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  1. S

    Which is better? G-Sync or IPS panel?

    Which monitor is better? I have a gtx 1080 and it runs my games at 100+ fps most of the time. The games that I play the most are Dota 2, Overwatch and PUBG. Is is better to go with the 144hz with no G-Sync, thus costing less money or should I just go with the G-Sync monitor which is both more...
  2. I

    lenovo 720-12ikb cursor disappears after unlock with fingerprint

    Hello everyone, i bought today the lenovo 720-12ikb . Every time the pc Locks (either i lock it, either goes to sleep) and when i wake it up with fingerprint the mouse, pointer is disappeared. I saw that the problem is common but didnt find a solution. Any feedback please? Thank you
  3. D

    Seeking removable media storage

    Many years ago, I had an Iomega backup drive that used removable tape cartridges. Is there anything comparable (but with way larger capacity) available today?
  4. mcdarkveil

    Unfixable Randomly Rebooting Computer

    My custom built desktop has been broken for almost a year now, and throughout this year I've been getting RMA replacements in an attempt to fix it. It is at the point where it is almost a brand new computer, and I have no clue what to do next. It worked fine for around 9 months before I started...
  5. T

    ASUS-ROG Sudden Black screen

    Hello My Asus ROG laptop screen stopped suddenly to work while I was working on it. The screen went suddenly black. When I connect an external screen, I can receive the images. I have checked luminosity, duplication of screen, Nvidia driver are updated... I am clueless - I don t k wo what to...
  6. S

    Front USB speed issues

    Well, I always suspected that I didn't get proper transfer speed on my front panel USB 3.0 ports. But, I never really tested them. Yesterday I got myself a new portable 1TB HDD and that's when I really felt the problem on my ports. This is from the rear/motherboard USB 3.0 ports: Now, in...
  7. J

    Looking to build a 1080p 60 fps gaming pc

    Hello I would appreciate any help with building a gaming pc from Pc part picker. In my goal to be able to play games, any game in 1080p at about 30 to 60 fps,though I would like something closer to 60 fps if possible, even if that means lowering the video setting to something like medium, for...
  8. J

    GTX 1080 Compatible?

    I was wondering if a GTX 1080 would be compatible with my current system. CPU: i5 4690K GPU: GTX 970 Mobo: Asus Z97K RAM: 2x 4GB DDR3 If not, any part upgrade recommendations? (Also link where to buy if possible) THANKS!
  9. J

    Installing new motherboard

    I’ve installed a new mother board as I’m using Windows 10 I’ve read I can simply boot it without resetting windows is this correct? Also should I boot with gpu in or out?
  10. M


    Hello fellers, I wish to play games like league of legends and PUBG and other very optimized games and use the computer with almost no lag but im on a budget of 300. I dont need monitor or keyboard because i already have those. I'd also like a wifi adapter. thanks.
  11. T

    How to completely wipe a hard drive clean

    So my friend let me borrow a flash drive that he said had a copy of Windows 10 on it, and he let me borrow it for my latest build. However, now it is saying that I cannot activate windows 10 because it is not a "genuine copy of Windows 10". I'm not sure what that means, but it doesn't sound...
  12. S

    finger print on cpu

    Hello I just got all my PC parts and while I was building I accidently touched the top of the cpu and i was wondering if it will have any affect. It has a few finger prints on it
  13. E

    Pendrive not opening

    Mine is 16GB sandisk Otgb pendrive. . Am using it for more than a month. But it doesn't get open in PC and any other devices like mobile, tablet, laptop
  14. S

    Newly build pc running extremely slow

    So I just build a pc for the first time but I had loads of knowledge about it but its been running very slowly.What is really wierd is that on 3d max fire stricke nenchmark i got 11000 which is really good.On the other hand on this benchmark i got...
  15. C

    Dismount Error When Transferring Files To External Drives

    I get disconnected from the drives when transferring files from Laptop to External HDD's. At first I though maybe its because of a faulty hard drive. Not the case since its effecting other memory devices I have. I thought maybe its because of a faulty USB socket. Not so because its effecting the...
  16. A

    Upgrading to Ryzen

    I am planning to upgrade my rig. The question is should i go for the 1600 or the 1600X? The wraith cooler isn't a concern as I'm not planning to use it anyway. My current corsair H60 already supports AM4 (hooray!). And for the motherboard I have set my eyes on the MSI Tomahawk Arctic and...
  17. C

    Underpowered PSU killed my rig?

    Have I just killed my PSU? Just put a Power Colour Red Dragon RX580 8GB card into my build, without realising that my 450W PSU wasn’t powerful enough to drive this GPU. I’ve ordered a new PSU, but should I expect any of my other components to be broken? I’m a little worried to say the least
  18. beinik6

    Newer Graphics Card does not work, older one does

    So hey. Let me explain everything: I recently bought some new parts for a new computer. After i built it, I tried to start, aaaand nothing, not even a "piep" from the mobo speaker, only all lights and fans work. The Graphics Card I have is a Asus Strix 1060. But here comes the, for me weird...
  19. B

    Can i run ark on my laptop

    Hi, i was thinking of buying ark survival evolved on my asus laptop but don't know if ill be able to run it. Here are my specs I have an intel core i7-4510U 2-core 2Ghz with a nvidia Geforce 840M 4gb running on windows 8.1 with 1tb storage' my lqptop is a 64 bit
  20. M

    GPU not being read by mobo

    I recently built my own custom PC. I had the help of my experienced cousin and PC part picker. when I booted my PC everything turned on and was running good, except for the most important part, my GPU. I have tried everything to make my mobo read my GPU, but nothing has worked. I even tried...
  21. L

    5820K CPU not drawing much power

    I've just noticed that although all my 6 cores are maxed out and have been for about 10 minutes (doing some photogrammatry) Core Temp is showing that the processor is only drawing around 55 Watts of power and the average temp of each core is only around 65 degrees C. And to touch the heat sync...
  22. Victor_3

    Help with CPU and Motherboard Compatibility At my local store website I saw that this motherboard Gigabyte H110M-S2H Intel H110 SK1151 supports Intel Pentium CPU's, but I wasn't aware that I need to update BIOS. Is this something normal to do or by default is already ready and that warning is more...
  23. S

    Should I Upgrade to CoffeLake?

    Hello, My rig is, İ5 6500 Gtx 1060 6gb Msi h110m mobo So, some games (cod ww2, bf1)are using i5 6500 at %100 and it makes me sick. What do you think about i5 6500's future? Should I upgrade it? Coffe lakes are very good. Thanks
  24. W

    Dual xeon E5-2665 workstation.. is it compatible with a brand new GTX?

    Hi everyone, I am trying to build my own workstation and not sure which cpu package would suite me better, the aime is to have an as fast as possible cpu for rendering purpose (3ds max and vray). I am considering using the old xeon E5-2665 or the E5-2680 in a dual processor system since these...
  25. V

    Beginner's Components -New

    Hi EVERYONE! Im new to building PC. If you have 5-10 mins to spare, could you please critique this list of PC components. & I don't know how to find the appropriate power supply :c
  26. O

    Installed new CPU which cause boot loops

    I ordered a q9400 and just installed it into my motherboard but when I start my computer it goes straight into a boot loop, I tested my PC again with the old CPU and it works fine, I have a good enough psu and my motherboard supports the CPU. I already checked for bent pins are there aren't...
  27. A

    good budget laptop

    best traditional laptop under $350
  28. B

    how do i reset my CMOS?

    I believe this is it here and im not sure what i need to do to reset it, any help would be appreciated.
  29. Y

    Just Cause 2 DirectX

    Hi, I'm using directX 11 in my windows 7. I downloaded Just Cause 2 but sfter full installation it shows a problem regarding for directX 10 and to start it with failsafe. Tell me how to fix it and what is failsafe and how can i play this game
  30. 0

    i7-2600 + GTX 980 in 2017

    I've been thinking of buying i7-2600 and GTX 980. I can get them plus everything else needed for PC, including monitor and m&kb, for $700. Sounds like a good deal to me but my experience with computers is very limited. Processor is pretty old but seems to be fairly powerful even today. How well...