k (Gigabyte Z490 Aorus Elite AC). Both in the same case, had no problems using the front panel audio connection (3.5mm) for mic, and sound with the old MSI board. After upgrading and installing the new...
  5. S

    Question is it safe to keep the CPU Fan And my 3 System Fans at 100% all of the time?

    I have an i7 10700K and recently I did a bios update and after the update, the CPU fan speed changed drastically and my CPU temps were 50+ degrees Idle. I quickly went into the bios and noticed that the fan speed was set to auto. I messed around a bit with the speed and changed the CPU fan speed...
  6. MXgeek

    [SOLVED] What's the best CPU to pair up with GTX 1070?

    Hello, so I bought my PC a few years ago when the 1070 came out and I still think its a good GPU although my CPU is kinda weak now so I wanted to upgrade it. I want something more powerful now cus my CPU rn is i5 6600k so which ones do you guys recommend? I'm kinda interested in this new one i7...
  7. S

    Question CPU Power Limit Exceeded on i7 10700K

    When I entered HWINFO64 I saw that it said yes on "Core x Power Limit Exceeded=Yes" I googled it and I saw a couple of videos referring to the CPU TDP. I checked the maximum TDP of my CPU and it was 125.0 W. I then entered the intel extreme tuning utility and there it said that the turbo boost...
  8. B

    Question What is a sufficient CPU for the RTX 3080

    I have an I7 7700k and was looking into buying an RTX 3080 for 1440p 144hz gaming, i'm just not sure what would be the best CPU for me. I have an ASUS Maximus IX Hero and 32gb of ram. Any suggestions?
  9. Redrum38

    Question 2080 ti w/ 10700k or 3080 w/ 3900xt for 1080p 240+ fps gaming

    The main use for the build is competitive/ stacked endgame fortnite, which happens to be an fps nightmare. I want to have as close to 240 fps at all time as possible. I was waiting for the release of the 3080, but with the current used prices of the 2080 ti... i am second guessing myself. Would...
  10. S

    Question Are my I7-10700K Temperatures Good/Normal/Safe?

    Around a month ago I built a gaming pc with an i7-10700K, The CPU cooler is "Be Quiet Dark Rock Pro 4". and I've read that the normal/safe temperatures for CPUs nowadays are: IDLE: 30-45 Degrees Celcius. Workload: 45-65 Degrees Celcius. Gaming: 75-80-85. I've been consistently monitoring my...
  11. ApolloFusion

    Question Asus TUF-Gaming B460-Pro (Wi-Fi) DRAM Light always on.

    I recently upgraded my build to a new I7-10700k and a Asus TUF-Gaming B460-Pro (Wi-Fi) but whenever i try to boot the pc i never get past the DRAM Light stage. I have tried 2 different boards and tried my Corsair LPX 2400Mhz RAM in all slots and configs and nothing works. Ive tried 2 different...
  12. R

    Question i10700k + NH-D15 temps

    Hello guys it's my first post/question here. I just put together my new setup couple days ago including i10700k and Noctuas NH-D15 cooler and i'm wondering are my temps normal for this setup. I'm running CPU 5,0ghz on all cores LLC 4 Vcore 1,340 -2AVX and temps peak 86-90c in Realbench. Stress...
  13. zunbaybee

    Question CPU OC

    Messed around with overclocking my cpu for a bit, i've settled on 4.9ghz on a 10700k @ 1.25v in bios 1.243v in monitoring. Every other monitoring softare I've used would always list my voltage as wrong and be something as low as 1.120, and only displayed the correct voltage in the motherboard's...
  14. R

    [SOLVED] Upgraded high-end system. Crashes while gaming under good temps

    Recently I upgraded my old system with a new CPU, motherboard and case. Unfortunately since then I have been having issues while gaming. Mostly after 10-45mins the PC instantly powers off and automatically restarts after a minute or so. The power button is unresponsive during this minute...