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  1. G

    Autocus wont work after rotating focus ring while AF

    My sister was using my Nikon D3300 and "accidentally" rotated the focus ring of my Nikon 55-200 DX while it was set on AF. Im pretty sure I heard a noisy "clack" and now the aoutofocus wont work anymore; It doesnt even try to focus (you can hear a tiny noise but not a "focusing" noise)...
  2. A

    Used R7 260x or New Gt 1030 in 2018?

    I thought of buying gt 1030 since its better than intel hd at least. But I saw a used r7 260x at low price with 30 days money back at a local shop. I will replace the card after my graduation with a very better gpu (at 2019) So my questions are: 1. Did anyone heard or experienced any issue in...
  3. D

    CPU and GPU issues

    Not sure if this is a computer issue or software issue. I recently(within the last year} upgraded to an intel core i7-6700k and new hardware to game with. it was immediately after i upgraded my GPU drivers(last Nvidia Update for Players Underground) that i started noticing weird things. First...
  4. S

    dual gpu amd

    Question Sign in to vote 0 Sign in to vote hello how the dual gpu amd? apu and gpu my pc: asus r7 360 mini 2gb gddr5 amd a8 7600(r7 apu) ram 8gb ddr3 i am enable apu in the bios but a problem not show dual gpu in the amd catalyst control center show 2 display adaptor in the device manage
  5. kcarbotte

    HTC Now Taking Orders For Spare Vive Parts, Shipping June (Archive)

    The HTC Vive has been steadily shipping to early customers over the last five weeks, but all you could order from the company was the headset itself. Now the company is taking orders for replacement parts, in case you've already damaged your hardware. HTC Now Taking Orders For Spare Vive...
  6. O

    Which cable to power CPU on ECS Z97I-DRONE mobo?

    I am trying to power the CPU on my ECS Z97I-DRONE motherboard (https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813135406). However, I do not have the correct cable and I cannot find one to save my life! Here is a picture of the power port on the motherboard...
  7. R

    Will there be rx 600

    Hey...i just got into pc gaming and i wonder why is it after rx 500 there isnt rx 600 why is it that after rx 500 comes rx vega. Is vega a special card ?. And will there be rx 600 (please be patient noob question here :D) Sorry for bad english
  8. P

    I can't seem to get a stable OC pass 3.8Ghz on my 1700x

    I'd like to preface this by saying I'm on my phone and I've never overclocked before. I wanted to overclock my CPU because a game I enjoy only seems to use one core but I don't know how to do do a per core OC or if it's even possible for my cpu. I started off using AMD Ryzen Master and...
  9. T

    Moving os to new pc

    I have a pc now but I plan to upgrade and I was wondering if I could take windows 10 from my pc now and bring it to the new pc. I think its none OEM, idk if I could put windows on a ssd and transferit and whip the hdd or what. Or would i have to completely buy new windows
  10. H

    HD at risk because of unstable sectors & active time at 100%?

    Hi All I have two HD where in drive C (SSD) i have the OS and in drive D I have most of my games. Havent used my desktop in a while (2 months-ish) and yesterday I boot up tekken 7 and it almost always stutter for in game FMV. I am not too knowledgeable about computer but noticed that the D...
  11. K

    Is my SSD dying?

    I noticed my SDD was slow writing to when I install a new program so I used crystaldiskinfo and it shows it's good nothing in yellow then I ran disk benchmark and got this I had my SSD since back in march it's my main OS drive 128gb PNY SSD The SSD has 61gb of 110gb so it's not full
  12. F

    Unable to install OS due to "windows setup could not configure windows to run on this computer's hardware" error

    I recently bought a dell latitude e6430 laptop from my university. They formatted the drive and instructed me to install a fresh OS. I've tried three times now, twice with win 7 and once with Vista. Each time I receive the error "windows setup could not configure windows to run on this...
  13. C

    What should I buy to increase my FPS?

    I don't know much about Computers and I would like to increase fps in games, because I am having issues running the later games. I have £300 to spend. At the moment, my specs are: Processor: Intel Core i5-2400 CPU: 3.10 GHz RAM: 16GB GPU: GeForce GT 710 Edit: PSU: 350 Watts (I can get a...
  14. M

    SONY STR-D715 subwoofer connection??

    Where do I connect my powered subwoofer on the back of my SONY STR-D715 receiver??
  15. Y

    good mechanical keyboard for under 75$

    do you guys know a good mechanical keyboard with rgb for under 75$ (mx brown or romer G switches)
  16. W

    Youtube Audio Desync (Really annoying)

    Every single time I watch a video on youtube, at some point the audio gets out of sync, appearing ahead of the corresponding moments in video. Pausing and unpausing keeps the desync, as unpausing makes the sound play instantly, but the video starts with a delay. Only way to fix is to refresh the...
  17. S

    Upgrade existing SSD Raid 0 to larger SSD Raid 0 - how to image drives

    I need to upgrade my existing SSD Raid 0 array (OCZ Vertex 4 120gb x 2) to a larger SSD Raid 0 array (Samsung 850 EVO 1TB x 2) due to running out of space and this is where my operating system resides. Win 10 keeps growing over time and I now only have 20gb of space after running the Windows...
  18. B

    Troubleshooting pc problems

    Last week I bought all the parts to a gamming pc. I put it all together and it doesn't turn on. I checked the power supply with the paper clip test and the battery on motherboard is good. So would it be the motherboard having issues
  19. W

    Adding ssd from old laptop to new laptop

    Hi, recently my old laptop broke so I salvaged my 256gb m.2 ssd from it. I got new laptop yet to be turned on. This laptop has less memory (126gb) than my old ssd so im thinking about replacing it. However my old ssd has the os + every file from my old laptop. I did some researching and I...
  20. T

    PC turns on (black screen), shuts off after ~10 seconds, & repeats (4-pin ATX 12V connector possible culprit)

    Hey guys, so yesterday I got my i5 7600K to replace my i3 6100. But after I installed it and tried to turn on my pc the fan & the lights from the power button & mouse turned on, but after about 10 seconds it just shut off and started back up again. This continued until I turned off the pc. I...