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  1. S

    ASUS Expedition RX570 4gb psu que?

    Hello everyone, will ASUS Expedition RX570 4gb (8pin) card works on Antec vp450 (6pin)? If not then using 6pin to 8pin converter will it be safe to use? http://
  2. C

    What graphics card should I get?

    I was wondering if I could get some suggestions for graphics cards to go with my build. Don't really know what I'm looking for yet. Was debating between a 1050ti or just spend the extra money to get a 580 because of there's one for about $230. Or if I should wait completely for the new cards to...
  3. J

    Trying to extend internet to my barn

    Please help me. I have done research for weeks now. I have wasted so much money on product's that suppose to extend, repeat, bridge, and boost internet. All I want to do is take Internet from my house using Netgear R6250 router, To my barn about 300 feet away! Looking for low cost now that I...
  4. E

    Need advice about virtual machines

    I just purchased a laptop with the following specs: IPS FHD GTX 1060 6GB VRAM i7-8750H 2.2 GHz base speed on 6 cores 16 GB DDR4 Memory 256 GB SSD + 2 TB 5400 rpm HDD Windows 10 Pro I got it for my Computer Information System classes, specifically to run multiple virtual machines, running...
  5. J

    EVGA Step Up Program

    Im a bit confused as to how it works. i have a gtx 1080 ftw2 icx card that i paid $599.99 for. i bought it on july 19th, i have 1051 days left on its warranty.... and have 45 days left to purchase an extended warranty..... what card would i be able to step up to? i do not want a blower style...
  6. O

    Asus Z87 Plus can't boot

    Help. I have an Asus Z87 Plus motherboard. I think it works because I was able to boot from my windows installation disc, and installed windows on the hard disk. Everything went well with the installation, but when I wanted to boot from the hard disk, it just restarts over and over, and just...
  7. B

    which one is better laptop quad core or desktop computer i5 core

    hello i have samsung laptop quad core processor up to 1.44GHZ installed ram 4 GB. now i am planning to buy desktop computer İNTEL İ5 (Turbo 3.07Ghz ) 4GB Ram 320GB HDD can u pls advice me is it faster then my previous laptop or it has same performance?
  8. R

    GPU runs hotter when playing multiplayer games than when playing singleplayer games.

    Basic system specs- i5-7600 GTX 1070 24GB DDR4 2400 Cooler Master Masterliquid lite 120 Latest Windows 10 and latest drivers I was playing War Thunder about a week ago, and I noticed after opening MSI Afterburner that my GPU had hit 76C at max fan speed. Normally while running folding@home or...
  9. M

    Should I get a 1080p or 1444p?

    I plan on buying a computer with gtx 1060 3gb video card. I'm dead set on this card. My question is if I buy a 27 inch 1080p monitor, would it be a waste of time with this card or would I need a 1444p monitor for this card? I'm trying to save money and not spend much, so the 1080p are cheaper...
  10. W

    Memory stabilazation on ryzen

    My memory is 3200Mhz. On my ryzen system tho it runs on 2933. If set to 3200Mhz is a bit unstable. What adjustment can i try other than increasing DRAM voltage to make it stable?
  11. Z

    Is this going to be a solid re-build?

    How is it going everyone. I am wondering if this is gonna be a pretty solid gaming rig. Any advice or suggestions is welcome. Parts I currently own Along with a samsung 250gb SSD. Going to be upgrading to...
  12. T

    Do I replace thermal paste for Corsair H55 CPU Cooler?

    So i built a gaming pc 6 months Ago and have a corsair water cooler for my CPU. It has preapplied thermal paste so i was wondering if i still have to replace it every 6 months.
  13. A

    LG 34UM69G-B left panel backlight intermittent

    Hi there! So I've been struggling to fix an issue with my monitor. It's a 34 inch 2560x1080p ultrawide from LG. I just recently picked it up for cheap, but the left side backlight is intermittently flashing on and off. It's a really weird issue that I cant figure out how to fix. Here's a...
  14. W

    How do i reply to answers

    Hi,i am new,how do i reply answers,thx!
  15. M

    Oddities of connecting DUALSHOCK 4 to Windows 10

    Hi! There are 2 DUALSHOK4 and bluetooth / wifi adapter ASUS PCE-AC55BT B1. I used the DS4Windows program. On the page there were instructions and video. The first controller was able to connect through the wire. And then on Bluetooth. With the second controller, I did the same thing, I connected...
  16. K

    Doubt regarding the speed of cpu

    I has a i5 8th gen of 6 cores in a gigabyte ultra durable 300 series motherboard. I only gets a speed of 2.80 ghz but before I had a i3 processor that gave me a 2.93 ghz of speed. When I google for the same i5 product in amazon I came to know that it gives a minimum of 3.00ghz or 3.20ghz. I...
  17. L

    Laptops that DONOT get hot or sound like a plane?

    Is there a list anywhere of laptops for gaming that DONOT get as hot as the sun and sound like a jet engine starting up? Imo if it fails in these to categories it’s NOT fit for purpose and therefore cannot be classed as a gaming laptop, i don’t want to spend £2000 on a laptop to find it has...
  18. V

    Pressure Build Up potentially cause for Water leaks?

    My mini itx using alphacool fittings and chrome tubing seems to either have a minor leak or burst a pipe which has happened a total of 5 times, each time in different locations after I had secured each leak location. This only occurs after reaching around 60-65 degrees which is quite high I...
  19. SlayerNebula

    Best board for 8068K?

    I just picked up the new limited edition Intel i7 8086K for $425 (yes i know i'm a sucker). This is basically a new rig that i'm building so i'm just trying to figure out others thoughts on what might be the best board for this CPU. I'm mostly looking for bios functionality and overclocking...
  20. M

    ASUS STRIX B350-F Gaming Compatibility

    I am looking to upgrade my pc and in doing so I want to get a ryzen 5 2600. I looked up a good motherboard for it and I found the Asus Strix B350-F Gaming was a “good option.” However, when I put it into the pcpartpicker website it said it was potentially incompatible. Is it anything to worry about?