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  1. G

    Ryzen 5 and Windows 7

    So I upgraded from an Fx CPU to Ryzen, got an ASUS B350, Corsair Vengance DDR4 RAM and the R5 2600 processor. Mouse and keyboard work in the bios but not on windows itself. In fact if I let the computer load it sets on the desktop for about 2 minutes before giving me a BSoD. The BSoD I'm...
  2. T

    YouTube Is Pausing On My Note 8???

    My note 8 phone keeps pausing YouTube videos and I don't know why, is there anyway to fix it?
  3. C

    Elitebook 8760w GPU change (Quadro 5010m to GTX 770m)

    Recently, I've bought an HP Elitebook 8760W as a desktop replacement notebook for video and image editing. I absolutely love this beast of a rig, especially since it has HP's amazing "Dream Color" display. However, the stock Quadro 5010M GPU seems to be on the weak end of things, struggling with...
  4. J

    Overclock on q6600

    Hi.I just wanna overclock my cpu to 2.8 ghz and i dont know which value should i set to voltages or maybe how to overclock.I also have a 450 W power supply
  5. C

    3 RAM sticks?

    Ok guys simple question just want a quick simple answer. I have 8GB DDR3 ram. 2x 2gb sticks and 1x 4gb stick. The 2x 2gb sticks are the same brand however one was manufactured a year before the other. The 4gb ram stick is a total different model and different speed also. In CPU z it states my...
  6. S

    Hotspot to a wired network

    I would like to connect my hot spot to my home network. I'm using a Rs 850 hs,to a netgear n300 router
  7. G

    Mod a psu to support 24 pin

    My mb is a 24 pin I have a psu that is a 460w but it only has a 20 pi. Could I get a molex to 4pin to get that extra power it was meant to have
  8. J

    New Build- Error Code 43, Nvidia GTX 1060

    Hello Everyone, I have cobbled together a first time build. First boot worked with the integrated graphics. Now that I am trying to get the video card up and running I'm getting error code 43 in the device manager. Here are the relevant specs: MOBO: ASUS- B360M-A GPU- EVGA Nvidia 1060 gtx...
  9. henrytcasey

    Amazon Fire TV Cube Review: Alexa, Take The Remote

    The Amazon Fire TV Cube is an excellent marriage of an Echo speaker and a Fire TV device that's able to control your living room. Amazon Fire TV Cube Review: Alexa, Take The Remote : Read more
  10. S

    Do I need anything else? - GT 1030 / GT 730

    What do I need to get if I want a GT 1030 OR a GT 730? I want both to be 2GB, and DDR5 something.. I currently have Processor -AMD A6-3670 APU with Radeon(tm) HD Graphics, 2700 Mhz, 4 Core(s), 4 Logical Processor(s) GPU - AMD Radeon HD 6450 PSU - KRPW-L5-600W/80+ Motherboard -Gigabyte...
  11. kuroteckie

    Difference Between eSata and External Hard Drives

    Good afternoon techies, I currently doing some research on storage devices and wanted to know if I should consider getting an external drive and eSata drive. However, I don't really know the difference between the two as I thought they were the same thing. I do know the eSata have a dedicated...
  12. J

    COD4 PC Disc?

    Hello, Does anyone know where I can get a disc copy of cod 4 other than steam? I've heard mixed reviews on the installability of the Amazon version. Any help would be much appreciated, Jamie
  13. N

    PC froze. No signal on boot. K/M doesn't light up at all.

    Hello everyone, I'm a first time poster so if I've accidently placed this post in the wrong portion of the forums feel free to remove it or migrate it elsewhere if possible. So, I built my first mini itx gaming pc recently and all has been phenomenal! Until last night when I was watching a...
  14. L

    HDD CD Drive Caddy ?

    hello everyone, iam planning to get a HDD Caddy for all my laptops, i am planning to do the following for each laptop: each laptop has one hdd and iam planning to install a 60gb SSD for the system and a hdd caddy instead of the cd drive so i end with 60gb ssd and 1tb hdd. now do yo guy...
  15. O

    Best Graphic Card For Core i5 520m Laptop Processor

    I have a laptop Dell latitude e6510 i am thinking to put a graphic card on it through a EXP GDC a device which can install a desktop size graphic card in laptop.. i need a graphic which doesn't cost that much and also doesn't bottleneck. BTW i have 4 gb ddr3 ram
  16. D

    Having trouble installing windows 10

    I'm trying to install windows 10 from a usb drive that i've made with another computer. The (New) Computer will load the USB drive but i get errors almost like its trying to boot windows on that drive instead of a windows installer. I will list the errors below. I have multiple USB drives so...
  17. D

    Will this cooler fit my motherboard?

    Need to buy a CPU cooler for a new build but the only one I can find locally is a mysterious "xilence LGA B". This may be a stupid/obvious question but does this mean it will fit any LGA motherboard? Specifically, an LGA 1155 motherboard? Thanks
  18. S

    Idk what any of this means

    I have a asrock g41c-gs and for the voltage there is dram voltage ik what that is idk what NB voltage , vtt voltage, gtlref voltage can anyone explaine thoes to me
  19. O

    Need help overclocking AMD X4 860K

    Mainboard - MSI A88X-G41 PC Mate So I decided to overclock my CPU to get a performance boost in CSGO, the difference between max and minimum graphical settings I benchmarked to be only 5FPS so I assume overclocking the GPU won't give me a noticeable performance increase in that game, right? So...