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  1. J

    Can't Add Pin After Windows Update

    Hello, after updating windows it deleted my PIN, now when I click add PIN and set ir, nothing happens, and there's no option to reset it.
  2. G

    An external harddrive to play games directly off of?

    I got myself a Lenovo legion Y520 (Core i7 8GB 256GB SSD 15.6" GTX 1050 Ti) and as seen it only has 256GB of SSD, and I frankly can't be bothered with constantly uninstalling games and installing others when I wanna play games on a whim, so I wanted to know was there a possible solution in the...
  3. O

    My cpu gets very hot when playing games.

    Hello. I only have 2 cabinet fans in my cabinet, and a cpu cooler to cool my pc. I am looking to buy some more fans, but do you guys think it will fix the problem?
  4. W

    With the imminent drop of price from the 1080, should I upgrade my CPU or Graphics card?

    Current build: -MSi GTX 970 4GB, -i5-4460 -8GB I am a serious gamer, looking to play some FPS's at 144. My question is, should I first upgrade my CPU, (If so, which generation is the most valuable for someone who is looking to keep up with the newest titles) or should I wait for the 1080ti to...
  5. L

    What do I upgrade?!?

    So have had my current system for 4-5 years now Specs are; *Intel i5-4590 @ 3.3Ghz *Gigabyte Z97-HD3 Motherboard *8Gb Ram *AMD R9 280 "VTX" (if anyone can shed some light on what the VTX is It'd be much appreciated) *1TB Hard Drive *Asus Soundcard What im wondering is what exactly is the best...
  6. A

    Computer displays a black screen

    Background info: my house was "broken" into by one of my brothers buddies. He tried to take my graphics card which is a gtx 1060 3gb msi. When i would try to load my computer up i would get a black screen no load up. I tried different HDMI cords. I also used the onboard graphics no load up...
  7. rodion15

    What's a synonym for "happening in the Operating system"?

    Sorry mates, this may look like a silly question, but I never find the appropiate word for "...the issue is happening in the operating system", meaning: after you log in" versus "happening during boot or while logged out etc. What word may I use to mean "in the operating system?", or "after...
  8. T

    Please rate cheap used build

    Hi Can u guys tell me what do you think about this build below? I just bought them parts for less than £200 (used) my intention is to play fortnite and use computer for a daily use do u think i will be able to do that in at least medmium settings? thanks...
  9. D

    Possible HDD bottleneck

    My pc has only two parts that have not been updated in 4 years, the RAM: dual channel 8gb ddr3, and the HDD, 1 tb WD blue. The other components are a GTX 970 and a i5 4460. I have been experiencing very long load times and general low down of the widnows interface even ater boot, in the...
  10. B

    Wireless adapter BAL-M40X not working

    So first off this was working just fine before, now it's not. There are two playback options. One is BAL-M40X Hands-free it doesn't have any spatial sound so it sounds terrible, but it works. The other is called BAL-M40X Stereo and that is the one I normally use, but I hear nothing. I can see...
  11. A

    i5 8600K or i7 8700

    i have limited budget to build a pc. so i can build a pc with intel i5 8600K and 1070 windforce 8GB or build a pc with intel i7 8700 with 1060 3 gb. I can not make a decision. which to buy in order in the future will be an easier upgrade. Help, Thank you
  12. J

    connected? bios won't update windows defender going crazy possible electrical damage

    I have a new build and windows defender is killing the loading of Dorico and Kontakt within it and I don't know why. It is the always aware function that even if you turn off will turn itself back off in a bit of time. I excluded my drives but it was that always looking feature. It holds it...
  13. G

    Worth Overclocking 1080ti

    Hi all I’ve no doubt this has already been covered so apologies in advance, I have a 1080ti sc and I’m asking is it worth overclocking at all? What kind of performance increase should I expect? (I know every card is unique so I don’t expect an exact figure) I have i7 7700 16gb ram but like most...
  14. G

    Amazon's Top Bluetooth Speaker Is Now Just $20

    Pool-friendly speaker is now at lowest price of the year. Amazon's Top Bluetooth Speaker Is Now Just $20 : Read more
  15. G

    What Is a PC Chassis? A Basic Definition

    What is the meaning of a PC chassis? PC chassis explained. What Is a PC Chassis? A Basic Definition : Read more
  16. T

    SSD Stopped Working

    I left home with my computer on and when I came back the computer was on a black screen with nothing on it and moving the mouse or using the keyboard did nothing. I then restarted the computer but windows didn't boot, then I went into the BIOS and my SSD wasn't detected on there, I kept trying...
  17. CarmineShots

    88' 300zx old stereo wires to new harness help?

    I'm new to wiring stuff inside cars and I'm trying to wire this (idk if its oem, aftermarket or what) https://imgur.com/a/jAlrTIa to this (the harness that would plug into the new stereo) https://imgur.com/a/kLVLKrb . I have the tools n what not to do it. Thanks in advance.
  18. N

    Laptop display black flashing intervals laptop is on

    So as stated in title when i start laptop the black screen will flash at several intervals and display wont light up. Laptop turns on I can hear usb connect and disconnect sounds and i can toggle caps lock too. Although sometimes after removing battery and reinserting may start laptop. I just...
  19. J

    Watercooling res top inlet with no internal tube

    Hi guys So I've just completed my first water cooling loop and am using the multi top from EK for my res and have the inlet from the top. I don't have an inlet tube however and I've just started to bleed my loop and there are a heap of bubbles. I'll go ahead and buy an inlet tube but it will...
  20. C

    Installed new GPU, now my computer won't boot?

    ***************** -- UPDATE -- After realizing those numbers on the mobo weren't temperature, but error codes, I looked up the codes online and discovered a way to fix the issue. I just had to take out all my RAM, and plug 1 stick it into the first slot. Then I booted and everything worked...