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  1. H

    Updated BIOS and now getting inaccessible boot device error

    So, I have the MSI Z270-A Pro motherboard. I just went to update it to the latest BIOS version, and once it was done and booted back on, I got a blue screen and “inaccessible boot device” then it would restart and the same thing. I’m running Windows 10 on a SSD, and I have a HDD plugged in as...
  2. Floydms

    Audio not working GIGABYTE GA-Z87-HD3

    Both my Front Port and my rear port hasn't been working for a while, while my headphones and microphone both work fine (through phone and sound cards). I would like to know how to fix it, I downloaded the audio drivers from gigabytes website for my motherboard and it seems to install fine, just...
  3. B

    [SOLVED] Zoonis h55 is good for over clocking

    I'm india and I only found zoonis h55 motherboard cheaper and best at its price I wanna have it for Xeon x3430, is this motherboard also overcloacks this processor??? https://www.flipkart.com/zoonis-h55-motherboard/p/itmez2hgryggydgy Check this please
  4. H

    Would an i5-6500 Bottleneck an RTX 2070

    I plan on upgrading my PC's current 1080p 60hz monitor to a 1440p 165hz monitor and upgrading my GTX 970 to an RTX 2070. I believe an RTX 2070 should be able to run games at 2k 165hz but I am not sure if my current i5-6500 will bottleneck an RTX 2070. I will be playing games such as Call of...
  5. S

    [SOLVED] Best i7-7700k, gtx1080 v B) i7-8700, gtx 1070ti

    Gaming mainly Seige, Ark, F1. Which build would you recommend for a teenager? A) i7-7700k, gtx1080 £1000 B) i7-8700, gtx1070ti £1200 C) i7-7400, gtx1070 £750 Also what resolution monitor to get 24" IPS/TN HD 27" IPS/TN 4K WQHD 32" IPS / VA 4K What monitor would you recommend Budget...
  6. I

    [SOLVED] Can the computer start with a bad CPU?

    Hello, I just bought an e5-2643 v2 to replace my e5-2670. When I have the new CPU in, the computer hangs on postcode 00 . This is listed as an ACPI S State, for entering S0 state, standard. After switching motherboard jumpers, the computer made a high pitch clicking sound while still hanging on...
  7. A

    [SOLVED] Best bang for the buck CPU, Mobo, Memory?

    I’m looking for a good mobo cpu memory combo for the money I’m in the U.S Cali I will only game at 1440144hz/4K60hz it will go in: Corsair 460x Case with 6 fans Corsair AX860 PSU Corsair H100iv2 x2 Samsung 850Evo 500GB RTX 2080
  8. C

    [SOLVED] Is this a good build?

    Hello everyone! I've been stuck with my prebuilt PC for about 3 years now and have been wanting to upgrade for a long while. I have been doing a lot of research on what I need to do in order to build my own PC (I am not very familiar with it) and I came up with this build...
  9. J

    Modded Minecraft runs at 1 fps

    I just added a mod pack to my Minecraft using the twitch application, somehow when I run it it maxes out my graphics card but still runs at 1 fps, my graphics card is a Radeon rx 570 and I have a ryzen 3 1200 and 16 gb of ram (5gb allocated) , I don’t know how to fix this
  10. J

    [SOLVED] Upgrade CPU, GPU, or Monitor

    Parts: i5 7600k @4.8 GTX 1060 AOC 144hz Monitor Which should I upgrade, btw I have 16gb of ram just to clarify Also my main games are CSGO, COD Blackout which is optomized badly, and Overwatch. I stay at above 250 fps all the time in csgo and above 200 fps usually in overwatch. Should I get...
  11. P

    Can I build a pc on my own

    Can I build a pc on my own even if I had no experience, if yes then what are the precautions I have to take care, are there any advices
  12. Y

    CX 650m PSU , Can you plug in 4 Sata cable and 2 Sata Cable in any 6 pin connectors on PSU?

    I bought a CX 650m and it had 2 cables for Sata connectors. One cable had 4 sata connectors ,other had 2 Sata Connectors . Each has a Six Pin connector to connect to PSU . PSU has 3 outlets for 6 pin connectors . I dont see any indication on either of the cables or the PSU to say which six...
  13. M

    [SOLVED] Legacy bios gpu problem

    My mobo has legacy bios and apparently rx 460 wont work with it.I only get black screen and no post whatsoever. Will updating my bios help or is there a work around?
  14. A

    Which MOBO? (Have done extensive research)

    So I bought an 8700k a couple of weeks ago because I was anticipating the 14nm shortage to kill the price. I also got a new Noctua NH-D15s and equipped it on my old I5-2500k @ 4.4. I've been doing extensive research on power phases, overclock potential mobos, what the 8700k is capable of, and...
  15. K

    did my gpu died ?

    hello every one this is my first time asking for a personal issue , usually i find others who have the same problem and i see the feedback but this time things are different the story my gtx780 was working 100% until i put it in my desk and for a week the sun was hitting him ( my window block...
  16. F

    PSU into Motherboard Cable

    There's a PCI-E cable that is coming out of my PSU. It's a EVGA 650 BQ. The cable is non detachable and I'm not sure where the molex goes.
  17. Umair Shariff

    Bitlocked microSD HELP!!!

    Hi all, I've been using a Microsoft Surface Pro 4 for the past two years now and it was struck by the screen flicker. I read about the Microsoft exchange program and got it swapped for a proper functioning device (yay!!) Here come the nasty bit; before I sent the tablet away, I dumped all...
  18. C

    Dog keyboard pee

    dog peed on my desktop keyboard and the space button period and question mark button doesnt work
  19. S

    Will my lenovo g 50-30 use full speed of my samsung evo 860 ?

    Hello I need to know if my lenovo g 50-30 will use te full speed of my new ssd evo 860 My lenovo came with Hdd 500 gb .. i will replace that hdd with the new ssd evo 860 But i dnt know if that sata port is sata 2 or sata 3 ? Ps : my lenovo g50-30 had 1 usb sata3 Thank you
  20. M

    Upgrading Dell XPS 12-9Q33 Convertible Hard Drive

    Hey. I have a Dell XPS 12-9Q33 Convertible, with a Intel Core i5-4200U CPU @ 1.60GHz 2.30 GHz and 4.00 GB and want to upgrade my hard drive to 1TB or 500 GB, but not sure what is best. If anyone can help with this, let me know. Thanks.