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  1. B

    Se puede hacer un pc con los componentes de ps4?

    Hace unos dias tuve la idea de si se podia hacer un pc con los componentes de una ps4 (ya que tengo una ps4) Y no seria mala opcion montar un pc con sus componentes translate: A few days ago I had the idea of if you could make a PC with the components of a PS4 (since I have a PS4) And it would...
  2. S

    Gpu driver crashing on gaming or benchmark test. Software or hardware ?

    Hi all. First my specs windows 7 ultimate 64 bit z87x d3h, 4770k oc 4.5 ghz with evo 212 ram hyperx beast cl11 2400, psu corsair cx750m 80+ gold. So my problem is i upgrade my gpu from 1070 ti to 1080 ti. I did a clean instal of newest drivers and its crashing in games with driver stopped...
  3. Y

    [SOLVED] Moving windows ONLY to new SSD

    Hi everyone! I've bought a new SSD for my pc and I want to know how I can move my OS to my new SSD, I don't want to move everything, because my new SSD can hold 500gb of space and my hdd (my old drive) has more than 500gb of space. I also don't want to clean install windows on my SSD, because I...
  4. J

    Australia 2.2k Gaming PC

    Hey, I'm in Australia and recently built a PC for 1440p 140fps gaming with a budget around $2200. I have researched and talked thoroughly with friends, read forums, countless reviews and am here for some final feedback and suggestions. Will be building with a friend who has 30 years experience...
  5. B

    I Need Help Finding RGB LED strips to go inside my PC that will connect to the motherboard

    I am going to be building a new PC soon and will be using this motherboard: The specifications of the motherboard say that there are 2x 5050 RGB 12V connectors on the motherboard. I want to have a Black/Orange theme and am planning on putting LED...
  6. G

    [SOLVED] Should I get this?

    Should I get a Ryzen 3 1200 for $70 to go with a rx580 8gb. I'm planning to get the wraith cooler too. Also 8gb of ddr4.
  7. D

    Forgot an old game that I used to play 10-12 years ago

    The best thing I can remember, was that once in a while you had to do a tower defence mode task and shoot the incoming waves of enemies with a mashine gun while there were dynamite boxes lying all over to help you out by exploding them.
  8. C

    Need a little help building new PC

    Hey any help is very appreciated since im not familiar with current tech. My budget is around $1000, all im trying to do is build a pc that can handle Fortnite well while streaming it (nothing special, just for friends and a handful of viewers) CPU: Im assuming for streaming a decent processor...
  9. C

    [SOLVED] Looking to add a USB PCIE card

    Hey guys I’m new here and new to computers. I recently purchased and HP Omen model 870-224. I’m a console streamer using my PC to stream. I’ve run into a minor issue that’s really more of a hassle than anything. I don’t have enough USB ports. If I decide I want to switch from console to just...
  10. Mike_368

    [SOLVED] i3 8100 v.s. i5 7400 v.s. i5 3470?

    Looking at a couple Dell desktops both have the HD 630 graphics. The one with the i3 8100 is $52 less money than the i5 7400, just wanted to get your thoughts. I also can save $100 and get a Dell tower with the i5 3470 that seems to be loved by many but not sure what integrated graphics are on...
  11. X

    Is an MSI ARMOR RTX 2070 compatible with ASUS PRIME Z270-A LGA1151

    Is this graphics card compatible with asus prime z270 a ? i have 600w psu and its 1 yrs old everest rampage btx-600 80plus i have a i7-7700 1151 3.6 ghz turbo 4ghz
  12. T

    monitor or the pc ???

    the pc works with one monitor but not the other however when i plug the monitor which is not working into another pc it works perfectly fine??? One monitor is 60hz asus 27" monitor The other is msi optix g24c 144hz The specs are I5 8600K, MSI h370 bazooka, 16GB DDR4, gigabyte 1080 turbo, 1TB...
  13. K

    Updating bios without cpu

    Can I update Asus prime z370a without a cpu? If yes how?
  14. A

    problem installing windows on gigabyte 78LMT-usb 3 motherboard

    It came pre-installed with windows 8 64bit but it would reboot randomly, i've changed the psu and motherboard but with no luck , i've got it running 32 bit but obviously i'd like it to be 64 bit , tested the ram and hard drive but no problems with those, everytime I try to install windows 8 64...
  15. I

    RX 580 4gb vs 8gb

    Hi all, I’m planning to buy a new GPU soon, and was considering an RX 580. The 4gb model is going on amazon right now for 184 dollars, and I think that is an amazing deal. However, the 8gb models are going for 240~ before tax. I don’t know which one I should get. Is the 4gb enough to game...
  16. B

    multiple source to multiple speakers

    I want to install audio system in my house with many rooms. Can I a system which can handle multiple source and play to multiple speakers simultaneously. Thanks,
  17. N

    Tr 1920x Cooling Solution

    Thinking of picking up a 1920x since they only go for around £350 and I need a good multi core performance cpu. I currently own a Corsair h100i v2 and I’m wondering whether it would be capable to cool a tr. By the way I’m not going to be building a custom loop AIO or air solution only pls
  18. A

    Lost flash drive with PowerPoint

    Hi I just lost my flash drive meaning I do not physically have it. I never saved my PowerPoint onto my computer hard drive, just the lost flash drive. When I go on PowerPoint I see it in the recent folders, however it won’t let me open it. I’ve done all the recovery steps PowerPoint suggested...
  19. S

    Linux Black Screen Problem

    Hello everyone, I wanted to ask you all if you guys know how to fix the black screen problem in Linux. I boot it from USB and select the UEFI in the BIOS, It loads but I can only hear the sound of Linux turning on but their is no video display. Can anyone please help me?
  20. M

    i need help recovering my external hard drive

    Hello my problem is a bit complicated but the short story is i added my 4 tb external hard drive to storage pool and now i cant turn it back to external i tried many things and it cant be ejected now i have to force pull it help me please.